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  1. Hello everyone!!! I had stayed the same as of Thursday morning, but then celebrated my 40th birthday on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and yesterday! Definitely back on track this morning! Ugh...My body is like in sugar, booze, carb hangover! I feel drained and just want to sleep. Isn't it crazy how our bodies really do hate bad food?!
  2. That's awesome!!! The Ring Fit is the one I want and I can't find it anywhere (for less than $100.00). I love that they are making games to get people moving!
  3. So, this'll be random, I got the fitness boxing on my Nintendo Switch and that "game" has me so sore this morning! I started on Saturday and now I can barely do my hair because my arms and back are so sore. I assume it's a good sore, so we will see. They have another fitness game I want to get but no one has it in stock anywhere. Anyhoo, have a great Monday, everyone! It is SO ridiculous! I do HR for a company and one of our employees (been with the company for over 25 years) was ready to be fired for not wearing a mask in the office. She signed her Covid Practices contract saying "this goes against my personal rights". Really?! She ended up keeping her job and wearing a mask. It's really NOT that big of a deal, but people are so angry that they have to. I'm only going to the grocery store and have to wear one, ok, no problem... UGH! I just want this virus gone!
  4. Happy Thursday everyone! I thought this morning that today is the mondayist thursday ever! I'm ready for this week to be done! I happen to be down like 3 lbs though, but its all water weight from pmsing last week. CW 165.2 GW 150 We are now required to wear our masks while working (I run a property management office) and I feel like I can't breathe all day, but I do what is right. Great job, Jenny on being down. Even that amount since April is great! Pac, Wine, and Jo, staying the same is awesome! And Robin, I think you stayed the same too... that tiny amount is just a big poo waiting to happen. 🤣 Thanks for the great poem, as always, Belle. I love the way your brain works. I can't believe this is our last June weigh in! I swear, didn't we just have Easter? Keep it up, ladies. You are amazing!
  5. Unless the ship went REALLY fast! Like going through the Panama Canal in like 20 minutes. HAH!🤣
  6. Nope! Just easy from LA, San Diego, Ensenada, and back to LA.
  7. We'll have to find each other. I'll be the one with a cocktail in hand, escorting my blind mother around, and a fun 11 year old. We aren't hard to miss.🤣
  8. It actually does San Diego and Ensenada. It will be too short, but as you said, a nice getaway. I actually backpacked the entire Trans Catalina Trail a couple of years ago. The elevation gain and loss is intense. But it was beautiful.
  9. That is one of my all time fave drinks (hence my name)! What is also really good is if you ask them to not use the grenadine and do a float of chambord with the dark rum! It's delish!
  10. I sure hope so because I'm booked on the Royal for December 3rd.... But we will see what actually happens. A lot of people are saying, "don't pack your suitcase". But I'm going to think positively.
  11. I like your attitude! If anything, it gives you something to look forward too! The light at the end of the rona tunnel! I doubt even princess has any idea what the shows will be, or even who their crew will be for that matter. It'll be so interesting to see how princess moves forward, and what their entertainment will look like. Currently, you wouldn't be able to pack people into the theater they way they normally do. I was told that on the Caribbean Princess that they also broadcast the live streamed shows in one of the bars (I have never been on the ship, scheduled next July, so I don't know if this is fact or not), so at least there's another option.
  12. It's just a little 4 dayer out of LA to San Diego and Ensenada (I might not even get off the ship). Just need a break and to get away. Plus, on Princess, I wanted to try out the anytime dining and the medallion thingy before my big trip next year. But...I got the drink package so I plan on over consuming all the fluffy drinks and tiny bottles of champagne for four solid days!
  13. It is actually a short 4 dayer out of LA and back (might not even get off the ship). The cost was great even with the drink package; I think the third person was like $400 for our mini suite. We will see how it goes. If it doesn't happen, it'll be a bummer, but as long as my Caribbean cruise still stands for next July, we'll be good.
  14. I need to get away and we decided to book a little four day cruise out of LA and back (actually, wanted to try out the medallion and anytime dining since I've always been old school and always done designated seating, before my big trip next year). I have no idea what to expect! It's such a weird thing to think about. Will I have to wear a mask? Will someone be serving me at the buffets? How will someone hand me my drink (important stuff!)? Will it actually happen? I truly am hoping this all calms down before I/we go. Like Bill and Ted said, "strange things are afoot at the Circle K". (80's humor)
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