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  1. My wife haven’t liked him since HAL got rid of the wrap around promenade deck on the newer ship and for picking the worst internet provider at sea.
  2. I would add New York pizza to the not so good/terrible list. The wait is to long for subpar pizza. They need to make the pizza station grab and go. And to be fair we do enjoy The Dutch cafe in the mornings for a quick breakfast and pasties in the afternoons.
  3. We are doing a back to back both leaving from the Port of Civitavecchia. We are doing Celebrity first and then Holland America for the transatlantic home. Just wondering what is best way to get from the Celebrity ship to the Holland America ship the same day at the Port of Civitavecchia.
  4. When my wife and travel alone we look at itinerary and cruise ships as transportation only and all the other stuff is a bonus. We pick a cruise ship because of the itinerary. If it’s not a good itinerary we don’t do that ship. When we travel with the grand kids we look at the ship and not the itinerary. The last 2 cruises with the grand kids we have done MSC because of the water slides, bowling, and a lot other things kids enjoy. They have a ball.
  5. Thanks. Do you remember where the post was on CC?
  6. This is the end of the itinerary from my October 2020 transatlantic cruise. No other cruises for Veendam is showing up after it docks in Tampa on November 3rd. They cut the cruise short to be in Tampa on the 3rd. Who knows? Monday, November 2 At Sea No activities are booked for this day. Need to book? Spa Category Specialty Dining2020-11-02 Indulgences Tuesday, November 3 Tampa, Florida, US Arrive: 7:00 AM No activities are booked for this day.
  7. Sounds like you are on the Veendam collector cruise. On the second half of the cruise (transatlantic). They removed 3 ports Toulon, Barcelona, and Cadiz. They also made the stay at Funchal one day leaving at 4:00pm. The transatlantic is now 14 days instead of 17 and will now arrive in Tampa November 3, 2020 instead of Ft. Lauderdale on November 6, 2020. My new statement from my TA the cruise price went down $900.00 and they added ship credit and a dinner for 2 at the pinnacle grill. We already had prepaid gratuities and it remained.
  8. We have a transatlantic booked on the Veendam for October 2020. It was for 17 days and now it is 14 days and they cut 3 ports out of the itinerary. Instead of ending in Ft. Lauderdale it now ends in Tampa. I checked the cruises after the transatlantic and there are no other cruises being offered on the Veendam. So I was wondering is the Veendam the next ship being retired?
  9. The gift shop didn’t have any ship models either. They told me they wouldn’t have them in stock till July of this year.
  10. We are having a discussion on how to say which inside cabin to pick. Here’s my take If you look at the deck plan you want the inside cabin that are the same direction as the outside cabins. If the inside cabin is pointing from aft to bow you don’t want that cabin it will be very small. Don’t pick the cabins like the K and L are positioned in this image. They are the ones that are very small. Hope I didn’t confuse things.
  11. Why did you feel the need to ask them to try to prove someone wrong? Yes it helped like throwing gasoline on a fire. Can you do us a favor and just go away and quit posting on this blog. She wants to do this blog for people that aren’t on this cruise so they can see what to look forward too. So please don’t post here again and if you want to post start your own blog.
  12. Your right. MSC is nothing like Holland America. It’s better. Even with the MSC ships being larger the have a lot more common areas so to me the ship felt less crowded then HAL. We are 3 star on HAL and on the the Eurodam right now and we were talking today at breakfast that if HAL gets rid of their itineraries HAL wouldn’t have anything more to offer us. We now just look at HAL as transportion to where we want to go. Here is an some images of one of MSC production shows. Then are from when we were on the MSC Seaside May 2018.
  13. The live tv showing is msnbc, bbc world news, Fox News, travel channel, prime one, espn, espn 2
  14. I’m thinking part of reason they are charging for the 2nd entree is vlogging. I’ve seen videos on YouTube where people ordered every entree on the menu just to photograph them and I then say “I did it because I can”. I think a good solution would be start charging after the second entree that way you cut down on the waste of vloggers and giving those who don’t abuse the system a couple different options for dinner if they want them. Maybe HAL can sit up a display table with that night's entrees for people to photograph to help cut down on waste.
  15. I noticed the Dive in is offering milk shakes. Is there an extra charge or included?
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