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  1. FYI, there was a huge line for taxis at the Victoria Cruise terminal this past week, took over an hour for some people to get a cab ... and i could not get a signal to call for an Uber So we took the shuttle bus into downtown ($15 roundtrip) instead and then got a cab from the Empress (you could probably walk to another location and call a taxi from there but again still a delay to factor in your time frame if you are trying to schedule something independently) apparently taxi drivers have to pay $200 for a sticker to gain access to the cruise port so while all cabs can drop off there, not all taxis can pick up from cruise terminal (i do not know if Uber, Lyft have cruise port restrictions) This was very early in the season so perhaps more taxi drivers will upgrade and purchase the sticker as the season goes on but don't expect to easily catch a cab from cruise terminal
  2. you can check your luggage at the Pan Pacific Hotel next to the cruise terminal if you are ok with walking up to a mile you could visit any of these places GasTown district, Joe Fortes restaurant, Robson Street area you could take a public bus to Stanley Park or Granville Island from Granville you can take a water taxi to YaleTown and then bus or train back downtown
  3. we have used Pan Pacific for luggage, it's right as you exit the cruise terminal, super easy we took a public bus from downtown to Granville Island we also paid $30.67 (Canadian) for a Lyft ride (like Uber) from downtown to airport this past Saturday, which seemed very cheap for a 30 minute ride (we were planning on using SkyTrain but i didnt mind paying a little extra for the convenience
  4. I must have mis-read this, those are the prices I saw when I rechecked
  5. I see $750 for 300,000 points are these the new rewards you are referring to? Or are some people seeing the cheaper price still but good until August?
  6. i used a myvegas voucher in my name, my wife had the 10% off in her account (but no myvegas) they were able to apply the 10% off but they had to get a supervisor to sign off on it i also was able to apply the $250 CruiseNext i had
  7. you will have your room key card for normal charges, a casinos at sea card for player points in the casino and a 3rd casino bar card you give the bartender the casino bar card for orders from the casino bar (including bottled water)
  8. Free drinks WHEN the casino bar is open (bar is closed in most ports and isnt open 24 hours) so it's hard to rely on just the one bar But if you're not a big drinker and just want the occasional drink it would work also you can get bottled water and canned soda from casino bar (2 at a time) and stock up on those for when they're closed
  9. $200 credit was in my account this morning
  10. We are doing car service from London To Southampton with a stop in Stonehenge if anyone has done this before, what should we be prepared for at Stonehenge? I'm guessing we still need to purchase tickets for Stonehenge even if arriving by taxi/car
  11. you can go to the casino, pick a slot machine, charge money to your room to the machine, then cash out on the machine and take the pay slip to the cashier for cash (NCL does charge 3% for this)
  12. even though i added everything to my "cart" and made one transaction, AMEX shows this as 3 purchases, so hopefully it worked (i got the email saying Great news! You recently used your Amex Offer at USD RESERVATION)
  13. does this look like it would work? if i combine Prepaid Service Charges, add specialty dining nights & OBC will this trigger the bonus? PPSC $520 Specialty Dining $166 and then buy $325 On-Board Credit Certificate i have to pay the PPSC anyway, so this way if i cash out the OBC i get 2 "free" specialty dining
  14. if you buy the $500 ON-BOARD CREDIT CERTIFICATE can you use that towards the casino?
  15. do you mean 50% off 2nd guest? i had a 10% off they were adament i could not combine with the MyVegas $500 reward
  16. our sailing last December we booked Haven outright, but i saw someone on the cruise group on Facebook say they got an upgrade (and i did see someone who looked like their facebook picture walking around the Haven area), so it does happen
  17. i redeemed a $500 MyVegas voucher and had my existing booking transferred from my normal NCL agent to the PlayAwards rep my original fare (for 2 with air) was $3,475 now after the Play booking the total is $3,200 the biggest difference seems to be i lost the 10% off past guest credit and the 2nd passenger fee went up $100 does this seem correct? or should i call back? (the $500 voucher only took off a net of $275)
  18. 2 questions (thanks for all the help) if i have a held reservation (no payments made but i have a courtesy hold) can i give that reservation # to casinos at sea and use a MyVegas rewards towards it? what is the school of thought on spending 750k points for $500 off vs. 1 million points for $750 off i'm currently sitting at approx. 825k points in MyVegas, should i take the $500 and consider myself on my way to another $500 off next year? or go all in for the $750 off?
  19. i got a $300 (or maybe $350) back when you spend $1000 on NCL last year, hopefully they'll send me another one
  20. my apologies is this was already answered, i tried searching for this if i redeem a $500 or $750 MyVegas reward, can i combine that with one (or 2?) NCL CruiseNext certificates?
  21. when we cruised in December our ship was near capacity but people on the Facebook group for our sailing were commenting 10 days out that they'd received upgrades Now we our sailing again April 9 and have not heard anything yet on our upgrade bid, so i checked a Facebook page for the April 2 sailing (out of curiosity) and they were also several people commenting that they had not heard anything back regarding upgrades So which is the "norm" , people hear 10 days out? or is people don't hear until the last minute the normal time frame
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