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  1. A very interesting article. Thanks for sharing. I always thought that when out walking in the neighbourhood and people feel you need to cross the street instead of simply passing someone walking in the opposite direction on the sidewalk was a bit much. Good to know...get in the grocery store, grab your stuff, get out in under an hour, mission accomplished (relatively safely)
  2. I cannot speak for others, but I was happy that the group representatives actually CALLED ME and I did not have to call RCCL to request the refund. I was also very happy the refund was applied directly to my credit card and it showed up a day before my monthly bill came in so I did not have to pay out $6000 to cover the monthly bill, only to have the cruise credit appear on the next statement as a credit. Guess I got lucky this time around (other than having my cruise cancelled on me).
  3. Sounds like I may be one of the lucky ones. We were to have a group sail on the Adventure of the Seas on March 14th. We made it as far as the Detroit airport on the 13th before finding out the cruise had been cancelled. We got a call on March 25th and 26th from the RCCL group department asking if we wanted a refund or FCC. We chose the refund. The full refund appeared on my credit card on April 3rd.
  4. I should have simply answered it and said, "THE CRUISE WAS LACKING IN MANY WAYS"
  5. If you find it funny that you can still access your cancelled cruise on the app prior to it happening...We were cancelled on the day before our cruise as we were about to board our plane to Florida. For the next 8 days, we received nightly reminders in the Royal App for our dinner reservations that evening. Then to top it off, the day of disembarkation, they sent us a survey to complete about our cruise.
  6. I was wondering if RCCL would be gracious enough to grant points for cruises they cancelled on us. Guess this answers my question (for now). I could not make any use of their 125% FCC offer (I would have actually got back less than I paid for my previous cruise due to how they split up the FCC among guests and how often we cruise). I was hoping they would at least give us credit for "taking" the cruise when it was them who cancelled on us. Fingers crossed they do not claw back the points. First March break in 10 years for us we were stuck at home. As for weight, I am the opposite of you. I usually gain a pound per day on the cruise, but I have actually lost 15 pounds in the past 15 days (not eating as much since I am busy doing home renovations and skip lunch each day).
  7. Funny how companies TAKE your money within seconds and it is withdrawn from your bank account, but when they are processing a refund TO you, it often takes 10 BUSINESS days.
  8. Does anybody know if you accept the offer for the 125% future cruise credit based on the amount of the fare you lost due to the cancelled cruises, what happens to the port fees and taxes you previously paid? Is is refunded to your credit card? Do they tack that amount onto your FCC? I have heard people saying that you cannot apply FCC to the port fees and taxes on a future cruise, but if they tack the previously paid port fees and taxes onto your FCC, I do not know why they would not be permitted to pay the port fees and taxes on an upcoming cruise. I do not feel like waiting online for hours with RCCL, so if anybody knows this answer, I would appreciate your guidance.
  9. The ship we were set to sail on today left Port Everglades about an hour and a half ago (sadly without us or any other passengers). Not sure where she is going, but they must need the terminal for a ship coming in tomorrow to disembark.
  10. Otherwise companies like HAL might as well cash out now and fold the company
  11. but due to the Jones' Act, I thought they had to make port on atleast one other non-US location before being permitted back to the US to disembark. Guess there could be a lot of sea days with a day in either Labadee or Coco Cay.
  12. Any word on if they plan to make this a permanent policy or is it just till this current corona issue is resolved? Just wondering because our in-laws (the same ones who just had their cruise cancelled for today with us) are booked to travel with us next March and it would apply to them.
  13. I am guessing that all that money they had planned to put into those destination island stops around the world like Coco Cay will likely be put on hold. I wonder what it will mean for the building of new ships that have not already begun. I would not be surprised to see those new builds be pushed back a few years for their delivery dates.
  14. We have 5 in a cabin, so that is not really an option since we do not want to upgrade to a suite. We will have many questions. I will message them to you - can it be split between different sailings, what if people sharing the cabin were from different families and one wants credit and the other refund, is the credit assigned for anyone to use in that cabin or does each person have a credit allotted (one will not be able to use it since this was her last family trip before university), can you assign credit to another family member on a future cruise when they sail with you, etc.
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