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  1. Thanks Chengkp75! I appreciate your help. With the door closed but not locked my wife enjoys air conditioning inside and I don’t hear snoring outside 🙂
  2. Certainly don't want to upset my cabin mate/wife! Important question in regards to my wife... if the door is not locked will that affect the air conditioning inside the cabin? Whitshel... that is a picture of one happy and relaxed cruiser!
  3. If I need to reimburse Royal I will be happy to do that in 30 days... ...60 days ....definitely 90 days ...after 120 days I’ll contact my accounting department 😉
  4. Thanks Ourusualbeach! Good idea w/ the C-clamps.
  5. We are having a discussion about a family member sleeping in a hammock on our Allure balcony next summer. Does the door to the balcony open from inside and out, or could the balcony person theoretically get locked out? If the door remained unlocked or slightly opened would that affect the air conditioning inside the room? Hopefully we'll be cruising next summer! Until then... questions like this come up 🙂
  6. Still waiting for refund. Now at the 120+ day mark. They were gracious enough to refund $211 last week (was told total refund would be $1900). Remainder is still "processing" per Royal.
  7. Hmmm... Good point Pumbaamd! I hadn't thought of that. Yes, anything is possible. Keeping Grandeur in Baltimore a while longer would be great!
  8. Will do! Thanks Biker. I'll let you know how the next call goes.
  9. Thanks Biker... That's what I thought. Realizing that I may never see this money again, I asked if I could use the "refund" money toward another cruise instead. Not asking for the 125%, just the money that was suppose to be refunded. I was told "no" by the RCI rep on the phone, as well as a supervisor who said "unfortunately the refund is in process. It can't be used for future cruises". Frustrating, since scheduled on this cruise did receive refunds, and future cruise certs. Unfortunately, many of us have not received either.
  10. We have been waiting on a refund for our Grandeur cruise since March 20th. In May we contacted RCI who said refunds are taking longer than expected. Yesterday June 14th I called again. I was told our refund was rejected by our bank on May 3rd. Huh? RCI rep fumbled for words when I asked why it was rejected. She eventually said it might be because the amount is so large (approx $2000) some banks will reject it. Really? Bank of America would think $2000 is an excessively high refund? She proceeded to say it has been resubmitted, and she will contact RCI accounting about this. Has anyone ever encountered this? This sounds too bizarre... even for RCI.
  11. We are still waiting on our 3/7 Grandeur refund also. Our initial call was 3/19. We called Royal about this last week (5/1), and they said due to the high volume of refunds it was just beginning to be processed. They expected it would take another 30 days.
  12. Healthcare workers may not have a choice if they wish to keep their job. Unfortunately medicine is a big business.
  13. This was part of the email we received from Royal this evening... Below, please find our revised itinerary. Given the situation and the change of itinerary, below are some options we’ve prepared for you. Option 1: If you choose to sail, we’ll provide you with a credit to spend onboard! $250 USD for Interior, Ocean View, and Balcony staterooms | $450 USD for Suites. This credit is refundable and can be used anywhere onboard. Any unused amounts will be refunded back to your credit card on file about 3 - 5 business days after the sailing ends. Any pre-paid Royal Caribbean International shore excursions for the original ports of call will be refunded back to your original form of payment in the next few days. Then, feel free to browse all the exciting shore excursion options for your revised sailing in Cruise Planner!
  14. The 9 night Adventure cruise on June 4th also has a new itinerary: Boston, Portland, Bar Harbor, and an overnight in Bermuda.
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