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  1. The meaning was you can travel with almost no restrictions other than the common sense of getting tested. I have been working with a TA on an AI to Cancun, Jamaica, Punta Cana and other trips to St Thomas, St Maarten, and Cozumel. The only real criteria is to be tested. The only return requirement is to be tested. This is not rocket science. To hold cruise lines to a completely different standard, from a US perspective, is ridiculous. Port countries can have their own rules. In most cases, they wouldn't be any different than they are now. None require vaccine, only negative testin
  2. You failed to see the point!!! None require a vaccine. No one has been against taking a covid test. I am 100% for the procedures in place. I am 100% in favor of vaccination for those that can voluntarily get it. I am 100% against restrictions for those that have no possibility of being vaccinated kids under 16). I would agree to more rigorous testing for kids under 16 as well because they cannot be vaccinated.
  3. July 2021 is our fallback from July and November 2020 cancelations. November 2021 is makeup vacation for 2020 being shot. April 2022 is in case July and November 2021 are canceled. Which ship over Thanksgiving? We are on Magic.
  4. I am fairly certain that the July announce will be 3 weeks after final payment.
  5. Disney announced the same thing a little bit earlier. RCL will be around in a few days.
  6. You people do realize that almost all Caribbean destinations are 100% open to US travelers NOW?!?!?! Grand Cayman may be the sole exclusion. Trust me, I have looked at AI resorts at many of them and working with a travel agent. Anyone of any age can travel to Mexico, Roatan, Belize, Jamaica, Bahamas, St Thomas, St Maarten, Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, and I am probably leaving a few out. Requiring a vaccine in 6 months makes absolutely no sense for those that a vaccine does not exist for. I can understand the knee-jerk responses, but a little more research proves the statements have no
  7. Those in my family that are eligible to be vaccinated will be vaccinated. I cannot fathom the belief that a cruise line would deny passengers who are ineligible to receive a vaccine. I am talking about families. Anyone under the age of 18 (16 with one of the vaccines) cannot be vaccinated. Denying a family from going because of this is ridiculous. If schools are open, airlines flying anyone, open borders to let anyone in with any number of unknown diseases, then kids can cruise who cannot be vaccinated. It is as simple as that.
  8. July 24 - 31, 2021 on Mardi Gras (about 3 months from cancelation) Nov 20 - 28, 2021 on Magic (slightly more positive this sails) The bigger issue for us is if CCL will allow families to sail. If not, then we are blocked. If both are canceled, we will need to book a cruise over the Summer 2022. We have a NCL cruise booked for April because we were so confident neither of these would sail.
  9. I am on an 8-Night cruise in November. I am hoping it sails and more importantly that my family will be permitted to sail. 1 extra night on a cruise ship is no different than 5 extra minutes on an airplane.
  10. Yes, it "may", but not eliminate it. No one has put that moniker on any of the approved vaccines. Until they do, anyone vaccinated is as much as a carrier as anyone not vaccinated. They are also not immune to covid as well. The vaccines are effective at preventing severe cases of covid but none have said it prevents contracting covid.
  11. For 99% of the population this has been the case. But, it has shutdown most of the world for the smaller percentage. I am of the opinion that everything should be open as it was, people need to take precautions, and those that are the most susceptible have to take extreme precautions.
  12. To answer the OP, it all depends on what is in the contract of the FCC. In most cases, the cruise lines have made refunds to the same form of payment that was received. The first cruise you had was cash/cc. You were given the option of a refund or FCC. You chose FCC for the new cruise. That is the last form of payment to be refunded.
  13. When we started to plan our first cruises we chose RCL based on equal pricing with other cruise lines. Then covid started. We were able to shift our cruises before they canceled. However, after our final move, RCL priced us out of cruising with them. They know they are giving our 125% FCC. As they handed out more, the only way to offset was increase cruise fares and decrease incentives. If we took the 125% FCC, we would have had to pay an extra ~$2000 for a similar cruise when we could sail again. If we did L&S, there were only 2 cruises during our sole week we could take. Both of those we
  14. That was my first thought as well. CDC has no jurisdiction outside the US.
  15. By the same logic, everyone vaccinated can be carriers as well. Being vaccinated does not mean you are immune to it either. It just limits severe symptoms/effects. That is the problem with these vaccines. People and the CDC are acting as if this is similar to a polio vaccine. The covid vaccines are designed only to limit the severity of symptoms from contracting it. In some, they will be immune. In others it will be mild. Those that have severe reactions to covid will be lessened to mild/medium. We need to understand that these vaccines are not a cure or silver bullet. It is more like Tamiflu.
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