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  1. Yes, I just booked. 1/2 day for my teens and it gave me a morning time or an afternoon. I think it was 8:30 or 1:30.
  2. Even when seas r rough on the oasis class u do not feel much. I too get sick and on oasis class it does not even bother me.
  3. We have been on breeze 3 times. One of our favorite ships. We have been on all oasis class ships except Symphony, which we will be on in June. Harmony is our all time favorite. U can’t even compare breeze to the oasis class. Royal entertainment is far superior to carnival. We are going on carnival Panarama next June. I definitely like carnival but find Royal to be classy and elegant.
  4. Just like Labadee. Nothing great
  5. Looking to book breeze for the 4th time. We have not been on Carnival in a good 3 years. We have been on all oasis class royal ships lately. Does Carnival have a dining package? If so do they have specials you can buy before sailing like royal does?
  6. renza

    Best buggy tours

    We have been to Cozumel many times, this time we are looking for a great buggy tour, fun and dirty would be fun. Any recommendations
  7. Just got off oasis Sunday. A waiter in chops that has been on her since day one says there is a 5 year contract with CATS. So technically they have to keep it till sometime in 2020. So many complaints on cats. Everyone left after first half. I stayed, not sure why. Not one I would see again.
  8. More than fine. I get off the ships by 9 and I am home by 10:15 in west palm beach.
  9. They will have no problem doing just once a day.
  10. I personally dislike both boardwalk and CP balconies. I feel like I am living in a apartment complex with zero privacy. I love going out, watching us dock and having my PJs on, and not having to worry about getting dressed first to go out. Only ocean view balcony for me.
  11. I got it for $70 on Oasis for March 3rd. Then I got BOGO for $40. So for $110 I have 5 nights.
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