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  1. I would add generally a feeling of low ceilings, dark, oppressive decor everywhere except MDR, crowded indoor passageways, cabin storage requires bending for even a short person, and beats NCL for the most uncomfortable furniture at sea.
  2. Having been through this on the 2020 GWV, I would not wish it for myself nor anyone else. For that reason, I will stay home for the foreseeable future.
  3. I have found that adopting a "wine before food" mantra before ordering from the menu produces faster service from the wine stewards, probably because the staff assigned to my table then "encourage" the stewards so the staff may efficiently serve the table.
  4. NCL has the most uncomfortable furniture afloat for a 5'4" lady of a certain age. For my tastes and eating habits, I prefer the NCL buffet set up. Nothing more fun (but not Carnival style fun, just lots to do) than an NCL ship on a sea day. When I sail with my adult grandkids, I choose NCL; when solo, I choose HAL. 4* Mariner
  5. I find myself continually amazed by those who are doing just that. The hand writing has been on the wall for many months for those willing to see it.
  6. Check HAL website. Volendam and Zaandam cancelled through 2021.
  7. Special dinners in the Pinnacle: Guest Chef, Cellar Master, and Mystery! Sunday Brunch and the ever changing menu in the MDR. For sake of comparison, I am from New Orleans, where we have some of the best food in the world, so my standards are high.
  8. Since returning home from Australia and the prematurely ended 2020, I haven't had the enthusiasm to edit my signature, just as well since 2021 did not sail and I cancelled 2022. However, I have high hopes for 2023, even going so far as to book a couple of excursions.
  9. We solos have been agitating for this change in policy for a long time. Hope it is true!
  10. Add me to your mailing list, please.
  11. Post 2020 GWV, never mind Covid-19; for me it is all about logistics. The world (and the governments that control it) seems in an unstable place at the moment. I don't want to end up in another "You can't get there from here" situation.
  12. Along with the ever changing menus, the big surprises for me on the 2020 GWV were the many transformations of the MDR and Pinnacle into almost completely different venues with decor, lighting, staff uniforms, and tabletop accessories. Of particular note was the eerie effect of centerpieces and lighting in the MDR for the Easter Island dinner.
  13. I confess to early rising and early to bed, keeping farmer's hours, or military for that matter, has been a life long habit. However, as a solo cruiser of a certain age, I take many HAL excursions, and I would put my bar and specialty dining bill up against any couple!
  14. LOL. My children have threatened to have me microchipped in the past, as in "Does anyone know where our mother is?" uttered plaintively.
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