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  1. Mildew and mold? As some one who has lived in southeast Asia, I know that it takes less effort and costs less money to prevent mildew and mold with adequate climate control than it does to mitigate damage and eliminate odors.
  2. With coordinating luggage straps that look like ribbons, proclaiming the special status of our luggage to future baggage handlers.
  3. I referenced only in regard to international tourism.
  4. Agree. We are presently a pariah nation.
  5. I would book Seaborne in a heartbeat if I could use my 24K FCC.
  6. Same here. I booked 2022 instead of 2021 for that reason before covid-19 upended everything.
  7. And 2021 is being sold with a substantially discounted single supplement on some websites.
  8. I believe this will affect all Carnival brands.
  9. Since the clock gives a start date of approximately the first week in March, I believe the Nav ap is using the generic place holder used for most WC FCCs, and not the actual date.
  10. I suppose one could use the countdown clock and work backwards.
  11. I just received a message on my Navigator ap regarding 2022. No itinerary or other info, simply a countdown clock for 2022. Still, it gives me hope.
  12. Yes, but it would certainly give us something to dream about and plan for.
  13. Another excellent question.
  14. I travel solo and tend to be a hermit anyway, so I don't think it would make much difference to me.
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