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  1. "Quickly" is an understatement! the info was released yesterday morning, looks like it was changed within 24 hours 😉
  2. I'll be darned... I think they removed that requirement. As you can see I had copied and pasted from the website (through the link in the Seabourn Sailors group in Facebook) early when they released it. I did not review the info again when I posted the link in my second post. I've asked on the FB page, will post here if I get any.
  3. Here is the link, just scroll down: https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/health-safety.html?VID=9071402441&camp=CME%3A112020_SE2051HS&rmid=112020_SE2051HS&rrid=171262&stop_mobi=yes&XID=SEMAV20115535&fbclid=IwAR3FOk1Ik27HyywvL4vgdAlHw5nyxcIQqVXYkj2eM8B6wVcaQx9DNB9clEs#protocols
  4. On the Seabourn website now. On a quick comparison to Crystal’s protocols, this one really stuck out to me: “MANDATORY QUARANTINEFor the safety of everyone, you will relax in your suite until the results of your pre-boarding COVID-19 test are confirmed (usually overnight). Food and beverage service will be provided during this time from a special varied but limited menu. Additional tests and temperature scans will be administered during the voyage.” Mask usage seemingly more stringent than Crystal’s. Others appear watered-down versions of Crystal’s protocol
  5. SeaDream cancels remaining 2020 sailings, 7 guests and 2 crew Covid+ on its initial Caribbean sailing after a successful summer season sailing in Europe. It's a very sobering reality that this virus is pervasive and sneaky and the US is currently a huge hot-spot. Despite the most careful planning and building of the "cruise bubble", until the risk of contagion while getting to the ship is substantially reduced, the possibility of any cruise coming to an abrupt end with serious consequences for all on board is very real. Reality also means acknowledging that the virus will be with
  6. Very excited! I keep checking the website every day for the schedule of sailings 🙂
  7. My husband and I use the deck 5 u-shaped track. A bit of negotiating around the loungers and tables/chairs when you reach the pool area is needed but otherwise it is pretty good and there are often a few people enjoying a good walk or jog. On our most recent cruise on the Ovation last December the only time we could not do it (or be on the aft portion of deck 5 at all) was when they were holding private events in the evening. I recall two.
  8. Unfortunate developments on the 1st SeaDream I Caribbean cruise: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5732/ BTW, US friends stay safe during your upcoming Thanksgiving holidays. Us Canadians have seen a spike in Covid in the few weeks since ours.
  9. hey we all need some levity these days. 😁
  10. There's an idea for all of us CC 2 percenters.... let's do a charter to a private French Polynesia island with the refund money we're all getting for the cancelled cruises 🤪
  11. Well, so much for my (unrealistic) optimism about April. Crystal sent cancellation notice for Symphony's Dakar to Lisbon yesterday (still showing on the website as "call for availability"). And things are only going from bad to worse all over 😢
  12. They are also including medical evacuation and return home insurance that covers Covid. I must admit I find their model really appealing.
  13. I saw this post and went to the Seabourn site. As soon as I loged in I got an alert that my password might be compromised and Google automatically ran the list of sites for me to change my password (a few sites where long, long ago -before cybersecurity was such a problem- I had used the same silly password). I have not received any communications from Seabourn.
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