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  1. Please do not hesitate to use Rony. He has been a friend of ours for about 15 years. We used him for a tour on our first visit to Roatan. We have spent lots of time with him over the years. We've visited via cruise ship 10+ times and have spent 1-2 weeks on Roatan 4 separate times, seeing Rony several times each visit. Each trip, we do charity work and take supplies for the children and families in his community. During the pandemic, we sent him money through Paypal to do food banks for his community. He sent me videos and pictures of the trucks with food and the families receiving the food. When we visited last month, we had a big get together at the church. Everyone was so thankful for the help and we were thankful Rony took so much of his time making it happen. We have trusted him with thousands of dollars. He does so much for his community. He is really a great guy! There is a reason he asks for the money as "friends and family". Paypal only charges him $5+/- to get his money. If you pay him as a business, they take a percentage. Every dollar is important to him. While Bodden is a big business(relatively) with lots of employees, Rony is a small local business trying to help friends in his community support their families. Nothing wrong with Bodden, but we will recommend Rony every time. He told us that he has to ask for deposits or full payment to make sure he doesn't lose money. If he or one of his driver shows up at the port and a family decides to go with tour guide that stops them on the street, he is out money. He spends hours waiting for someone who isn't going to show up. We have a great time with Rony every trip - I'm sure you will too. Arnold is also amazing! The freestyle tour is best - have your own private driver for the day - do as you please on your own schedule!
  2. We had a single mom in our group. She had a letter from the children's father similar to the one in the link above. It was a huge ordeal getting it from him and he purposefully stressed her out until the last minute. No one at check in or anyone during the entire cruise asked her for the letter or questioned where there father was. This was on Royal Caribbean in 2019.
  3. Another vote for 2 cabins. We have teens that take a long time in the bathroom, so 2 bathrooms are much more convenient.
  4. It totally depends if you are doing ship excursions or independent ones. We never or rarely use ship excursions. We have taken our daughters' friends with us many times. We've been on islands in Eastern and Western Caribbean. We have never once had anyone ask if the friends were our children.
  5. We have been on all major lines. Never a "bad" cruise, just some we've liked more than others. You may like the "freestyle" aspect of NCL. We found strict dinner times difficult.
  6. We've cruised since our kids were toddlers. We started with adjoining cabins around 13. At 16, they could be next door or across the hall. On a last minute cruise, there were no cabins close to each other and there was a special on 3rd and 4th passengers in the same cabin. We booked and were pretty sure we'd regret it. We didn't. We had two 15 year-olds in our cabin for the week. We had so many funny things happen and never laughed more. I was very used to packing up the entire cabin and having my husband set the suitcases outside the door. I had the girls place outfits on the shelves. However, only left out shoes for me and my husband. When I gave the cabin one final look before bed, everything looked fine to me. Next morning, the girls were NOT happy they had to disembark without shoes - OOPS!
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