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  1. 1 hour ago, espmass said:

    I realize this might be a silly question, but my cruise is booked for October 5 2024 and the site shows check in starts August 21.  Does that mean today or does it mean August 21, 2024?  Thanks. 

    That's a fair question!   We keep getting emails about our cruise for NEXT September that make it sound like urgent action is needed now!  

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  2. There are no “special tips or tricks” because being first on board is not a “thing” in a passenger’s control.

    Times are assigned to keep the embarkation process orderly.  There is no “rope drop” like in the parks, if that is what you are imagining?

    Now…being first to the “soft serve” machine is something I DO a know a thing or two about!  🤣🤣🤣


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  3. 5 hours ago, poeticlicensed said:

    We are planning a TA for fall 2024. Will be traveling around Southern Europe prior to sailing so the goal is to pack light. Will do all our laundry prior to sailing. We've never taken a cruise longer than 7 days. I know there's a laundry service for a fee and I've read that on long sailings there is a laundry by the bag offer. How much does that cost and how much laundry can a bag fit? I'm also concerned about having enough clothing to dress for dinner for 2 weeks. We discovered on our last trip to Europe that less is better in terms of dragging luggage around Europe, on trains and such. I literally started looking at Princess because they have self service washers, until hubby said i was nuts to base a decision about a cruise on a washing machine. Seriously how do you all do it for long cruises? 

    Do your laundry at your pre-cruise hotel the night before the cruise.

    If you pack 7 days worth of clothes for a 14 day TA, that will be plenty and you shouldn’t “need” to do laundry again on the ship!


    Remember…many of those days are at sea and you will likely just have a bathing suit or lounging outfit on every day.

    2-3 alternating outfits for dinner is all you need!


    Many folks bring a small pack of detergent and wash some underwear in the sink and hang it to dry if needed!

    Enjoy your cruise and save the laundry chores for when you get back home!  😃👍

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  4. On 5/3/2023 at 5:30 PM, mkcurran said:

    Finding the answer to this question is harder than it should be for me. But sometimes I make life difficult on myself.

    Can I buy some water to be in my cabin upon embarkation? 

    No…but you can bring some on…or get it included when you order a drink package and just take extra to your cabin as needed!


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  5. 2 hours ago, Mrdell said:

    I had to go into “ edit check in” and then was able to download all my cruise documents… that was the only way I could access them…. Good luck 

    Same here!

    First time that ever happened to us!  

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  6. Whether it is a “good deal” is debatable, but it is a nice option!  🤷🏻‍♂️

    With “Free at Sea” we got two specialty meals when we booked.

    We are Platinum and get 2 more specialty meals when we board.

    We took advantage of this offer for my folks who are traveling with us and not yet Platinum, so they could enjoy another 2 specialty meals with us!   😃

  7. No discounts either way.  ☹️

    It’s not a “good deal” for sure….but it’s a major convenience! 👍

    We get 24 and split between our two cabins for the week.

    Just specify the first day as your delivery day and it should be in your cabin when you board or shortly after!

  8. 4 hours ago, The Traveling Man said:

    There are lots and lots of positive reasons for upgrading.  The question, though, was if there were any downsides.  The only one that comes to my mind is that you don't get to select your specific cabin location.  There really aren't any terrible locations for any of the Haven rooms, but some are better than others, and you don't have any say in which one you are assigned.  Overall, though, it definitely is worth it.

    The Traveling Man beat me to it!  Your location is chosen for you, and sometimes the “upgrade” is not where you wanted to be.

    I guess another “down side” could be that if you bid and are upgraded, you can’t say no…the upgrade is yours and charged to you.

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  9. While this announcement have been too late for a lot of us who made last minute cruise arrangements before the deadline, one thing is for sure….this guarantees that NCLs prices will be higher than ever for at least another full year.

    It almost doesn’t make sense to book another cruise with them without FCCs, which lost a LOT of value this past year.  ☹️

  10. Good Sunday afternoon all!

    I was not able to locate this info anywhere on my own, so would appreciate a pointin the right direction of some personal experiences.


    At one point during our cruise planning, on of us thought we read that it was now mandatory to book an NCL shore excurison to leave the ship at each port.

    Is that still true (if ever?)...or is it possible to still get off the ship and shop at the port markets and/or go to the beach?


    Wanted to check as its been a while, and we have generally just visited each port city on our own without a formal excursion.

    Thanks for the assist!  👍


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