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  1. Same here in Gulf south, plus problems with Post Office. Drivers apparently scanning packages as delivered before actual delivery, which may or may not happen due to traffic, shift competion, etc.
  2. This has happened to me in the past. A HAL rep told me that when one has a cruise booked, especially one such as GWV, etc., one is automatically removed from receiving promotional mail or email. This may or may not be fact (It is HAL, after all). I usually call to have that removal overridden, explaining that I often do cruise research for family and friends.
  3. That presumes that someone from HAL actually knows or cares. I think HAL and its employees have bigger worries than our belongings, regardless of how important they are to us.
  4. Thank you. As one who has shipped belongings transpacifc by freight in the past, I concur.
  5. I found the itinerary for Cunard's 2022 World instructive. We all know that the current HAL 2022 GWV itinerary is untenable and will undoubtedly have major changes if and when it sails.
  6. I am sorry, but after almost 5 months of self isolation due to age related risk, in the city with the highest case count in a state with one of the highest positivity rates and with nothing to look at but the beautiful, but unchanging, view out my condo window, it all sounds pretty darn good to me. Heck, the thought of someone else to cook and clean, and most importantly, access to an extensive wine cellar, even if mediocre, excites me.
  7. Which is why I will feel safer on a cruise ship than I do in my own condo building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, home to LSU and SEC football.
  8. January 2022 GWV; maybe 25% hopeful that it will go. Unlike many others, I feel like I may be safer on a ship that I am a mile from one of the premiere party schools in the nation. If nothing else, the booking at least gives me something else to think about rather than the hordes of inebriated, unmasked students I see massing on the street beneath my condo window.
  9. What are the best guesses for the whereabouts of the Zaandam in December 2021? I would book the Grand Africa + Grand World in a heartbeat if I could stay aboard in-between. I don't want to fly home for 3 weeks, nor do I want to stay in a hotel in Florida for same.
  10. Given the popularity of Lanai cabins and the Covid-19 emphasis on fresh air and access to the exterior in case of outbreaks or quarantines, what are the possibilities of the Zaandam receiving Lanais during her spring drydock?
  11. More concerned with possible melted chocolate, mildew, mold, or other musty smells; hence fumigation.
  12. Party already planned here. Since Linda and I live in small condos in a high rise building, we optimistically rented a storage locker for the month of September large enough to socially distance our luggage for fumigation and damage assessment. Much like in museums of today, our friends may make appointments to peer in the door at or take photos of our exotic luggage exhibit.
  13. Thank you, Bob, as always the voice of reason. Lonny
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