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  1. Thank you for your replies about booking! We cruise in January (SD to MIA) and I’m already thumbing through the catalog for my future cruise! We have a Black Sea cruise booked in May that we will most likely cancel given the issues between Greece and Turkey. I would hate for the itinerary to change to just Greece. Been there, done that. This will be the third Istanbul cruise we have had to cancel - the first two due to Covid. In August we sail Silversea for the first time. I am so glad to be back in the cruise saddle!
  2. In the past, Regent had pre-cruise/on board booking perks that entitled you to a reduced deposit and on-board credit. Is this policy still in place? I searched the RSSC website in FAQ but couldn’t find it. FYI, there is not a search function. @Jennefer Teegen Could you answer this question? Thanks.
  3. .....and one more question concerning testing time frame before leaving home. We are flying out on a Wednesday one week prior to boarding. There don't seem to be testing sites open on Sunday which would be the 72 hour window. Our cruise departs on a Wednesday, as well. Again, we would have to search for a testing site that's open on a Sunday. Do we negate the terms if we test on a Saturday or a Monday?
  4. I want to thank Jennifer Teegan for her clarification of policies. I think that the issue is that the TC is a legal document crafted by lawyers to protect Regent. The FAQ’s and the safety protocols are the attempts to explain the TC to the Regent passenger. The problem is that they aren’t completely synced. There is more wiggle room in the FAQ’s, it seems, but a dispute for a refund or FCC would default to the TC, correct?
  5. For me, it boils down to following rules, it this case, for the well being of yourself and others. Masks have become a political flash point. There doesn’t seem to be the same kind of pushback on following the rules of the road or the rules for public decency. Businesses have always had dress codes for employees and patrons. How is this different? I’m sure if someone showed up in his underwear at compass rose there would be a collective outcry and he would be summarily escorted out and to his cabin. If he continued to disregard the dress code, management would have words and possible sanctions against him. So, if you don’t like the current policies it is totally your choice to take your money elsewhere. Rules are rules, no matter how obnoxious they are to you.
  6. I think this is the question - is this policy still in place? If I can remember to pre pandemic days, Regent had eliminated the 30 day post cruise window for reduced deposits. It would be great if Regent could weigh in on this.
  7. And perhaps if you are unable to take the vaccine for medical reasons, it may not be advisable to sail right now.
  8. It was elegant and huge with a deck the entire width of the ship. Beautiful living room, dining room, grand piano, bar, and bedroom. In contrast we were in a room with a larger than normal balcony but it sort of gave us a Birdseye view into the adjoining cabin with a smaller balcony. We were on Marina and if you look at the deck plans you can see the cabins that have that type of configuration.
  9. Voila! Perhaps my iPad was having a rough morning. Who knows what happened as I didn’t reboot or do anything different, the mysteries of cyberspace!
  10. Thanks. I posted the message from my MacBook as this thread and the regent vs. Oceania tread wouldn’t post from my iPad. I’m on my iPad now. Let’s see if this goes through!
  11. I am unable to post a response to threads on CC from my iPad . I am signed in. The entire thread is quoted in the response window even though I haven’t quoted anything. I type in my response, scroll down to “submit” and the post seems like it has gone through but doesn’t show up in the thread. When I go back in, my post has been saved but has not been submitted. What am I doing wrong? Is this a new wrinkle on CC?
  12. We have sailed Regent many times and have been on Oceania once. This was a trip around Spain which may have skewed my impression. The lounges on the Oceania cruise were completely empty every day, every night. This was partly due to the fact that there was a 20% surcharge put on all alcohol if the ship was in Spanish waters which it was most of the time. They would have happy hour specials but a glass of wine with tip could easily cost $20. One is able to bring alcohol on board and we enjoy Spanish wine, so buying a bottle and sipping on our balcony became our pattern. We were in a regular suite which was just OK. Our friends had a better suite on the back of the ship which had a huge balcony which was a lovely place to hang out. We had a new acquaintance in the owners suite which was palatial! They had a cocktail party which was memorable and over the top! Food in the MDR was not very good on our trip if I remember accurately. The French restaurant was better although some older woman dining alone “mean mugged” me for the entire meal which left a bad taste in my mouth! In addition, I stressed about getting back in time from excursions which we booked privately. It was hard to turn off the cash register in my brain. For me, paying up front, even large sums is preferable. I prefer the all inclusive. plan with Regent.
  13. One more question about beds…..we will be taking our first SS cruise next year on Whisper. In filling out our on line passenger details, we came upon our bed configuration preferences - queen or single. We have taken the most cruises on Regent with king size beds. At home, we have a California king placed sideways so it is extra wide. I doubt that my husband and I can fit into a queen bed. He is cocooned in 5 pillows and I toss and turn all night. Is a single configuration our best option?
  14. Practically a mirror of ours. I checked my notes and I sent it on 7/31 and received it 9/1…the only snafu was the USPS delayed delivery by two days…..so much for paying extra for overnight delivery! It sat in Atlanta for two days.
  15. Thanks for that piece of advice. I wouldn’t have thought of it!
  16. We hope to cruise in January, 2022 and my passport was due to expire in June of 2022. The US passport renewal website guidance said to anticipate 18 weeks for processing once received and an additional 12 weeks due to the slowdown at USPS. Since I get nervous when my ducks aren’t all in a row, I sent in my renewal application on August 3rd. I did not opt for expedited service but did opt for express delivery (an additional $18). Low and behold, USPS informed delivery said the passport is arriving today. I then checked the status on the state department website and the passport is approved and on its way. So, it’s official! Hats off to the passport renewal agency! I had read some horror stories on line so this was a welcome surprise.
  17. So happy to be your travel companion! (Virtually). Thank you for taking us along!
  18. I look forward to reading your entries each morning when you travel! I’ve been ambivalent about booking this trip as hiking hot, arid islands with some interesting animals is not my cup of tea. But, I love your point of view and candid comments. I’m buckling in for the ride! jennifer
  19. Which is a good reason not to use the hot tub! Gross image I can’t manage to unsee!
  20. Curious what will happen if you booked a cruise because of the 100% vaccination policy, you have paid your final payment, the cancellation penalties are ticking away, and NCL looses the lawsuit and unvaccinated passengers can be on board. Can you get a full refund as you booked BECAUSE of the 100% vaccination policy? This can get messy very quickly.
  21. This is the benefit guide from 2/15/20. It is a more thorough explanation of benefits and exclusions. it also details the hoops you have to jump through to make a claim.
  22. Here is the link to benefits. On closer look, they do have some medical and evacuation benefits. My hunch is you would have to comb through the language to discern the exclusions. Finally, if you have pre-existing conditions, it looks like no benefits apply. https://www.chase.com/card-benefits/sapphirereserve/travel
  23. Chase will cover the amount charged to the card. We used IMG for medical. $139 for the $500 of insurance that covers a considerable amount for medical and evacuation. We purchased it within the window for preexisting conditions. Chase card is. $450/year with cash back for travel, global entry, etc. PS. We love Steve Dessous.
  24. I always use their chat function for questions and their website for quotes. Steve is great and will track you down. We just bought the minimum for two trips ($500 each) so we could be covered for preexisting, medical and evacuation. We have Chase Sapphire Reserve which covers up to $10,000 each in case of cancellation. This was Steve’s suggestion. Then we can add more to cancellation if it goes over the $10,000 pp.
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