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  1. Looks like they did that on the recently refurbished Navigator, so hopefully the Oasis will get the same type of overhaul.
  2. I was looking at the Harmony vs. Oasis for Ontario March Break week 2021 as well but Oasis was considerably less than the Harmony when I booked last week on the Oasis. Looks from your signature like you booked the Harmony in March 2021. If the Royal Amp photos from the Navigator are anything like what they plan to do on the Oasis, I am happy that I booked the Oasis. Can't wait to see what they do to her in her 8 week drydock this fall. Hopefully they kill the Cats and bring another show aboard.
  3. Fantastic photos and insight into what the "new" Navigator looks like. So much different than when we sailed her only one year ago. Amazing what 6 weeks and $115 million dollars does. Just booked the Oasis for a future cruise and am very excited to see what RCCL does to the Oasis during it's EIGHT week drydock this fall.
  4. Nice looking cabin. Pretty ugly looking stripper pole at the end of the bed though.
  5. Try multiplying your number by 3 because I had 6 in a family cabin. Then try multiplying that by 1.35 for our Canadian exchange rate. That is $1130 Canadian for the Key for 7 days. No thanks.
  6. How To Train Your Dragon is a DreamWorks series of movies. I know we have seen other DreamWorks movies like The Croods and previous How To Train Your Dragon when we were on the RCCL ships before and it was about the same time they were released in the movie theatres. They often played it in the theatre in 3D on the Freedom on our past cruises during the daytime, and some movies late at night in the theatre as well. Other older movies were shown poolside in the evenings. I knew that RCCL's association with DreamWorks is ending at the end of this month, so I was thinking they were going to slowly pull opportunities on the ship to associate with DreamWorks, like the movies. That is why I was asking in this forum to see if anyone who had been on a cruise recently had knowledge of this.
  7. My kids have asked to go see the new How to Train Your Dragon movie. We board the Freedom in a week's time and I know that RCCL has a partnership with Dreamworks (for now...). I know in the past they have had the newer Dreamworks movies playing in the ship's theatre during the cruise. Just wondering if anyone can comment if this movie is on the RCCL ships at all now, specifically on the Freedom.
  8. Russ Lomas

    Darkwood Beach

    Website is https://www.facebook.com/Swash-Water-Park-1656377034480622/ A recent post on TripAdvisor says that it is $30 for one hour for an adult. Far too pricy in my mind. Our local indoor waterpark only charges about $16 for an entire day and they have a flowrider. I will avoid Darkwood just so my kids don't see this thing and beg to go on it. We will do one of the other pristine beaches in Antigua instead.
  9. Agree 100%. RCCL needs to enforce this better. Last year on the Navigator, we had people vaping in the MDR at the table beside us (told the head waiter and he kept a close eye on it and spoke to them when he actually witnessed it himself). Also sat right behind someone vaping during the ice show and right behind another person vaping in the theatre. Seems like the late teen to mid 20's crowd were vaping all over the ship. RCCL needs to enforce their policies much tighter Agreed. I do not feel it should be my job to have to tell RCCL employees to do their job properly and enforce these rules. On land there are penalties for smoking/vaping outside of designated areas. The ships need to do the same.
  10. As many others have said, the ship will be the destination, not the Bahamas for you. There are other islands I would rather travel to (Nassau is not my favourite, but we have had a couple of decent visits there in the past). You will love the Symphony and all it has to offer. Heck, you may love it so much, you do not even get off the ship. Even better than a sea day because lots of cruisers will get off the ship and there would be less people on board if you decided to stay aboard. We are looking at an Oasis class ship that does the Bahamas, but more so we can enjoy the ship. The main reason we prefer to miss the Bahamas is we prefer the more southern islands where there is a better chance of warmer weather (we always cruise in March). If you are hitting the Bahamas in the summer, it would be fine. If you are there in the winter months, it could be nice and warm or a little cooler than those other more southern islands. Final word, enjoy the Symphony. Your "friend" will be at home and I am sure you will be having a better time on your vacation than they will be at home.
  11. I always thought it was not very good in the MDR...until our cruise last March on the Navigator. It was OUTSTANDING! Hoping they changed the recipe and that it is as good on the Freedom when we are on her in 2 weeks. I am amazed at how they will go out of their way to prepare food for you to make you happy. 2 years ago I hated the Banana Baileys Creme Brulee and I told them that. Every night after that, they brought me a specially made one true to how it should be made (no mashed bananas in it) without me even asking for one. In regards to the cold soups, mention it to your waiter that you would like one each night (after that 1st night) and you will get one every night. Different each night. We were told the chef has that request fairly often and prepares a different cold soup every night, it is just not advertised on the menu. If your waiter does not promise to get it for you for the following night, mention it to the Head Waiter when he checks in at your table. You will be happy you mentioned it.
  12. We mentioned on our cruise last March that we missed the cold soups. They brought us a different one every night of our cruise after the 1st night after hearing this. Just ask them and you likely receive even though they are not on the menu.
  13. Still sounds like you get a lot of good perks for absolutely no extra money. Great deal if you ask me. How anybody could complain that the cabin is not big enough for 2 people is beyond me. Not sure what type of cabin they are used to (mini-suites and larger?) They are a standard inside cabin size, which we have never had issues with. My in-laws are in the Ben & Jerry SWEET on the Freedom in 2 weeks and I look forward to seeing it.
  14. Not sure who told you to check at the port. If it was a travel agent, I would not trust them with my business. Ships sail full and you will not have any opportunity to switch cabins when arriving at the pier, as others here have stated. Always book what you are comfortable with since you will not be getting the chance to "upgrade" when you arrive at the pier. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. Same cruise we are doing next March on the Adventure (other than hitting St. Thomas instead of St. Kitts). Thanks so much writing this review.
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