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  1. 2013 Transatlantic Barcelona-Miami Serenity
  2. Montreal/Lauderdale repositioning 2017 Serenity
  3. Being on the Ocean Being completely relaxed “Cruise mode”
  4. Keith, I have thoroughly enjoyed following along and between the politics and coronavirus it was an especially nice escape to read your reports and admire the photos this year! Was fun seeing it on Facebook too. The salads from the last two days really look special:)) Am I remembering correctly that you had a lot of rain last time you were there? Kudos to you and your positive attitude . Thanks for giving all of us our Crystal infusions while we’re not sailing . Ken
  5. Wow! Sounds like a great adventure. Thanks for the review and comparisons
  6. Looking forward to your reports and blog. Love the “new style” and pictures. Happy Holidays! Ken
  7. SO much fun! What’s up Doc and Green Acres too, I can hardly contain myself. Wonderful Ken
  8. We had A Pina Colada and a milkshake with the new paper straws and thought they held up well with no bad taste. Also noticed bamboo sticks with drink garnishes instead of the mini plastic swords etc. great initiative!!!
  9. If I’m not mistaken there are usually a few sugar free options at marketplace during lunch, may be a good time to sample some. We always say no dessert with lunch but.....lol. It is nice that most of them are practically bite size sugar free or not.
  10. Vince Please let me know when you figure out your absolute favorite as you have already given me two to try and the Affogato picture was the inspiration for this thread. Thanks
  11. Limoncello Soufflé ✅ added to “the list” thanks Ken
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