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  1. My 7 night Caribbean cruise in Nov can still be booked. Big difference for same 2A room with same 2 perks the price has gone up over $1300 for the two of us.
  2. 11 am is the safe bet. Before that you wait outside. Last Oct we were there at 10 am. The line was getting long and finally started letting us in to boarding area about 10:45. Had to wait until 11:10 to board the Summit. Last Jan we arrived at 1 pm and with no lines were on board in less than 15 mins.
  3. Our cruise this last January we purchased 4 photos at a cost of $100. Check on the unlimited digital package for our 2 up coming cruises. The 7 day this Nov is $199 and the 15 day Oct 2020 is $130. I just purchased this one.
  4. Sailed on Summit this past Oct and Jan. The only negative as already mentioned is lack of cover for sunset bar. Not only to get out of the sun but this past Jan there were frequent rain showers during the day which left only about 6 tables that kept dry. Staff had to rush to remove cushions and everyone moved tables under the dry area making the area extremely crowded to were you could barely get to the bar.. After a few minutes the sun comes out and the tables and chairs are all wet and not usable.
  5. Just off Summit last Oct. Dress code for main ding room is on Celebrity website and app. Even printed on the back of the Table Reservation card in cabin. Dress code I saw in MDR is as follows. I saw some men wearing ball caps, shorts and even flip flops. When I inquired about it to the maitre I was basically told they don't turn anyone away. It didn't affect our dinning experience. I wore pants with a nice button down shirt each night. In fact will be back on the Summit this coming Sat.
  6. It has always been for years that only registered boats were allowed in the marine park. You cannot just hire a boat to take you anywhere, it has to be a registered with the authorities. They are enforcing this. All registered boats will have a flag with their registration number on it. This will cut down on those abusing the system. Just wish the $2 per day park fee would stay on the island to preserve it vice going to MX city or other places.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Ship arrives Nov 2020. Had not thought about fog.
  8. Constellation docks at 8 am on a Sat. We have Global Entry and TSA precheck. Is a 11:55 flight to early. First time cruising out of Tampa.
  9. Title says it all. Just wondering which dive op they use since the excursion for diving just went on sale.
  10. Just checked for our Nov 14 sailing out of Tampa. It would cost $218.73 more with the only addition the WiFi. We don't get WiFi anyway so not worth it to us. Glad it worked for others.
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