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  1. The FLL Hilton Garden Inn has this on their website. It's pretty clear... are you saying this is false?


    Miami Cruise Package


    Sail away with the Hilton Garden Inn Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport on your dream vacation.




    Our Port of Miami Cruise Package includes :

    • Overnight accommodations at our hotel
    • Package includes parking at our hotel while on your cruise
    • Package includes breakfast buffet
    • Package includes transportation to Port of Miami at 10:30am local time

    There is no return transport after cruise with this package. shim.gifSpecial Offer Dates:shim.gifMay. 18, 2009 - May. 18, 2010shim.gifRates:shim.gifFrom 149/night USD



    I just checked on this and, as expected, you are paying MORE for this room than a regular room at the hotel, so the cost is built in.

    The Miami Cruise Package rooms are at least $30 more per night than the same room without the transportation to Miami.


    If you stay there more than one night, it is costing you more than booking a shuttle. Of course, the more people in the room, the better the deal if you all split the costs. :D


    The downside is the rooms for our dates in April were $197 (plus tax of course) per night! :eek: I got a similar room at another hotel on Priceline for $70 per night, and was able to rent a car for 3 days for less than one night of the "crusie deal" room at the Garden Inn.


    Just reporting what I found. Good Luck with whatever you choose!

  2. Anyone know if there is a hotel in FLL that will provide free transport to Miami Port??




    You'll have to pay to get to Miami, and there are many options.


    Some hotels charge for the service, or there are shuttle, town car, and limo services that will be able to transport you.


    Another option is renting a car and driving down.


    Good Luck!

  3. It's been a couple years since we visited Fort Lauderdale and I need a refresher on ground transportation from our Hotel in Plantation (Hampton Inn) to The Port in Miami and then back to FLL after our cruise.


    We hired a limo last time because there was a bigger group of us, which worked out great, but this time there is only 2 of us. Any suggestions?


    The main consideration is whether we can find someone to pick us up at the Hotel or if we will need to go back to FLL first to get a ride to the Port of Miami.


    THANKS! Your feedback is appreciated! :)

  4. Heading back to Key West in April on the Imagination and can't wait to get back to the Blonde Giraffe for some pie!


    Truth be told...our itinerary was picked for the ports with restaurants we like to eat at most this time! HAHA!



  5. What better place to replenish any snacks, soda, batteries, memory cards, etc you might need or had forgotten.


    Also...if tis cooler than you thoguht it might be, yo know they'll have sweatshirts or jackets for you. Also...for those who forgot to bring a bathing suit...(you all know who you are!!!) :eek:


    A visit to a Walmart while on vacation is generally not out of boredom or curiosity, but of necessity!

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  6. Take the Trolley!


    It does all the same stuff the Conch Train does, but it allows on and off privileges at every stop! The Conch Train does not!


    Why spend time walking around looking for stuff when the Trolley will take you right to it?!?!


    No matter what anyone says, 7-2 is plenty of time to see Key West, do some shopping, eat lunch, buy some Key Lime Pie, and move on to your next port!





  7. Do you remember what stop it is or what is close to it so we can get off.


    It will be on th trolley map they give you when you buy your tickets, but to be sure, just ask the driver and they will tell you when to exit during the tour!





  8. I saw that on the Food Network too but couldn't remember the name of the place. Thanks so much for posting. We'll be going there in January.


    Hey YEARNIN'! :)


    Don't miss it! It was awesome!


    There is an "Old Town Trolley" stop right near there, and they have an info desk set up where the person can point out the building to you from there! Just a short stroll down the street.


    I'm still craving another one of those frozen key lime pies on a stick things!!!



  9. We just got back from our trip to Key West on the Radiance last week and have to throw in a plug for the most delicious dessert we've ever had.....ANYWHERE!


    We took the Old Town Trolley and got off at the stop that is nearest a place called "THE BLOND GIRAFFE KEY LIME PIE FACTORY". We had seen it on a Food Network Special program about food in Key West and wanted to check it out.


    Sure, you can watch the ladies making 100's of Key Lime Pies through the windows in the store, but the best treat ever was.....Frozen Chocolate Covered Key Lime Pie......ON A STICK! :D


    It was absolutely amazing and we both wanted to eat more than one if we could have!


    They start out with a Key Lime Pie....stick it in the freezer.....cut it in slices.....then put a stick in it and dip it in chocolate and freeze it again! It's like an ice cream sucker, only with a slice of delicious creamy Key Lime Pie inside!


    I highly recommend trying it on your next visit to Key West!


    I want some RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!! :(

  10. Being our first cruise, we opted to prepay for the tips on our Royal Caribbean cruise next month.


    The main reason was that it was so much easier to budget it in with the whole cost, pay it in advance, and not have to worry about coming up with more money during the cruise. I like knowing it is already taken care of!


    The only thing I plan on tipping for now is Room Service, if we use it, and maybe for any crew member who does an exceptional job for us.


    It will feel a lot more like an "all-inclusive" to us without having bills to pay at the end!



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