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  1. I have just done ours for our trip next week. My husband gave up in despair after trying for 2 hours! Basically used my iPad, had trouble loading my passport photo ,every attempt was turned down . Then I went back a page on the application, tried again and it accepted it. Same with the expiry date on my passport. Just wouldn’t accept it! Went back a page, then it did ! So weird.
  2. My husband heard from Silversea and our travel agent earlier this week. Silversea stated that they are changing the itinerary ( aka cancelling in my opinion) and will be finalising this very soon. Travel agent stated that they should be hearing something definite this week. Seen on a Facebook forum someone had heard from Silversea that cruise has been cancelled and letters going out on Friday. And so we wait..
  3. We are also on the Mumbai to Athens section and just wish they would cancel now! We know it’s not going ahead, they know it’s not going ahead! Cynical me would say they’re hanging on to our money, non cynical me would think they have a lot of logistics to sort out. We always book our flights separately but this time we didn’t as we’re doing an Indian trip prior to the cruise and it seemed easier to let Silversea sort it out. Good thing we did for if it’s cancelled Silversea will have to sort it out!
  4. We are supposedly going through the Suez Canal and Red Sea with Silversea cruises in May. They still haven’t cancelled so we’re in a waiting game. It’s so frustrating as we are pretty sure it’s not going to happen and could be making alternative plans at this time.
  5. Hi, I’m afraid I haven’t. I don’t think ours will be going ahead with the situation in the Middle East. However, after visiting India last year I can confirm that in most public areas there is a Western toilet! With regards to the hotels used, at the end of our cruise which ends in Greece, we are booked into one which apparently is 4 star but reviews are quite poor and some feel that it is a 3 star. I think this may have been booked by the cruise company though and not Wendy Woo. Sorry I can’t help you more. I hope you have a great time and let me know how you get on !
  6. We are on the Silver Moon in May from Mumbai to Athens, with a Wendy Woo tour of India prior to the cruise. I cannot see us going through the Red Sea ,Suez canal to reach Athens. Other cruise lines are cancelling. I wish Silversea would cancel then we can reconsider our plans! Like a lot of people we have a lot of money tied up on a cruise that may never happen!
  7. Have they offered you a future cruise credit for all the cost of the cruise?
  8. We are booked to sail from Mumbai to Athens in May, travelling through Egypt ,Jordan, Suez Canal etc. I have noticed on another site that people travelling in March and October already have had Egypt cancelled. Heaven knows how Silversea will re position from Mumbai to Europe. I don’t fancy 16 days at sea! So glad we booked flights with them, although we usually book our own flights.
  9. Juno1956

    Black Friday sale

    Hi Mark, glad to see both you and Gail are still cruising! Give our best to Gail, tell her Bob hasn’t danced since! 😂We are off to the Caribbean tomorrow,glad to get away from this dreary wet weather. Take care both of you
  10. We are on that cruise but arriving in Cape Town on the 30th December. We have now booked in to the Pullman which we are happier about than our previous booking ! Thanks for your help.
  11. Juno1956

    Black Friday sale

    We are booked on the South African trip in January, which we booked on a previous cruise and managed to get a hefty price drop,including our original benefits with a bit of chasing! Pays to track and chase! It’s Lorraine and Bob here, did we meet you and Gayle on a previous cruise? If not, sorry to bother you! 😂
  12. Hi, we are going on Azamara at the beginning of January,starting and ending in Cape Town. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced hotel at a good location, preferably near the waterfront. Thank you.
  13. I’m so envious! If you’ve got a room overlooking Marina Bay ,the view is amazing! if you need any info on Singapore, I would be pleased to help. I used to live there as a teenager many years ago but have been back since. Not much of old Singapore left.
  14. We arrived in Singapore at 5 in the morning, fortunate enough to be staying at the Ritz Carlton . They let us check in and by 8 we were in our room! This was the start of the pandemic so maybe they were very quiet. Beautiful hotel, wonderful staff.
  15. We are also on the same cruise but disembark in Dubai. We contacted our TA last week who said she would contact Oceania so should hear this week. Good news for yourselves, here’s to a great cruise!
  16. Thank you so much Sebbiesgrammy, that is very useful. My husband has finally done his so I will tackle mine later. I had planned to do a few private tours, our first port being Cochin, so that’s a valid point on making sure the tour operator will wait for the necessary red tape!
  17. Hi everyone, we are having trouble trying to complete our visas for India online. We get so far then the computer won’t accept method of payment, date of birth etc etc. I know there are agencies who can complete this for you but I am reluctant to fork out another £200 when we should be able to do this quite easily! Do Oceania do visas on board and anyone know how much they charge? Thank you. Looks like we won’t need a visa for Myanmar as we probably won’t be going there!
  18. I totally agree if there is a problem, let the managers know early on. We are currently on our 3rd week on Regatta. After a few days my husband had a quiet word with the food and bev manager re the food and service in the buffet restaurant. Since then the service has soared and the staff at the buffet seem happier to be there! No complaints about the service in the MDR. We’ve had a curry made just for the two of us and having another one tonight. We’re not in a penthouse or suite, just happened to mention that Azamara did a curry for us earlier this year! I wanted to cancel my forthcoming cruises with Oceania but they have really excelled so will give them another chance!
  19. What I meant was that they got a full refund so therefore they had a free cruise, even though the itinerary was not the one they booked. Apologies if I was misunderstood.
  20. We are on this cruise and have been for the past two weeks when we joined in Vancouver. There embarkation was delayed by 6 hours due to tug boats strike. Consequently we had to miss Ketchikan, then we could not sail into the Hubbard glacier because of bad weather. So over 3 weeks we will have missed 4 ports. Earlier this year we were coming off Seaborne and the itinerary ahead of us had to change because of bad weather. Everyone got a full refund and a free cruise!
  21. Thank you.Some cruise lines do not accept proctored tests but if Oceania do, maybe this is another option.
  22. Thanks for your replies. We do not get into Vancouver until 7p.m.which is too late to be tested there. Maybe by the end of August Oceania will have dropped the testing!
  23. We are sailing on Regatta 27th August to Alaska . As we still need testing we are thinking of getting tested at Canada Place on the morning of embarkation. Our hotel is only a couple of blocks from the hotel so we could go first thing in the morning. I know we have a 72 hour window but I’m thinking of the time difference,night in a hotel etc. So my question is has anyone had experience with them and are they speedy?! Thank you
  24. We’ve also used Dam Health in Bristol,very efficient. On our last trip on Onward a couple of weeks ago we had an antigen test in Piraeus 24 hours beforehand,Affidea medical centre, booked online,10 euros each. The results took 30 minutes so we had a meal on the harbour side then collected the paperwork. More stress was involved in the planning than anything else! Good luck and enjoy your cruise!
  25. We’ve just booked a trip for 2024 for India followed by a cruise, then I read Wendy Wu’s info on India and am now getting cold feet so looking for advice! Do the coaches have toilets on board? Are the hotels used 4 or 5 star? We are only allowed 15 kg on an internal flight but are away for 29 days! Any help would be appreciated! Thank you
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