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  1. I’m sending you a private message Heather we should have been on board for 2 cruises, starting 15 May, but have decided to change them to the Vision out of Barcelona instead. We always go and stay in Mestre beforehand so it wouldn’t have suited us to sail from Ravenna xx
  2. We’ve got 2 sets of b2b cruises for May and September and haven’t heard a word from Royal (nor has my TA) Looking at other options now
  3. Another one - Capt Iv Vidos is on board the Anthem, sailing the Indian crew back to Goa
  4. Don’t know if you intend making any changes to the list Karen, but Capt Marek is still on board the Radiance
  5. Wolfcathorse, you do an amazing job which is much appreciated.
  6. It’s possible as long as everything goes ok with the ship getting cleared. Taxis are always outside as well as people offering private transfers. The airport is only 20 minutes drive away, and check-in staff at the airport won’t take luggage for your flight until 2 hours before, so as long as you are there for 0830, you won’t have a problem. We always leave the ship at around 0730 and don’t carry our luggage off, it’s in the terminal waiting.
  7. hi, we were told “No” to change our Royal to Celebrity. The “one change” rule is to change a Royal cruise deposit to an different Royal cruise. Although the companies are all part of RCCL, Royal/Celebrity/Azamara bookings are not transferable
  8. Hi Karen, rumour has it that Capt Toni Calne joined Rhapsody at the weekend
  9. Steve Davis has been the CD on the Vision transatlantic crossing
  10. No, it isn’t part of the EU, even though you can pay in Euros. As Merion_Mom says, Royal use this stop in order to keep the cruise free of Italian VAT, which would be charged on all purchases on board. In the past, docking in Kusadasi in Turkey was used for the same purpose
  11. When this happened recently, the last time to check in and be on board the ship was kept the same, as well as the time of the lifeboat drill. After that, passengers weren’t allowed to leave the ship We actually left a lot earlier than the changed time of departure, which wouldn’t have happened if guests weren’t on the ship
  12. Got confirmation from my friend on board that Capt Juan goes on vacation on 30 October
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