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  1. We would be fine with getting the vaccination before cruising. Our question is, what will happen if they mandate the vaccination to cruise but we have not been offered the opportunity to get the vaccination yet? I am sure this will come up, especially for people in countries that do not have as quick access to the vaccine as others. Also, what happens for children who they will not give the vaccine to since there has not been significant testing on children yet? Will they ban children from cruising? Probably not the best decision for a family cruise line.
  2. I have donated blood here in Canada right through the pandemic. Masks had to stay on for the entire time in there. You were not even permitted to remove it to have cookies and juice after donating. You had to wait to eat and drink until after you left the building.
  3. That would be great if they did that. We have friends in that same situation who cancelled the March Adventure 2020 cruise and just got 100% of the value for the FCC since they themselves cancelled before the sailing was cancelled. They have a daughter who will not be able to use her portion of the FCC since she will be off to university in September. If they can get her FCC applied to them (the parents paid for the cruise anyways, so it never should have been an issue for a minor transferring their FCC) to the parents, they may join us on the Odyssey for 2022 March.
  4. That is fantastic news that leftover FCC from one guest can now be used on the other guests. This was the main reason we took the refund instead of FCC. I wonder if RCCL is doing this in response to so many people opting for the refund and not the FCC with the extension of cancellations and they want to keep the money from those reservations to keep the company going until sailings resume? The only other issue I had with FCC before is that we had one individual in our cabin who will be going off to university so there is no way she would have been able to use her allocated FCC be
  5. That would be transparent pricing provided to the customer...it will never happen. Also sucks that you have to enter all the personal information for all guests before being given the option of seeing the refundable pricing option.
  6. Just make sure they washie washie it before using on the next passenger
  7. Only good thing for our 8-day in August, which will not be permitted to sail under CDC guidelines, is that the same 6/8-day pattern starts on the Indy for June, so when they tell the June cruisers what will be happening, it will likely apply to our August Indy cruise as well, which should be well before final payment deadline.
  8. First come, first serve. Room 6305 on Freedom, Liberty and Independence. It usually sells quickly since many on this forum know about that cabin. Book it when it first is available, or keep checking back if you really want it in case someone cancels it. If you do not mind the crummy view of the cow's butts and you are OK with deck 6 (we like deck 7 promenade rooms better - view and a bit less noise), then go for it if you can get it. Great perks at no extra cost.
  9. Used to get access to the suite lounge? Our in-laws got access to in on the Freedom 3 years ago when we had it booked for our in-laws. Has that perk changed?
  10. RCCL does already offer refundable deposits. That is what we always book. You just have to wait til the last pages of booking online to click that box (price usually goes up about $50 per person, but for us has actually been less than the NRD on a few cruises and gone down). Alternatively, use a good travel agent and it is really easy to just ask them for the refundable rate. RCCL typically goes after the family market. Most of them do 7 or 8 days maximum when cruising. If you want longer cruises, you have to go to the cruise lines that typically have older clientele. RCCL doe
  11. That is why we took the full refund for our two cancelled cruises over FCC
  12. Those who were eligible for the switch were wise to do so. Unfortunately, those of us with cruises for summer 2021 that may be affected (nothing longer than 7 days or B2B) do not have the option of L&S to summer of 2022. If we did, lots would likely take advantage of it. Glad you were able to do it for your cruise. It does not matter what June 2021 will look like. If the CDC has guidelines that no cruises are permitted that are longer than 7 days until the fall of 2021, then the longer cruises will be altered. All the OP is wanting is for Royal to make a decision on how
  13. Please don't let it be Cats...That's the only good thing about our recently cancelled cruise for March on the Oasis, missing Cats (Sorry John)😜
  14. Problem for us for our March 2021 cruise, which I cancelled a few days ago, is we live in southern Ontario and always fly from Detroit (or Buffalo), not Toronto. Prices are much better, flight time options are better, the US airports are less chaotic. For this reason, I had already previously purchased tickets Detroit to Fort Lauderdale, but I am not permitted to drive 2 hours to the Detroit airport for my flight to Florida, but I can drive the same 2 hours in the opposite direction to Toronto for my flight to the same destination. I purchased these flights many months ago when w
  15. I would be pretty bummed if I got a test done in Ontario, did not get the results back immediately, flew to Florida and still had no results when the ship was set to sail. A lot of stress. I know people who have had tests done and did not get results back for over 2 weeks. People I know who have had them done lately get them back in a few days now. Still worrisome.
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