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  1. Yes, received my refund today for our April 21 sailing. The request was made from Travis (we're survivors of the doomed final Grand cruise out of San Francisco), before 6AM on March 12th. Still no sign of the FCC's but the cash is very much appreciated. I had initiated a dispute with the credit card on day 60, presumably they will cancel the provisional credits in a day or two, else I'll have to call to cancel the dispute.
  2. Food on Grand on our recent February 21 sailing was 'normal', neither notably better or worse than other recent trips on Princess. That is, until day 13 when we were sent to cabins at the conclusion of lunch, but that's another story. The food very much deteriorated from there and took a further step down at Travis, but again, that's another story. We will greatly miss Grand. After a decade of loyal service she deserved a far better final sailing from San Francisco.
  3. Some background. We were on Grand for the Feb 21 sailing and got the "bonus" offer of two weeks in quarantine at Travis. Surprisingly, we had few bad feelings towards Princess over this incident, we didn't even blame them for the quarantine which was clearly beyond their control. We reached Travis on March 11th and woke up on the 12th to find our April cruise had been cancelled. No real surprise, believe me, after what we'd gone through. Having already received a sizable FCC for the Grand experience, we went for the cash refund for Coral in part because we lost 3 weeks of income while the Grand situation unfolded. We need the refund for things as basic as living expenses. The initial promise of a refund in 30 days struck me as not terribly unreasonable. Princess stretched this to 60 days about the day we were released from Travis. We groaned, but happy to be home at last, we still didn't protest. That clock has run down now however and it's time to stop trusting promises from Princess. Accordingly, we registered a dispute with our Apple card today for the majority of the fare which we charged with this card. The process couldn't have been simpler and will undoubtedly be resolved in our favor. However, if I had it to do all over again, I'd file the dispute back on March 12th, my many years of positive experiences with Princess clouded my vision. I did want to share that Apple had no problem whatsoever going back to my original charge dates in December and January. The dates of the charges were immaterial, the dispute was over failure to deliver the paid for service the date of which is easily within the past 60 days. Wanted to share my thoughts and experience.
  4. I too was on the 2/21 sailing of Grand that ended with a nearly 3 week stay in quarantine (6 days on the ship, two weeks at Travis). The cruise credit AND refund to my credit card both arrived (ironically) about 60 minutes after we stepped off the bus at Travis. I'm sure they knew they were going to make a mass cancellation announcement soon and forced these through preemptively. Everyone I spoke to a Travis had received their refunds while there if not before they even arrived there. The following morning, Princess cancelled our April 21 departure. I logged on immediately and made my selection, got the confirmation email too. Haven't seen either cash or credit from that cruise. Hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Also interesting, it appears that Carnival Panorama is making the same run, departed about the same time and making similar speeds.
  6. As others have said, yes. On Royal in October we received the usual "bill" on the last morning of the first cruise, the balances however rolled directly onto the second cruise. No muss, no fuss.
  7. We sailed "North to Alaska" from San Francisco in the summer of '15. Loved her and her window suites, now only Grand and CB remain with those midship cabins. It was a flawless cruise with no more than a few drops of rain in Alaska. An enduring memory.
  8. Not true I believe,, a look at the Carnival investment relations website shows the placement of new shares which were in turn purchased by the Saudi's. The money raised went directly to Carnival, in addition to the debt offering. The debt carried very high interest rates which are effectively guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury through their actions on Friday. Anyone who managed to pickup Carnival debt at 11%+ with a government guarantee is undoubtedly laughing all the way to the bank.
  9. There's no doubt that Princess holding our money is an "actual impact". On the other hand, let me assure you that planning a trip for 15 days, having it end up being 34 days with 20 of those spend locked in your room, is a different sort of impact. I didn't intend to trivialize any of us waiting for money back, I only intended to give some sense of how refunds might be being prioritized, any offense was unintentional. I understand your fear and believe me I feel your pain, we too were booked in a suite for April, in addition we lost 3 weeks of income while at Travis and being delayed in disembarkation. As I wrote, I have no real worry that the money won't come, and yes it would be great to have it sooner rather than later. Here's hoping that the senior folks at Princess clearly understand that every day of delay undoubtedly looses future customers, some forever.
  10. I'll offer a perspective. We were on Grand for the ill fated February 21 voyage. I've discussed that at length elsewhere so will only talk about the credit & FCC aspect here. We were held on Grand until 4 days after our scheduled departure by which time we had been given word that our fare and onboard charges would be refunded and an FCC issued for our 'trouble'. The onboard account was fully wiped. Charges were limited to whatever Princess defined as "reasonable". The refund to my credit card landed about the same time we stepped off the bus at Travis, literally within minutes, just dumb luck I think there's no way they timed it that close. The FCC posted the following business day. If we can assume they are offering similar compensation to passengers just off Coral, Pacific, Ruby and others AND prioritizing them in the same way, one can understand why un-sailed refunds might be at the bottom of a very large pile. We're waiting on a substantial refund for an April 21 sailing and are eager to receive it, but frankly, it's only proper that those who have experienced actual impacts receive first priority. As for the prospect that Carnival will go bankrupt, no court in the world would let them go under with $6B cash on hand. Those in line for refunds would be fairly high priority creditors in any case. I'm as frustrated as anyone about the delay, but frankly have little worry that the refund will eventually arrive. Might the FCC's expire before we can find something to book, perhaps.
  11. Thanks, I'll definitely join the roll call. I usually wait until about 6 months out when they start to get more active. I've looked at EZ air, but the price isn't compelling at this point. We only need one-way air from San Francisco and prices are no better than booking directly with the airlines at this stage - I'm looking for better than that - but it's probably too early. See you onboard, at least I hope that's the case. I don't need another stay at Travis (was on Grand Feb 21st).
  12. Hey, we too are on this cruise. See you all onboard. I have to admit, I've not purchased air yet and likely won't for some time to come.
  13. There was quite a lot backwards thinking on that voyage, I too was aboard and likewise got my two week holiday at Travis. Most notable in my mind was the fact that we bobbed around 20 miles outside the GG bridge for 4+ days before anyone got off the ship. We weren't removed to Travis for an additional two days. This was stupid thinking, for the record beyond Princess control, that risked spreading the virus as happened on Diamond. 800+ passengers lived within 75 miles of the pier and could have been at home in self quarantine nearly a week earlier. There can be no doubt that some contracted the virus during the lengthly delay making up a plan (again, not attributable to Princess). Most outrageously, our care team at Travis had been dispatched from New York and Connecticut (my greatest thanks to CT1). However, I have nightmares imagining how many lives these doctors and nurses might have saved at home rather than wandering around Travis 2x each day taking our temperatures, distributing our meals and the like. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Back on topic though, to be honest, I expect less changes than many who have posted. Social distancing is clearly a good idea, but the ships are designed for anything but this. Frankly, what I expect is not much cruising at all until a vaccine is developed for this particular virus and thereafter a gradual return to what we've thought of as 'normal' until the next time (and there WILL be a next time). Sure, I expect buffets will be staffed . . . for a while, but as the memory fades and the passengers complain they couldn't get the 8 slices of ham they wanted, the company will fold and gradually allow self service. Other measures will surely follow a similar path. Hope I'm wrong but I think I'll be proven right soon enough. Even after our Grand experience we are looking forward to our booked cruises. I personally do think something needs to change in the cancellation policy. Hopefully the bean counters have kept track of the aggregate costs of all of these evacuations and will weigh this against the cost of allowing a small number of day of sailing cancellation refunds? Perhaps such refunds could be cash if a passengers provided substantiation from a doctor and as FCC if no doctor is involved to keep folks honest? Another idea I don't think anyone has mentioned is transparency of the ships history of illnesses. Perhaps passengers waiting to board should be provided with some simple statistics such as: % of crew who sought medical attention for each of the past say 3 voyages. Imagine the actions that might be spurred if Princess knew they had to plot this on a graph - they might take definitive actions faster. That would be a genuine change for the better.
  14. After a couple of dozen cruises with Princess I've settled in to the following which is consistent with the vast majority of prior posts. What OP describes would suffice any Princess ship I've been on (though I agree policies for dress, and just about everything else, vary ship to ship on Princess). I wear: On Formal nights Dockers or the like, a (typically) long sleeved, collared shirt, loafers or the like. After 40 years in business, I'm done with ties. I own a blue blazer which will take me most anywhere, I pack it for cruises however only in cooler climates. On Casual nights I stick with my dockers and switch over to a short sleeve shirt, often an Aloha variety or a golf polo. The shoes remain my loafers. I've never been turned away nor seen anyone dressed as such turned away.
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