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  1. I changed banks recently and used the debit card from the old bank for my deposit. I know Carnival gives refunds back to the original form of payment. But what if that debit card and account is closed when I request the refund? Will Carnival be able to send me a check instead?
  2. I would call again and speak to a different rep. When I moved my Nov sailing last month there was no $50 admin fee involved and I believe that all fees are currently being waived if you decide to move your booked sailing to a later date due to Covid concerns. I think you probably got an unknowledgeable rep.
  3. PVP is a Personal Vacation Planner through Carnival. You will have your own Carnival representative who will handle your booking and if you need any help or to make changed with your booking, you go through that person. Many people are very happy with theirs and I want one too for my future bookings.
  4. I didn't know travel agents still existed these days. What i'll do for next time is before I make the booking i'll be sure to call Carnival first to request the PVP and then book it through them. As for calling, I think weekend are easier to get through to them. I would've thought it would be the opposite of that.
  5. I just want to update to say I managed to get through on the phone today and the Carnival rep was wonderful! He granted me the $300 OBC for this latest offer to move November bookings even though I recently moved my Nov. booking up to May. I was so happy to get it because I waited and waited for Carnival to make their November announcement for weeks until finally giving up and moving it....and then they made their announcement of the offer. 😭 I was afraid they would say "Sorry, you're out of luck!", but they were so great about it and gave the $300 without question. I feel so relie
  6. I tried calling again after posting this message and shockingly got through after a few minutes! I must have called at the worst time the other day. I asked the rep about a PVP and he said because I had a casino rate I can just call the casino line direct. So I wrote that down and I guess that's good enough for now. The rep on Carnival's FB page told me since I booked my sailing online, I couldn't have a PVP for it and would have to wait until making a new booking to get one. I found that odd.
  7. I'm curious if anyone here has been able to get through over the phone with a representative lately? I don't have a PVP and they said they can't give me one since I booked my reservation online. I tried a calling couple of days ago and literally stayed on hold over 2 hours hoping someone would eventually answer. But no one did and I hung up. I want to try again, but don't want a repeat of that time wasting experience. Has anyone got through lately fairly quickly? Does time of day or day of week make any difference? If so, i'll call then. And I see that there's a few different numb
  8. I called and literally stayed on hold for over 2 hours staying hopelessly optimistic that someone would eventually pick up...but they didn't and at just over the 2 hour mark, I finally gave up and sent an e mail to their customer support address. It wasn't a cancellation I made but a move from November to May and I did make mention that I did it 2 weeks ago. I doubt i'll be granted the $300, but will be pleasantly surprised if they do. I was waiting and waiting for them to send out these emails for that $300 or option to refund, and of course they do it not long after I already mo
  9. Oh this has me steamed! I knew after I had already moved my Nov. 30 sailing a couple of weeks ago they were gonna pull this. I could've gotten $300 OBC instead of the $200 for the sailing I moved it to. I'm going to call and see if Carnival will apply that $300 in good faith to my May sailing. I doubt it, but it's worth a shot.
  10. She showed me her booking and said she hasn't prepaid for anything yet. It's a mystery why she got that much, but I don't want to jeopardize her losing it if I bring it up so I haven't said anything to Carnival. I just accepted my $200 and will be happy for her $500. I'd feel terrible if I brought it up to Carnival and they say "Oops! Looks like we made a mistake with her booking", and they lower her back to $200. So i'll just keep quiet....but man, how i'd love to have $500 OBC for a 4 day cruise!!
  11. My friend showed me her booking today and I was shocked to see she was given $500 OBC!! She said she has no idea why they gave her so much but of course she's beyond thrilled with it lol. We had the same Nov. booking that we both changed to the same May booking with the $200 OBC offer. I got $200 and for some reason she got the $500. We're both solo with our own cabins and it's a 4 day sailing. We're also both Gold status too so I doubt it's because of that. The only thing I can think of is maybe because of her age (80) they gave her more? I'm very happy for her, but
  12. I think saying zero percent for things being normal by next May is being a little too pessimistic. It's still a long ways away and I think sailing will have definitely have resumed by then.
  13. Thanks. I was so afraid Carnival would've told my friend "Sorry" when she called 2 days past her final payment date and was very impressed how Carnival treated her. The same person she spoke with on the phone even sent me an e mail to let me know everything was all set for her which I thought was really nice. Hopefully you can spend the next year convincing your Mom to go with you on that 2022 cruise. I'm sure she'll enjoy herself and get hooked on cruising afterwards. I always remember the excitement of my first cruise and hope you can sway her to change her mind before you go. 🙂
  14. Since my neighbor is 80 and sailing with me, I felt waiting till Dec of 2022 is just too far out, and she agreed, so I moved my booking up to 5/3/21 and keeping optimistic that things will be "normal" by then. I have to say Carnival was so wonderful with my changing a second time and didn't charge me any fees. (I changed on Monday from this November to Dec of 2022 and changed it again today to this May) My neighbor also missed her 9/16 final payment (she totally forgot!) and when I found out yesterday I told her to call them immediately and try to get that deposit from being lost! I was so wor
  15. While I appreciate your explanation and views, my opinion is still the same. We'll just have to disagree. In any case, I have '22 to look forward to so i'm not all that upset about it.
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