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  1. With Carnival Social Media package are you able to access Telegram and my email? I have an internet business that relies on this 2 items for customers.
  2. I will have a group of 15 to 20 people with me for when we port inn Ocho Rios. Are there tour guides at the port ego i can negotiate with ore should i prearrange the tie? It has been about 7 years since my last visit and at that time I prearranged.
  3. Thank you for the information. After two days of calling AARP and Gift Card Expression, I finally got in touch with someone who told me that they were taken out of catalog.
  4. I'm trying to purchase discounted gift cards and it keeps trying to charge me the full payment. I dont see where I can purchase them at discounted rate on aarp site and gift expression site. I was trying to purchase them for at least a weekk.
  5. Make sure everyone is aware that it is 1 bottle of wine per room, if chosen. Only the first two people listed receives the obc, and tote bag. In my groups everyone come to the shared cocktail party. If you have first time cruisers I make a cruise tip and give to everyone. If it is a unique ship with venues that everyone may not be aware of I provide written information as well. For instance, the Havana and Ocean Breeze area on the Sunshine. The problem with a lot of people in my groups are they don't read the information left in their rooms. I get the shared cocktail party tote bags, and obc for my groups. The wine is house wine and obc is better in my opinion. Also, I collect the Monday and pay Carnival directly. This takes work and organizational skills, we've been doing this for over 40 years. Also, I don't provide booking numbers until after final payment because I don't want people changing anything which will mess up my record keeping. I get everyone the earliest check in time available and tell them don't change it. I hope this helps you.
  6. At the time when I make my group booking I choose how I want to use the amenity points. I usually pick obc, Carnival tote bag, and shared group cocktail party.
  7. I highly recommend Michael with The Big Banana. He doesn't have any recent reviews. My group of 18 used him on December 5, 2016 and everyone said he was the best tour guide that we've used and we've been cruising since the late 70's. He has a safari truck and a mini bus with working AC. Additionally, he has a car service as well. He has made me into a "Raving Fan." I'l post his contact information tomorrow.
  8. Got off the Sunshine yesterday and had Cheers. I had no problems with obtaining straws except once which was on Saturday towards the end of the cruise I ordered a Pina Coloda and was given a lecture that Carnival is going to paper straws and before I could say there are straws behind the counter his coworker told him to give me a straw.
  9. I'm all for tipping 18% and usually tip extra, however if not for Cruise Critic I would not have known that it has been raised to 18% since Carnival has not communicated with guests who are immediately affected by the change (sailing tomorrow on the Sunshine). I just got off the phone with the Group department for something and was told the CSRs were emailed today about the change and it being effective today. Cheers and tips will be purchased and paid tomorrow.
  10. I'm sorry I should have stated the following as well: I forgot to add that the refund was in future cruise credit unless there was a balance remaining for the cabin. But the taxes and port fees were refunded if the person was a no show in gift cards since that was how I paid. I
  11. @Time2cruisegbgna, If I remember correctly I think she mentioned Fin Fun as a place where she got the mermaid tails.
  12. I've used gift cards to pay deposits and fares for others. When using the gift cards I was asked "whose name" to use for the cards in essence the purchaser's name. I used my name. I had people to cancel and I told the rep to send the refund (gift card) to me. This was for the port fees and taxes If your sister gave you the money to pay for her cruise, she should get her money back less any fees associated with booking. If you booked early saver no money is refunded directly back it is held in escrow by Carnival. Unless, she was sharing a room with someone who is still going, she would lose $50 and the balance that was paid can remain with the room. This is how it worked for the last 2 groups that I booked using Early Saver.
  13. Also, if Carnival insist that you must move from a triple to a double you MAY have to pay the going rate. I say MAY because it depends on the rep you speak with.
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