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  1. My sibling and I each got our refunds for 6/6 cruise this week but we are first timers with Seabourn and have zero elite status. We live in the Seattle area. We each filed disputes with two different credit card companies—Chase Explorer and Costco Citibank—but they were filed on different dates and the disputes were not yet completed, so I don’t think that was a factor, either. It does seem as if the refunds are being processed by different groups within the SB organization.
  2. As I wrote yesterday, I called Chase today and confirmed that both the deposit and final payment has been refunded by SB to our cc prior to the completion of the dispute we filed mid-May. Chase will end the dispute process and send the funds to us either as a electronic transfer or check within about a week. JPH814, please update the spreadsheet to reflect a full refund for me. FWIW, my sister, who does not post on Cruise Critic, also received the same full refund as I did on June 4, for the same June 6 cruise, for which we both requested option 2 on 4/15, after SB cancelled the cruise on 4/14. Here’s hoping everyone else gets their full refund ASAP!
  3. I’m wondering if those who are getting refunds, whose sailings were to be in May and June, while many with March and April sailings haven’t yet received theirs, might be due to complexity of the refund. I posted earlier today that, regardless of my cc dispute, SB appears to have refunded the final payment for our June 6 cruise, but we are still waiting for the $4150 deposit to be made permanent. My sister was to be on the same cruise and had paid separately. She had also filed a dispute for both the deposit and final payment on a Costco Citibank card, but today she checked with Citi and was told SB refunded both deposit and final payment prior to them completing the dispute process. Could it be that ours might have been refunded sooner than earlier sailings because there were no complicating factors that needed to be calculated, such as penalties, FCC’s, partial payments, etc? We were paid in full before SB cancelled, we asked for 100% refunded to original form of payment. Can it be that simple? (Probably not....). 🤨
  4. It’s probably too soon to post this on the spreadsheet as a true refund, but I thought I’d share the following details regarding our 6/6/20 Greek Odyssey cruise ($4150 deposit paid 8/2019 + $14750 cruise fare/FlightEase fare paid 3/8/2020) April 14: CANCELLED BY SB April 15: OPTION 2 full refund requested. No confirmation of our choice was sent. May 6: called SB to ask for receipt. The agent refused to email a receipt and told me refunds would be processed within 60 BUSINESS days. May 18: Credit card dispute paperwork filed for full amount with Chase May 27: Received temporary credit of $4150 deposit WITH accompanying letter from Chase explaining that this credit was temporary pending response from SB. June 4: Called Chase to see why $14,750 final payment portion had not yet been credited, too. Was told the higher amount went to a different place for processing but was in the works. Was told to call again if we hadn’t received temporary credit for the $14750 by June 11. June 8: $14750 credit showed up in Chase account WITHOUT an accompanying letter from Chase saying this was a temporary credit. The transaction date was listed as 6/4 and posted date was 6/7. I think this might be an actual refund from SB, not as a result of our cc dispute, because of the transaction date. The disputed $4150 deposit from last August was credited as having a transaction date of 8/5/19, posted date 5/27/20. I think if the $14750 credit was from the credit card dispute, the transaction date would have been March 8, the date we made the final payment. We are going to call Chase soon to ask whether the larger amount is from the dispute and deemed temporary, or if it is now ours. Meanwhile, it appears the $4150 deposit is still going through the dispute process.
  5. Swaxxy and flyfishingwidow: glad to see you got your full refunds. Question: did you file a dispute with your credit card?
  6. My sister called Seabourn today so she could document that she contacted them before filing a credit card dispute. The customer service agent didn’t bother to ask for her confirmation number but asked when she filed for option 2-refund request, which was 4/15. Agent said refund would take up to 60 days from that date, plus 7-10 days more for bank to process the refund. Sister asked if that was calendar days or business days; she was told it was calendar days. She asked when refunds were going to be done and was told a big batch would be going out Friday, May 22. She asked if any refunds have already been paid and was told they had. She asked “What if I’m not satisfied with waiting?” The agent told her that she needed to wait the 60 days plus 7-10 days and then she could call Seabourn again and ask to speak to a supervisor. She is going to go ahead and file the credit card dispute.
  7. I’m glad to hear that 3 of us on this thread have received a refund of their cruise fare. If I’m not mistaken, all three of you live outside the US and it sounds like the regulations regarding refunds are more stringent for cruise companies in the U.K. and Australia than here in the US. I live in Seattle. I’ve been lurking on the Princess and Holland America refund threads and, like here, people are starting to get their excursions refunded but are still waiting for their cruise and FlightEase refunds going back to March. When I called Seabourn on May 6, I was told excursions and onboard reservations are handled by separate divisions from the one that processes cruise refunds.
  8. Zelker, thank you SO much for your detailed explanation of your experience with filing a dispute with Chase. I called Chase last night to ask the same questions you did. I was on hold for an hour and 10 minutes before I gave up. Your post was so helpful to me, and probably many others. Thank you!
  9. I'm still doing research on whether or not to file a dispute with the credit card company now or wait until the 60 days expire which Seabourn has specified as the length of time they need to process our refund. My traveling buddy (sister) called our TA today and asked her advice on whether or not to file a credit card dispute. The TA said she didn't think we should yet. We're only 24 days out from the date of our refund request. She said it would "complicate things and could negatively impact the TA". She advised patience and wait the 60 days. FWIW, the TA told my sister that Seabourn is "refunding chronologically based on sail date". She said her agency is monitoring the financial health of the cruise lines and believes Carnival will survive.
  10. When (if?) people on the spreadsheet start getting refunds, it would be interesting to know whether they had asked for a charge back on their credit cards. If you’d rather not include this on the spreadsheet, jph814, I understand. I know you want to keep things simple. Perhaps any individual who did file a dispute with his or her credit card company could post this fact when they get the refund. My sister and I are still debating whether to file a dispute wit our credit card issuers or wait 60 calendar days before doing so. In researching the pros and cons of this, I read an article at www.Elliott.org, a consumer advocacy website, which recommends using a credit card charge back as a last resort, saying it can cause additional roadblocks to receiving a refund. It did not elaborate what those roadblocks might be.
  11. Yes, I had to ASK the agent if it was 60 BUSINESS days or 60 CALENDAR days. As you point out JPH814, there is a HUGE difference.
  12. FWIW, when I spoke to a Seabourn customer service agent on 5/7, I asked why I had gotten numerous emails cancelling my dinner reservations and excursions, (all $0), but no confirmation of my refund request. The agent told me the excursions and onboard reservations are handled by a different group within the company than the one that processes the cruise portion. She kept repeating that all refunds would take 60 BUSINESS days, not calendar days. June 6 Greek Odyssey: cancelled 4/14 by Seabourn/refund requested 4/15 BTW, I cancelled 1 excursion for $480 In March and it was back on my cc in 2 days.
  13. Our fully-paid June 6 cruise was cancelled by Seabourn on April 14. TA submitted refund request April 15. I was concerned because our TA received no written confirmation that we asked for a refund instead of 125% FCC and we have no recourse if the June 1 deadline passes and Seabourn says, "Sorry, we didn't get your request for a refund and you must take the automatic FCC." I got annoyed when I saw that our dinner reservations, shore excursions and flights were promptly cancelled and even more annoyed when I checked the website and it still shows our cruise as a go and nothing about our refund. I called Seabourn today and was surprised I got right through to a customer service rep. She told me the confirmation AND the refund would come simultaneously in 60 BUSINESS days. I told her this made no sense to me. She said a confirmation email could not/would not be send before then. She saw on her screen that our TA had requested the refund on 4/15 and that when the confirmation and refund come in 60 business days, it would be sent directly to the TA because that is what our TA requested.
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