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  1. @Catlover54 your pictures are insanely beautiful. Truly enjoying your posts. Thank you so much for taking the time
  2. I have a different take. I’d go for the A2. We love the aft location because we use the open stairs aft a lot to get around from deck to deck.
  3. Hi @fak I wish we were going! This is not a roll call so I’m just hanging around learning about the ship. We’re booked for October of 2022 so things will likely be very different by then.
  4. Just saw her leave. I wanted to be onboard badly.
  5. @krb1000 did you order Portuguese tarts to your suite???? That’ll be the death of me. On the big ships I time my visits to the Bistro and sometimes I make it to the tarts, sometimes I don’t. That’s how I balance my caloric intake 🙂
  6. @krb1000my husband hasn’t lugged a suit on a cruise in eons. He brings blazers and his tux (funny he hates suits but loves to wear a tux). Happily following you across all social platforms 😁
  7. Very cool. I like the fact that it doesn’t look exactly like the other ships, more like an evolution. Moody and sharp.
  8. I have no life 🙂 I was watching the webcam as pax go there on two buses and boarded Endeavor. I so want to be there 😥
  9. It’s white nights in Reykjavik 🙂 still light at 2 am
  10. @Roland4we're booked on Serenity Auckland to Perth so if we're not going you're not either 🙂 If that gets cancelled as we anticipate, I'll look at something in the Summer. We're booked on Endeavor Panama to Lima in October '22 so that's exciting but quite a ways off.
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