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  1. They found a good home as a gift for someone who is going on the Paradise. 😀
  2. DH is on quite a bit of prescription meds as well as supplements. Taking the original bottles would require another suitcase, 😉 We have always taken his weekly organizer, with rubber bands around just in case, and take an extra week, again just in case. We haven't cruised since I was diagnosed and went into treatment for cancer so now we will have to do the same thing for me...ah, aging is so fun 🤪 RE Coke...believe it or not, I actually wrote to them lamenting Carnival's change...I am hooked on Coke 0 and we used to get bottomless bubbles. I assume it has to be the cost...Sam's has switched their snack area to all Pepsi products all the time as well. We each carry on a 12 pack of canned coke (it HAS TO BE CANS). Have a wonderful cruise!!! Definitely jealous but looking forward to one we have planned for early next year.
  3. A few years ago, there was someone looking for pins. They sent me a postage paid envelope and I sent them the pins. I have 2 that we received from the Paradise a few years ago. Is there anyone interested???
  4. I just wanted to add that I recently discovered these (very similar to what hospitals use now), and they are really superior to chucks. Medline - MSC303625 Extrasorbs Drypad Underpads Air Permeable 30 x 36 inches (Pack of 25)
  5. I am in a group that has a lot of Carnival newbies really excited to go on their first cruise. The excitement is infectious for sure!! I was going through some pics today and found some from a 2005 cruise on the Triumph...my DH and mother's first cruise. We had been discussing the midnight buffet and whether it still existed (some said yes so I'm assuming they are thinking of the tacos??? I haven't made it to midnight in years, LOL). Anyway, had a few pics so had to upload and share....not the greatest photographer but still you can see how spectacular it was. 🙂 2005 Triumph cruise 1.pdf
  6. Super excited that we'll be cruising again soon. For the cherry on top, I would love for them to leave Pepsi behind and go back to Coke. 😬
  7. Yes, yes and yes!! Florida is a large state and many of the politicians here so not agree with his highness, as evidenced by the "sue" slap which I found amusing. 🙂 RE the vaccinations, I tried the Publix route but the waiting list worked efficiently and quickly, DH is fully vaccinated and I am halfway there. We are hopeful for you for December and us for January...so close I an almost see the ship sailing. 🙂 And I too would hop on one Sept/Oct as well!!
  8. We are booked again on the Magic next year...I will be disappointed if it is changed but still...have to admit I will be so overjoyed to cruise again they could probably feed me PB&J every meal and I'd smile, LOL. I actually almost cried when I found the little brown bottles of Lysol yesterday while shopping...yes, I am so ready to get back to a little bit of normalcy. 😉
  9. My thoughts on this subject have been that the quality must vary ship to ship. DH and I first tried this embarkation day on the Magic a few years ago and loved it so much we ate lunch there for more than half the cruise. On another ship, my step son and his GF ate there since we had raved about it and they thought it was horrible and not quality Italian at all. I know that if clams were offered DH would have ordered them so just asked him and he said no, they were not. So yes, seems to definitely vary ship to ship and we were lucky it was so good. We also tried the Guy BBQ and although others rave, we did not care for it. Again, looking like it's different ship to ship and probably cruise to cruise as staff changes.
  10. Final Payment was due today for our January cruise out of Port Canaveral. Had difficulty reaching our PVP so spoke with 2 reps today and rescheduled for January 2022. DH has COPD and I spent most of last year doing chemo so I thought waiting was best for us. Also, as other have mentioned, unsure how the ports will be. All of them were going to be new to us so didn't want to miss out on them. Anyway, now we have something to look forward to rather than stress over so it was a good choice for us. 🙂
  11. Wanted to say thanks again...we were able to transfer the funds to my cousin who applied them to her cruise. Super happy 🙂
  12. Now that is great!!! We have family who cruise so that would be wonderful!! Thank you so much!!!
  13. Just spoke with an NCL rep who informed me we will not be getting a refund only a FCC. Would love to know if anyone has any idea if this is it or if I have any other recourse. Quick backstory: booked a cruise that was canceled in the first covid wave of cancellations in March. Chose to rebook using FCC for July. Saw that was not going to be a go so rebooked for January. DH has COPD so knew it was both risky for him and read about the medical paperwork needed so canceled altogether in June. Was told refund would go on cc within 90 days. That passed last week so called today and was told since we used the FCC back in March vs taking the refund at that time, we are not getting our money back even though I have a cancellation letter that reads "net due" and the rep told me our money would be refunded. So looks to me like I am out of gas and they get to keep our money because I don't see DH being given medical go ahead to said anytime soon and Capital One has been zero help. Does anyone see any other options?? TIA
  14. I had a different issue with a different card....2 weeks and I have my money back...going on 2 months with Capital One...I called and told them I want it noted in my account the difference between the customer service I received from their competitor. That and $4 will buy a cup of coffee but made me feel a bit better. 😞
  15. Ditto. A slight door opening works well as a nightlight.
  16. We have sailed out of Tampa twice and prefer it to our closest ports (Port Canaveral and Miami). Much less crowded than Miami and we were able to safely and inexpensively park very close to the port. We will not do that in Miami as there are numerous reports of car damage and theft when not parking right at the Port.
  17. Ditto. I was not about to wait this 10 days or 90 days or whatever other nonsense I'm reading. Called the credit card company, I had a letter sent to me by the person with NCL I spoke to today that specifically says they canceled, and he did the paperwork said I should see the money back on my card in a couple of days.
  18. This is what I am trying to talk to my husband about but he's just not worried at all. I want my money back.
  19. I just called and was told the latest info he had was refund OR 150% credit BUT not until the 20th. Not liking that.
  20. Age 51 and 68, cruising March 30th out of Miami and we received it today.
  21. The news last night made a point of showing the statistics on the flu versus Corona. I think we are putting too much blame on media for the panic and false info...we are doing all that just fine on our own as per usual.
  22. Yes, this was my first thought...always bring extra meds just in case but will also do an extra 2 weeks at least. That would be my biggest stressor.
  23. Hubby and I decided to take advantage of the discounts and book a March cruise. We ended up with a GTY on the Sky. I THINK I may have booked a GTY in the past but cannot think how the luggage tags work with this type of booking. I started to print them out and then realized, of course, no cabin is listed. Do they assign a cabin closer to the cruise and change the tags?? I hate the thought of sending on our luggage with no cabin listed. Any and all info is much appreciated. And yes, I know I can call but isn't this so much more informational??? 😉
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