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  1. AGREED! ROCKUMENTARY was the entertainment highlight of the cruise for sure!!
  2. Any feedback on the entertainment and evening shows? We’re sailing in March and the bands/shows are not even mentioned on the app for our sailing!
  3. Why is Disney so expensive? Because people keep paying the price! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. That's a fair question! We keep getting emails about our cruise for NEXT September that make it sound like urgent action is needed now!
  5. There are no “special tips or tricks” because being first on board is not a “thing” in a passenger’s control. Times are assigned to keep the embarkation process orderly. There is no “rope drop” like in the parks, if that is what you are imagining? Now…being first to the “soft serve” machine is something I DO a know a thing or two about! 🤣🤣🤣 ENJOY YOUR CRUISE!!
  6. That’s where pre-planning comes into play. Every one we book has laundry facilities for this very reason!
  7. Do your laundry at your pre-cruise hotel the night before the cruise. If you pack 7 days worth of clothes for a 14 day TA, that will be plenty and you shouldn’t “need” to do laundry again on the ship! Remember…many of those days are at sea and you will likely just have a bathing suit or lounging outfit on every day. 2-3 alternating outfits for dinner is all you need! Many folks bring a small pack of detergent and wash some underwear in the sink and hang it to dry if needed! Enjoy your cruise and save the laundry chores for when you get back home! 😃👍
  8. No…but you can bring some on…or get it included when you order a drink package and just take extra to your cabin as needed!
  9. Thanks for sharing your review! We’ll be on the Fantasy for the first time in September and found your comments very informative! 👍😃
  10. Remember…EVERYTHING is “included”…if you select and pay for it! 👍
  11. Same here! First time that ever happened to us! 🤷‍♂️
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