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  1. Well my friend, as we say in the south… Count your blessings. That being said, get a travel prescription for generic zofran. You will be thankful you were on CC and someone suggested it.
  2. Lol…right there with you. We actually were much more adventurous with eating before the noro incident. We are sooo cautious now.
  3. Perhaps. DH sat down while I got a cheese plate. Once I smelled the seating area, we moved. Since this was the pinnacle of Covid testing, I actually wiped down the new table with wipes. All I know is it spreads invisibly. To all cruisers, beware and always travel with Zofran.
  4. So what are you saying? Are you suggesting that sitting on a sofa that was contaminated would not make you ill? Are you saying noro cannot be air bound. Confused by what you are saying?
  5. Did Bliss to Mexican Riviera in November right after the switch from daylight saving time. In PV, the ship time was one hour behind PV time. In your case, arriving in PV after switch back to daylight saving time, both ship time and local time should match. 7 am ship time = 7 am PV time.
  6. In May of 2022 we had just arrived at port in Seattle to board the Bliss for our AK cruise. Outside the terminal they were handing out flyers which stated that the previous cruise had a >2% outbreak of Norovirus and they were required by the CDC to inform passengers. We were offered a full refund (don’t know if it was FCC or refund). Well, we thought “what are the chances” and we boarded. Two days in and Hubby was soooo sick. He saw AK from the bed in a balcony cabin. I saw AK from the balcony. If you have never had noro, you have no idea how viscous this illness is. If you have…we’ll then you know. I would be thinking long and hard about whether I would be willing to board the Dawn…and I hope they are offered the option to cancel without penalty. P.s. We have a fairly good idea that he picked up the germ in the Observation Lounge soft seating which had a sour smell as if vomit may have been present at one time. So, it really can happen to even those who are diligent with hand washing and personal hygiene.
  7. Lol…I ended up buying wrist straps, clip ons and phone holder from Amazon. I figure I can adapt as needed based on activity. Thanks everyone!
  8. Thanks @JamieLogical for your detailed review. Loved going along on your adventure. 11 months is way too long for the next cruise!!
  9. Thank everybody for providing great info for new Princess cruisers. Really appreciate insights from others. Thanks 😊
  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH for these links. I appreciate your sharing and not telling me to go search for it myself. Thanks!
  11. Sounds perfect! So, with Premier I could order sushi as part of the unlimited casual dining and champagne up to $20 (or pay the cost above $20 plus grat) using the Ocean Now? Besides a tip, is there any other cost associated with a transaction as you outlined? And, to clarify, this is done using your Princess app on your phone. Once it arrives do they scan your medallion for payment, or is paying done automatically through the app?
  12. What’s with the Medallion? We are more old-school types, and while we do have smart phones, we are not really technologically advanced. We are use to carrying a room key for purchases. The Medallion seems like it wants a lot of information about you, and to me it feels a little intrusive. I read on the drink thread that you have a 15 day limit and sometimes the bar tenders won’t use two medallions so the drink count gets out of whack. I also read that if the security photo on the Medsllion doesn’t match you the purchase won’t go through. All of this seems so complicated. Am I overthinking the Medallion?
  13. Just stumbled on your LIVE. Thanks. I just convinced DH that we need to give Princess a try. There is a LA-Catalina Island-SFO-Ensenada-San Diego-LA next April. Your review answered so many of my questions? Thanks. p.s. I loved your Blue Moon pic. ❤️🐀
  14. Didn’t you hear…it’s been rationed. No more “loading” of bacon. Sorry🤣
  15. Glad to hear you enjoyed Princess. I was poking around yesterday on their site and discovered their Plus package and thought the same thing relative to NCL FAS. I priced out a couple itineraries in a balcony with the Plus+ option and was pleasantly surprised at total cost. And DSC were included. We haven’t sailed Princess since 2004…so I was iffy on experience…so thanks for sharing you perspective.
  16. This or that. Not at the same time. Just sayin’.
  17. Duh. Which if you had read my entire l post, that WAS my point. Pick and choose which cruise lines seemingly offer the best value/cost/experience for you. Then check it out. Seems like you think NCL is a good choice for you. Which is perfectly ok. 😊
  18. Congrats…you win for the FIRST and ONLY 🤣. I expected more. But…not from the simplicity of Hash Browns and Cookies. On their own…not a big deal. I guess you failed to see how far down the “change chain” this element resided. It is a culmination of change that creates the outrage around Hash Browns and Cookies.
  19. NCL really is pushing more and more people towards other lines by messing with the quality, quantity, and availability of one of the elements needed for human survival…FOOD. (Okay, I’m ready for the 🙄 and 🤣.) And, while we all know no one will starve on a cruise, food offers comfort and enjoyment to most of us. Cruises have historically been a place where we can indulge beyond our norms with food items we don’t typically eat at home. IMO, NCL has gone overboard. First it was quality, then portion size, then reduced operating hours in buffet, then the elimination of crowd favorites (hash browns, crepes, cookies)…now reducing the number of venues offering food & beverage. My prediction of next to go: bacon (less often in buffet, fewer pieces put out at a time), French fries (they will be frozen baked not fried), specialty dinner bread will be now basic dinner rolls, butter will be margarine, half and half will be coffeemate, OJ will be cut with water, ice cream will carry a charge. There is a reason I still have unused CF certificates. We have two NCL cruises booked, but more snd more we are checking out competitive cruise lines, with 2 already booked on MSC.
  20. YUM. I’m impressed. Lucky bakery to have you at the oven.
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