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  1. We are pulling the plug on our January 10th cruise. We will lose our deposit but we really have no choice. I cannot afford to quarantine after a cruise 🙂
  2. We are suppose to cruise January as well. Some of our group are wanting to cancel already because they are afraid. My husband and I are going to hold off until October before we make a decision, but thinking we should just move to another cruise.
  3. I wish carnival would have an ONLINE T-shirt sale 🙂 I sure miss cruising and would love a couple new shirts!
  4. We have a large group cruising in January... I think if we were given the option to re-book without penalties we would. For now we wait and see...
  5. I'm hoping it will still be valid tomorrow as it's not working today...
  6. How do you know what kind of bed type you are going to get on Hotwire?
  7. My card that I ordered Jan. 14th finally arrived!!!
  8. My order from Jan.14th ($500) still says processed! I would have thought it would have changed with all the new cards. Yes I did call a few days ago, but will have to call again I guess.
  9. How do we get in this 10K Monstrosity group?
  10. I hope this means my $500 card from Jan. 14th will now ship 😄
  11. How soon do you book your hotel? We are cruising Jan. 2021 and are just seeing our dates available. Is it better to book in advance?
  12. I was coming to ask this same question! We are starting to plan since we have a little less than a year to go 😄 Found this hotel for $180, January 2021... wondering if it's a good deal?
  13. Just got off the phone in regards to my Jan. 14th order of a $500 card. They are back-ordered and I had the option to cancel or wait until more become available. I opted to wait and the person on the phone said they are hoping to have more in by next week.
  14. The card I ordered on the 15th says the same ($500) The card I ordered on the 16th ($1000) was delivered today.
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