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  1. I’m kind of annoyed by the switch because I need to know when to do my hair!
  2. My grandma's train case went for a dip!
  3. I am finding that customer service across the entire cruise industry is appalling. I have to shut my brain off to some degree to accept this. Going forward, I am changing the way I pack after reading this. All my "good stuff" is going to into a roller board I can walk on with.
  4. I went to all three dining rooms. Princess offers open dining. There is no need to make a solo wait three hours when there's shared seating. And this doesn't fix the fact that on my first Princess cruise, I could not get seated for dinner. On other lines, like NCL, if it's your first time your card is a different color and the staff makes an effort to have things go smoothly so as not to leave a first impression like this one.
  5. Because I get up at 5 to work out and am usually asleep by 9:30
  6. Of course! I walked to all three dining rooms and met the same response at all. I did mention it in my survey and someone called to apologize three days later. That was it. I would still sail with Princess, but it's not ever going to be my first choice.
  7. I recently took my first cruise on Princess on the Caribbean Princess. I travel solo. The first formal night for dinner, I could not get seated at all. They told me to come back at 8:30PM, it was 5:20PM when I was trying to eat. So I ended up in all my finery, dining alone in the buffet and trying to not cry. Fun night!
  8. In a hundred years they'll be dredging the port and find your suitcase, now an artifact.
  9. I'm never packing my good shoes in my checked luggage again.
  10. The posters in this thread have gone into detail about the sort of coverage they have, you might want to read the thread from the beginning.
  11. I jus checked. I also have 12/25 as Gala Red & Gold 12/28 Roaring 20s 12/31 Gala Evening unspecified This makes WAY more sense than the original schedule, I am happy! This is for #401
  12. I have been following this saga since New York is my home port. I am so sorry for your losses, this has been a nightmare to read so I can't imagine living it. From now on, I'm boarding with a rollerboard separate from my luggage with my finer shoes and the one irreplaceable dress. I tend to carry jewelry and meds on my person already. What a wakeup call this was. Please keep us posted on whether or not Cunard made it right overall. Again, I am so sorry for your troubles. This would have upset me beyond belief. I travel for weeks at a time and I have things that are precious to me.
  13. Honestly, it's really nuts to meet anyone at JFK. I would just have him get into a car service or taxi and have him meet you at the hotel. It can get super congested around the airport, it's not easy to dip in and out like that. I live 20 minutes from JFK and won't pick anyone up, I send a car service.
  14. I did a straw poll on the other social media site to see who was dressing up for New Year's and the answers were overwhelming YES DRESSING UP. I am, too.
  15. I was so surprised by this! I would much rather dress up for the holiday. I'm on this cruise, too.
  16. I do this all as quietly as possible, so I just say to the hostess that I am exhausted and was wondering if I could take dinner back to my room. No one has ever said no. Sometimes they seat me off to the side to wait. I also tip in cash the person who organizes it for me. I've asked both waiters and hosts at varying times, I go with who looks the least busy and most sympathetic. 🙂 A lot of the time I usually just eat in the dining room early, alone, and then around 9pm I get ice cream and cobbler in the Garden restaurant to take back to eat in bed.
  17. I just wanted to mention that I am also a solo traveler, and after I eat in the dining room the first night, I ask if I can take out the next time. They always say yes.
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