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  1. Because cruise ships are not disclosing cases. It can never be valid.
  2. A direct answer to the specific question, no. They are proving cruise ships are just like everywhere else. They (Carnival) are not disclosing cases. Unless someone says something about it, you will not know. Plus, cruise ships don't want to have to do mass testing because then it will get out to the news more. The more they don't know the better the cruise lines are.
  3. All depends on when you can get off the ship. If there is a medical emergency, you could be delayed until 11AM or later to get off regardless of status. You could run into traffic on 528 or an accident. I would arrange private transportation (not a shared shuttle). Most in the MCO area are extremely reliable. Call them and see if you talk to someone or they return your call quickly. Do not email them. The other issue is mask requirements and Uber/Lyft drivers limited. We ran into it last week in Orlando. Very few drivers and surge pricing because of supply/demand. Be prepared is all anyone can tell you. Another issue is the airlines there Sunday and today that canceled 100s of flights. Didn't matter what time you got there, there were no flights for those passengers. Its becoming more of the norm than the exception.
  4. I agree. If vaxxed, no need to test. Just get home, if anything arises, test at home and plan accordingly there.
  5. I completely disagree. There is no inherent financial impact. There is no need for testing on a 100% vaccinated cruise ship. The financial burden for vaccinated people should be held by the unvaccinated. That is the inherent risk they are taking exposing vaccinated people. I can agree, but going to a theme park is not going to put anyone in quarantine for 10 days upon exiting. The issue here is the unvaccinated requiring testing to take place. Testing is not necessary if 100% of the people onboard are vaccinated. It is extremely unlikely any vaccinated person would show any signs over the course of 7-days.
  6. Shareholders may have a different answer soon. The CDC still holds quite a bit of power even with the judge ruling. They could start to require ships to provide test records for 100% of people onboard in order to return to port. They could make cruise ships like all other transportation requiring 100% masks except when eating or drinking. I think it is time for the cruise lines to step up to the game since they were permitted to play ball. Do what is right to keep progressing. At least NCL is going to down what I think is the absolute right path of vaccinated cruising only. No exceptions.
  7. Status quo is not the answer. We need a new status quo. 95/5 is no longer the answer. Carnival is 4 cruises or so in and have cases they are not announcing. They need to state these numbers and indicate the numbers by vaccinated vs unvaccinated. They also need to indicate if the unvaccinated were cabin members of the vaccinated that were positive. This is not good for an industry that can't afford a failure.
  8. This is an absolute mess. If it is 100% vaccinated, no questions, then there is no need to test anyone onboard unless they show symptoms. In most cases, they would not even know. This is why I think it has to be 100% vaccinated, no exceptions. We just got back from Orlando area and theme parks. There is so little to do at them, the few things that were open are slam packed. No mask mandate until the day we left. It was crazy packed, lines mostly more than an hour, no social distancing.
  9. I guess this would go for any cruise line, but since I have CCL booked, that is where I am looking. After reading about what happened on the Breeze and Carnival keeping covid cases secret, my question is why even risk it. If the cruises are 100% vaccinated with no exceptions what-so-ever, would anyone need to be tested onboard at all? My personal feeling is that I am vaccinated, my family is vaccinated. There is no reason for us to be tested at all. If everyone else onboard is tested as well, there is no need to test. This way there are no evacs, special debarking to hide it, no quarantining, etc. We got vaccinated because we cannot afford 10+ days of quarantining. The only reason to test vaccinated passengers is due to exposure to an unvaccinated person that tests positive. This becomes a financial and potential life altering issue for many people like us. We could lose our job(s) because of an unvaccinated person. This is a burden unvaccinated passenger should have to assume as well. At $200/nt for a quarantine hotel, for a minimum of 10 nights, meals, etc, you are at about $3,000 minimum for quarantine. Beyond that, the expenses for things at home that need to be taken care of. It would cost at least another $1,000+ to have my pets taken care of, $100 for lawn maintenance at least, and other general expenses. This doesn't even count the additional missed time at work. Even if I could have our computers shipped next day air, there is a loss of sick leave we would have to absorb. Cruise lines need to start making the liability of the unvaccinated far more than just themselves. They need to accept and agree to all of the other expenses that go along with it from the others that are affected.
  10. I don't think the covid tests given can determine which you have. Positive results have to be sent to different labs for research under a microscope later to determine. It most cases, it is not worth the cost except for CDC decisions trying to identify what variant.
  11. I was just in FL and returned today. We had to get a rapid test for a person that was with us (no symptoms or anything, but had to be safe for family when we got back). It took an hour for the paperwork mostly because I was not the parent and the parents weren't with us. We waited 2 hours to get the test and another 30 for the result. The tests are there, just extremely long waits. This was in Orlando while visiting there.
  12. Birth certificate experience for my wife is that she went to the County office, paid the fee (I think $50 for 2 copies) and had them in her hand in about 15 minutes. Unless you are looking to pay one of those expedite companies an insane amount, you will not have passports back by Aug 22.
  13. Rental cars are going to be absolutely hit or miss in all markets. Many rentals dumped a lot of their fleet. Now they are trying to buy more, the cost of used cars have skyrocketed, shortage of chips have new cars limited in manufacturing causing those companies to not offer fleet vehicles. As for Uber/Lyft, that could go to surge pricing with reduced drivers are massive increase in demands. If I were you, and I am in a similar situation in November, book a private shuttle or a shuttle like Cotrans. That will insure you get to the port. A rental car could leave you stuck using Uber/Lyft which leaves you paying whatever they decide to charge or using a taxi.
  14. 119 days (17 weeks!!!). We were suppose to be onboard the Mardi Gras today 😭
  15. We bought ours and will bring it. After doing the Amazon thing for top rated gear and sending all 3 sets back, went to one local dive company. They were just like "Here, buy this, its $250, and your set". Walked out when they didn't offer any real help. Went to another one that has a pool. They let me try the gear on, see how it fit, see if I didn't like something. The craziest part is how difficult it was to find fins that worked. The general ones that all snorkel excursions have do not work with my feet. I had severe cramping and nerve pinching. I had to get the one that require a bootie. Yes, a little more expense, but the mask that worked the best was only $20 vs $120. It was about $200 for mask, fins, and snorkel. They said the gear will probably out live me.
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