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  1. What about Cap’n Crunch? Nobody calls him Captain Berries!
  2. Thank You! I was confusing Holland America, I think, where we actually could buy a physical gift card to "swipe" for each purchase. Appreciate the quick reply! 👍
  3. Do they have "physical plastic gift cards" to use....or is it just a credit on the room bill? Thanks!
  4. The only issue is......THEY APPEAR TO BE INHABITED BY GHOSTS!!! 🤣
  5. Hello All! When purchasing On-Board Credit online through the Celebrity Bon Voyage Department, is there an option to order for different cabins during the ordering process? I was hoping to buy some for all 3 of our booked cabins in one transaction, but made it to checkout page and didn't want to proceed until I found out. Otherwise, I suppose I would need to do 3 separate transactions? Also, will they give each room a physical "gift card" to use for purchases, or is it just a credit on their bill? I'm wondering how the other cabins will know we are surprising them with some credit to use (without me having to awkwardly explain it to them) ?? Thanks so much! 🙂
  6. Let us know what you find!!
  7. Ask before you book on the ship! The courses are listed on the show menu and are prepared and "timed" to be served at different points in the show....which leads to the next "tasting". The meal started out with a salad, but I don't recall if they offered a vegetarian entree or not! We loved it!
  8. We did it on the Breakaway earlier this month. What a fun addition to the programming! It's about 75 minutes long, and you eat your lunch (salad, rolls, steak, and shrimp) while the musical is being presented. Within the musical script, you will be told which of the 5 wines to taste, how to "sniff, swish, and spit", and all about the characteristics of the wine you are tasting. With the dessert course, a 6th glass of sparkling dessert wine is served to coincide with the finale of the show. It was cute and well done! Sharp-eyed cruisers will recognize the performers from the "Rock of Ages" cast! I fun way to spend an afternoon! And for those of yo not used to drinking 3 or more glasses of wine with lunch...ENJOY YOUR MID-AFTERNOON NAP IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING!!
  9. Guest Services Desk as soon as you board. GOOD LUCK!
  10. I agree! Having to schedule dinners and shows so far in advance - just to be able to actually get them - takes some of the fun out of a vacation for me, too! Don't worry about not having all of your dinner reservations finalized before the cruise. You can always cancel, make, or change them on the ship! We are just off the Breakaway Transatlantic, and we found there to be openings in most restaurants every night by checking the lighted touch screen boards all over the ship. It's easy to see what's available and reserve a table at any of them! (I can't speak for Teppanyaki, as we would never go there anyway, but I see some folks posting that this fills up quick if you really want to go there!) We managed to get into everything we wanted with no trouble at all. The only time to book in advance is if it is for a special occasion....or you simply must be someplace on a specific night. FULL DISCLOSURE: While we GOT every meal and show we wanted, there are still venues on the Breakaway that ALWAYS required waiting in line for an hour - even if you have reserved seats! (I'm talking to YOU, Headliners, Breakaway Theater, and Speigel Tent!!!) 😠 HAVE FUN and ENJOY YOUR CRUISE!
  11. It was an amazing crossing and re-entry into NY! About midnight the light rain stopped and the air cleared up so we could see the lights from the City very clearly. Shortly after passing under the bridge, we got great shots of the Statue of Liberty and the City skyline on the way to the Pier. Sailing in or out of NY is always a "goose-bump-inducing" experience, but the (very) early morning entry was spectacular! We were at the dock and safely secured by about 2AM -- just enough time to catch 4 hours of sleep before breakfast and disembarkation!
  12. Just one copy per cabin will work! All the info for BOTH guests is in the bar code they scan on the Cruise Docs! HAVE FUN!
  13. BREAKAWAY = NO STRAWS! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I didn't have time to read through all of the posts, but we just got back from the Trans-Atlantic cruise and wanted to confirm for the Breakaway. Incidentally, we knew this ahead of time and brought our own straws. We were the most popular folks at the bar as we freely shared our paper straws with anyone who asked! (They are so cheap and easy to pack and carry!) The severs at dinners almost always noticed and commented about the straws to us, saying what a smart idea it was to research and bring our own. I could tell they were tired of having to explain the "no straws" policy to diners every day! HAHA!
  14. I can't speak for your experience of 3 years ago, but we are just off the Breakaway Trans-Atlantic and our experience was that Cagney's and LeBistro were both excellent! LaCucina had just (the very day we dined there) instituted a new "less Olive Garden-ish" menu that we thought was an improvement, but heard others complaining because there was no lasagna or chicken am on the menu. Incidentally, our meal at LaCucina was our least favorite of the 4, but also the most expensive if actually paid for "a la cart" with cash...which would not have been worth it! Also....Don't worry about not having all of your reservations finalized before the cruise, as we found there to be openings in most restaurants every night by checking the touch screen boards all over the ship. By scanning your room key, its easy to see what's available and reserve a table at any of them! HAVE FUN!!!
  15. PayPal is the way to go to avoid this situation in the future. I was a late-comer to using it, but it’s really the easiest and best way to go! Once your transportation or tour is arranged, the first (X) number of people to pay via PayPal get to go on the tour. Others miss out. If they are serious, the money is in your account the same day....then you can post about any available spaces you might still have left for others. GOOD LUCK!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  16. First response and still best answer! On hour to spare = ZERO minutes when traveling for a cruise! Something as simple as, fog, the arrival gate not being empty when you land, luggage taking longer than usual, walking the wrong direction, local transportation strike, or ANYTHING that goes wrong is likely to take up that whole “hour to spare” you were counting on. Take the advice of many here and change your plans to arrive earlier. Hopefully you’ve already done so by now! GOOD LUCK! :)
  17. If the airline changed your flight time, they should be able to get you an earlier flight instead of a later one for no extra charge. Just call them instead of waiting around for an answer here. That’s been our experience every time, which happens frequently when we book far in advance!
  18. I hear ya! Though was not addressing my comment to any specific post, as it’s just the way NCL (and others) work sometime. I honestly think the Customer Service reps simply don’t know the answers. They were told HOW it works, but not how to address the exceptions. In our experience (and others on CC), they still have trouble getting specialty dinners and excursions booked and billed properly, so I expected a longer learning curve when the “bidding war” was introduced. Hopefully they’ll figure it out in time. Or at least have a unified reply for those who inquire! [emoji6]
  19. As with any other new program, the glitches still need to get worked out. I’m not sure why so many people are getting upset with the system, when a few months ago the option didn’t even exist! HAHA! Oh well..... One thing is for sure, they need to fix the “spa” issue because that last thing any of us want is an over-crowded spa areas caused by double bookings!! Now THAT would be a tragedy! HAHA! “Innovation without pain is just luck.” - ME
  20. My guess is you are reading about the hallway crowds after a show lets out. This can be avoided by 1) staying out of hallways outside entertainment venues, or 2) wait in the theater for 10 minutes after the show ends to leave! We’ve been on the EPIC twice and never experienced such crowds, though I suspect the complaints are coming from the same folks who are surprised by the bathroom layouts! Haha! RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR CRUISE! We love the EPIC!!
  21. GREAT PICS, BIRD TRAVELS!! Thanks for sharing!!! [emoji106][emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  22. Yep! And I have most of them blocked already! Haha! Guess we’re in the minority of being raised on the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” rule? BE NICE PEOPLE! Even Cruise Critic gets the life sucked out of it by those people sometimes....and we ALL have at least one thing in common - a love for cruising!! Now.....back to the original post.... Hope it all works out for everyone!! [emoji2][emoji106]☀️
  23. Has anyone on the 10/2 cruise reported winning anything yet? I haven’t seen any posts about bid upgrades yet from that sailing....
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