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  1. Priced at $12,000 for 6 back to back voyages from June to September 2024. Some more info here 🙂: https://vvinsider.com/summer-season-pass-comes-to-valiant-lady/
  2. I got Miami back to London for around 30,000 points I think BA is same as AA
  3. Buying points might be the best way, it's annoying the way they price up one way flights 🙁
  4. Here’s all the details on the latest Valiant Lady cast including the return of Ty, Ryan & Kara Kature: https://vvinsider.com/meet-your-seventh-happenings-cast-on-valiant-lady/
  5. Use the bar tab calculator it’ll say based on averages how many to buy and includes mocktails and coffees https://vvinsider.com/bar-tab-calculator/
  6. They originally did say 30th June but the link provided is only going to sailings in July as reported https://vvinsider.com/first-look-eat-and-drink-festival-returns-for-2024/ maybe they'll trial some things
  7. Resilient Lady 2024/2025 Miami & Repositioning Sailings go on sale tomorrow, here’s all the details on the new itineraries: https://vvinsider.com/resilient-ladys-transatlantic-miami-2024-2025-sailings-discovered/
  8. Full details here: https://vvinsider.com/resilient-ladys-transatlantic-miami-2024-2025-sailings-discovered/
  9. Here’s a look at the full details of the new San Juan itineraries on Resilient Lady this Winter: https://vvinsider.com/resilient-ladys-new-winter-2024-2025-itineraries-first-look/
  10. Resilient Lady’s upcoming Australia Season has been cancelled with the ship heading to San Juan. For full info on affected itineraries: https://vvinsider.com/virgin-voyages-cancels-australian-2024-2025-summer-sailings
  11. Resilient Lady Cast 3. Some returning favorites like Patrick, Titty Kaka, Jake, Hannah! https://vvinsider.com/meet-your-third-happenings-cast-on-resilient-lady/
  12. Thats from October, although it does change a bit
  13. The menu is on here 🙂 https://vvinsider.com/on-board/event/its-a-ship-show/
  14. You can see all the main shows, parties, happenings etc that are offered on scarlet here https://vvinsider.com/events-on-scarlet-lady/
  15. It's not possible to match anymore and the form is gone from the Virgin Voyages website
  16. Alejandro, Faith, Michie returning 😀 https://vvinsider.com/meet-your-eighth-happenings-cast-on-scarlet-lady/
  17. Sailor Loot is now reduced to $300 for any booking made 60 days after purchasing an MNVV (For those purchased after February 1st 2024) If you already have one same deal applies as always and if you book within the 60 day window its still $600 https://vvinsider.com/guides-and-faqs/guide/my-next-virgin-voyage-onboard-offer/
  18. Right now regardless of match, sailings etc there’s no way to qualify to the sailing club at least according to the website and seemingly what the phone team are now saying. Tokens are likely still a thing as were last mentioned in August 2023. fingers crossed we hear something soon !!
  19. The original process never launched the faqs on Virgin Voyages website mentions the tokens 🙂 DBE is valid until December 2024 if you already qualified just no one can qualify anymore
  20. This was always scheduled to end of 2023. As of now the new system will be token based on $ spent on voyage fare however it has not launched yet either but the current value will be stored since launch of Virgin Voyages.
  21. So anyone who already has perks or gets them before December 31st this year gets them till end of next year. But the way people can get into the club is apparently changing … hopefully find out next week !
  22. Agreed my last sailing only 400 sailors didn’t have deep blue …
  23. Yeah category wise they are below limited sea terrace in listing
  24. Looks like loyalty match has now disappeared and it says details to come with how you join in 2024 https://www.virginvoyages.com/sailing-club
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