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  1. At the present time yes, but friends of mine in Israel tell me there is much talk about initiating a vaccine passport program to stimulate tourism. Will that includes such cruises, I don't know.
  2. We've sailed out of Southampton 4x with Princess. Never were we given specific instruction (beyond the usual boilerplate email day prior to embarkation). On the other hand, doors to enter the terminal building were locked until a particular time (I'm thinking this was 10:30 or 11:00). Porters would not even accept a bag until that time or very near too. Similar (at least the locked doors part) as San Francisco pier 27. Once admitted, priority guests were given boarding group numbers with early groups generally herded closer to the security checks. That's one big d
  3. Once it became clear I would run out of meds I started making decisions. Things I took 2x per day, I started taking 1x (thinking some everyday was better than nothing for who knows how many days). Things I take 1x per day, where I have a couple different meds at work, I started taking every other day on an alternate schedule. Med 1 today, med 2 tomorrow, etc. Everything else I split pills if that was possible, but that doesn't work for capsules or very small things that couldn't be cut with a butter knife. Those simply ran out when they ran out.
  4. I would certainly pick up 4 or 5 cups of yogurt for the fridge. Likewise, 5 or 6 cans of soft drink (or beer or the like) that I'd drink over the course of the cruise anyway but might like to have easy access to. Couldn't hurt to put a ham sandwich in a ziplock bag in the fridge. I never would have done or even thought of any of these things before, but days on end confined to the cabin with nothing but what they think to deliver (or not) has probably permanently changed my thinking. As for meds, the smartest thing we did was tell DW to "put all the bottles in the suitcase", I o
  5. I know nothing of FDR but will say his letter is quite masterful. I'm only sad that it was he, and not say Arnold Donald that managed to fire this off first. What's been missing in the industry IMHO is a willingness to LEAD rather than wait around and follow. It is simultaneously inspiring and sad to see the smallest of the big 3 holding companies move first. There's no doubt that cruisers represent the entire spectrum of American opinion is regard to safeguards and vaccines. I fully respect that some may not wish to sail until life is fully normal (no masks, no vaccines, etc)
  6. We're booked on Regatta next April and have the same dilemma, my booking was made with an O personal planner. He was quite clear that if we take O air we will most certainly be flying on Air Tahiti Nui from LAX even though our home airport is SFO. We can, of course, pay for an air deviation and attempt the UA flight but as a "standard" I was told in no uncertain terms it WILL be LAX. I have no idea whether flying out of Canada unlocks additional options, nor do I have any way to know whether the message I received is wholly accurate or not. But I must say it was delivered emph
  7. There's a good point here. I doubt the MDR menu will be offered but I can imagine some sort of fixed menu offering for in room dining. They attempted this the first couple days of quarantine on Grand - it was impossible to pull off ship wide (meals arrived at midnight that first day) but as an option on a first come / first serve basis perhaps manageable. I can also imagine running the MDR's for all lunches (rather than just sea days) for the same reason - to spread folks out. We'd never ever go to the buffet if there was a served option, but on port days, there is none.
  8. Assuming this is a suite perk, I can say that without exception we've been able to move this with no problem. A word to the breakfast host (in Crown Grill or Sabatini's) get's it done with no fuss. I'm sure someone will pipe in and say "can't do it" but my experience is something like 10 for 10. As with many things in life it pays to ask graciously. I agree with NavyVeteran that this is best done with the Suite host not the DINE line. It also may help to know which team is working breakfast (CG or Sabatini's), they alternate this duty sailing to sailing and it seems to work sli
  9. Oh, I should add that one thing we won't do is book a non balcony cabin regardless how good the deal is. We've loved a variety of OB and WS cabins in the past, but going forward, we wouldn't do it. Those 6 days with zero fresh air were some of the most challenging aspects of our quarantine.
  10. I was (Grand / Travis) and I will. Not only that, I'll cruise on Princess and even Grand again, in January assuming things kick off by then. It's not that we don't fault Princess for any part of our disaster (we do, there were many mistakes made) but we do so enjoy cruising that we're willing to go again. We will of course make adjustments like: I don't thing we'll ever travel again leaving any meds at home, and I think we will for a long time hoard a few provisions immediately upon boarding, we'll also have a plan in place for keeping the house going "what if" -
  11. Perhaps I'm just a glass half full sort of guy, but I see this as a huge step forward. Could all of these restrictions be practical for ever more - NO. But can they work on a limited basis while the lines demonstrate nothing terrible is going to happen on restart - YES. All of the cruise line CEO's have said their restarts will be gradual, a ship or two, adding capacity over months. It's easy to imagine Princess starting with two ships in FLL and one is say SEA or LAX. Running that way for a few sailings and then getting some restrictions wound back as they demonstrate good res
  12. Trust me, I'm sensitive to your opinion and could easily be persuaded to agree. We're Grand / Travis survivors. We know first hand what happened last year. Second dose received yesterday, sign me up!
  13. I've said before but will say again, I think the cruise lines do themselves a major disservice by not attempting to lead publicly. Come on Princess. Just say it. Vaccinations required for all eligible people upon restart, pre boarding testing for those ineligible for vax, onboard testing for anyone with symptoms or without vaccination. IMHO it's all going to happen anyway, the sooner they say it out loud the sooner we'll all be back to cruising. Princess, don't be a sheep, be a sheepdog. Lead darn ya!
  14. We've sailed NCL, RCL and Princess plus a few others. Amongst the big 3 we prefer Princess. Here's why: We don't use and have no interest in "theme park" sorts of things. Go cart tracks, zip lines and climbing walls hold no appeal. Princess has none of these, the others do, to varying degree. So folks love this stuff and it's great that there are options for them. We like a more traditional dining experience, and Princess offers this on every ship. If you prefer anytime dining, Princess has that too and the majority of folks do take advantage, but like the t
  15. Stayed in L107 for 15 days in September / October '19 on Royal sailing Los Angeles to Mexico. Understand that temps were in the high 80's low 90's throughout and this affected our opinion of this cabin somewhat. We LOVED: The Lido deck location. So easy to get to top deck facilities. I grabbed a coffee an pastry for DW every morning, two minutes later I was in the cabin, so easy. The room layout, the sleeping area is very separate from the 'living' area. No door but a heavy curtain in between. Great if you don't follow the same schedule as your travel partner.
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