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  1. May one bring bottled water onboard.?
  2. Anne: The Columbia Crest Merlot. If we have the same list on the 2020GWV and the 4* discount, I may order five 8 bottle packages. Lonny
  3. Thanks, Anne! I hope they have the same lists on the 2020 GWV, since one of my go to house wines is on #1. Lonny
  4. Thanks, all. Just the info I needed.
  5. Found the search button, but not the list.
  6. I know that I have seen a list of the cabins with renovated bathrooms on Main and Lower Promenade decks of the Amsterdam, but I cannot find it anywhere. (Where did the "search this forum" button go on the Boards???) Any help appreciated.
  7. The issue was truly with rude, uncooperative airport personnel at the Amsterdam airport involved in handicapped transport. Unbeknownst to me, while I was desperately trying to contact the HAL rep at the airport to let her know there was a problem, she was as anxiously trying to find me. We finally connected several hours later and all was well. When I returned home I did report that the given phone number was no longer in service, but who knows... ???
  8. I called the emergency number listed in my cruise documents when I had a problem with a Hal transfer from airport to hotel in Amsterdam, only to be told that the number was no longer in service !!!
  9. What is the usual credit card hold for a Grand World Voyage?
  10. I am a single lady of a certain age that has used Luggage Forward for several cruises/trips abroad. You will receive detailed instructions, plus they are informative and helpful by phone. In overseas ports, one identifies one's luggage as usual; it varies from there, as sometimes you will be required to take it through customs, other times not. Whichever, a driver with a placard will be waiting in a predetermined location to take your luggage. The next time you will see it is at your front door! I could not travel without the Luggage Forward service.
  11. Thank you, Roy. As always, you have the info I need.
  12. For anyone who has done overland tours in Africa, what type electrical outlets are found where? I know that many places use Type M, but there is no consistency. Any info appreciated.
  13. For those of you who have done overland tours in Africa, what type of plug was necessary where? I have read that Type M is most widely used in South Africa, but there is no consistency. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.
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