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  1. Hi Eager, cabins on deck 9 (regardless of which ship) are completely unobstructed.
  2. Another benefit of the larger verandah is that you can ask for a lounge chair instead of a regular chair. I have done this twice and really enjoyed it.
  3. Thank you so much! It looks awesome.
  4. We’re booked on the Ovation in December and very excited about this new venue. Does anyone have a menu they can post? Thanks!
  5. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LQpSSQXpduutQKjPA Hope this works.
  6. Adding to my post above, we did a transatlantic on Symphony in 2014 and while not our most favourite Crystal cruise (too much jazz everywhere, all the time, which we're not terribly fond of), there were many, many, many excellent activities to fill the days.
  7. I just did my first (and likely last) Oceania cruise on the Regatta in February, the days at sea were incredibly boring. This only got worse when being outdoors was not possible due to weather. On the other hand, if you love bean-bag toss you'll have a blast.
  8. Details about the itineraries and booking availability for the Venture are expected to be out in the spring of 2019. We can only hope 🙂 I should note that is “spring of 2019” info was just released to travel agents a few days ago and is different from the earlier announcement of “fall of 2019”.
  9. On Travelweek: http://www.travelweek.ca/news/reports-that-carnival-has-cancelled-antigua-calls/ Carnival doing it in response to negative comments about cruises and visitors by government officials.
  10. Hi Tarwood, Our experience on the Esprit is two years old now (I've posted a link to my blog on a separate thread if you're interested) and I'm sure things may have changed since then. We had a lovely cruise on the Esprit but if there was one negative for us was the lack of a balcony (for the same reasons you mention). We were after all in hot, sunny, tropical weather and we were not on shore all the time during the day. BUT, and it's a big but, we did decide that the ship was perfect for the not-so-hot itineraries and we would sail on her again on the type of itinerary you're looking at or along the Dalmatian coast. There are plenty of lovely outdoor spots to hang out. As for an enrichment program, there was none on our trip. I would get your travel agent to call Crystal directly to see what if anything they offer on your itinerary.
  11. I thought I'd post this blog again for those who may be thinking about the next Seychelles season on the Esprit. https://claudiayvrseychelles.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-city-of-gold-and-crystal-esprit.html
  12. I would really appreciate a couple of close up pictures of the gym equipment on Symphony. In particular, of the Chest Press (not concerned with any of the cardio equipment) and any other weightlifting pieces. Thanks!
  13. Many thanks for your replies Tenpin.
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