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  1. What perplexes me the most is the silence from the corporate office. In this day of social media where rumors and speculation can easily get out of control, I would think that corporations would have a dedicated person with “ears to the ground” to report on the issues that aggravate their customers. Much of the teeth gnashing on this thread and on Facebook could be cleared up easily with an official response from RSSC. In fact, this was true in the past but seems to have gone away, especially with Mike Moore’s departure. Even a canned response (“thank you for your feedback. We have alerted xxxx department to explore this issue”) would be helpful.
  2. @Mike Moore it has always been very helpful to read your responses to various issues that are important to this community. I hope that Regent will assign another administrator to monitor this board and Facebook. Regent can gain valuable information about their product and nip problems in the bud. Good luck in your next journey!
  3. I’m curious about this. We were also on this cruise and, although it was not my favorite cruise ever, it was not terrible at all. We managed to see the Falklands, the scientific team was fantastic, and many of the excursions were interesting. I think the negative for me was the lack of special events like the dance parties, the block party, and deck bbq. The cruise director was Andy Heath. I asked him about this and there was a big problem scheduling the band. (???) Some of the ports were a bit of a snore, but that is true on many cruises.
  4. Iguazu! It is really spectacular. Imagine Niagara Falls times one hundred. I took the zodiac under the falls which was great fun. Even though we had a nightmare scenario getting back to BA (cancelled flight, spending the night on hard plastic chairs in the tiny Iguazu airport, missing the BA tour) it made for an iconic travel story.
  5. Hmmmmm…..something not belonging to the wife?
  6. Capt. Jablin crossed my mind yesterday out of the blue. We crossed paths on the Navigator in 2017. I was a Navy brat so I had to introduce myself as we were both walking on the upper deck. I guess his spirit was giving a final salute.
  7. I was reading Regent reviews on CC and came across this quote: “They advertise about having great internet. Reality is that for several month past and until May 2024 they have really bad wifi due to a fight with Starlink.” Does anyone have any information on this?
  8. Thank you for your help. How do you gift a NYT article…..for future reference?
  9. This is a very interesting article in the New York Times concerning trip insurance, a cancelled flight and, thus, a missed cruise. The moral of the story, in my opinion, is to read the fine print and avoid insurance that is offered by the cruise line. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/01/travel/cruise-travel-insurance.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share&referringSource=articleShare
  10. We liked Ponant very much. I really like modern design but the cabins are rather small with some major design flaws. That being said, the expedition team and captain spoke excellent english. My husband is French so the language issue was not a problem for us. When the Filipino crew discovered my husband was a French Professor, they always appeared, little notebooks in hand, to learn more French. The passenger mix was very international with a large Japanese contingent, a sizable Chinese Canadian contingent, some French, some Americans, some Australians. One expedition team member was bilingual in Japanese and English (grew up in NJ). All announcements were in French, English, and Japanese. It was a very memorable cruse with iconic moments I will never forget.
  11. We did both. The landings were spectacular and worth the effort. We sailed Ponant in 2016 and then Voyager for a drive by on 2023. Each cruise had its advantages. We were much more up close and personal to whales, penguins, and elephant seals on the Ponant expedition cruise. We also slid down a snowy mountain after a hike to the top and managed to see a leucastic penguin. On the other hand, the scientific team on Voyager made the trip. If you are not in physical shape to make landings, then the drive by’s are a great alternative. some pics from the Ponant trip: To celebrate our first landing Elephant seal Penguin version of Abbey Road
  12. I often say designers should be forced to spend a week in a mock up of their design. We were once on a ponant cruise with too much furniture in the room so it was tight and difficult to navigate. The closet doors opened out into a small hallway leading to the cabin door. The bathroom door and WC door also opened out into the same small space. The result? Chaos!
  13. Enjoy! I’m looking forward to reading your impressions of this beautiful region. We cruised from San Diego to Auckland on Navigator in 2017 with our best friends. My favorite memory was sailing out of the lagoon in Bora Bora followed by about twenty outrigger canoes, champagne in hand, and “Bali Hai” from South Pacific playing on the ship’s speakers. I hope they repeat this for you. Bon voyage!
  14. Did the luggage ever arrive? Or, is it still in limbo?
  15. We did a similar excursion in Cairns in 2018. The catamaran was huge with about 200 people packed in - a mix of Regent passengers and others. A cyclone was about 500 miles away so very choppy seas. Of course, I got sea sick. Mustered up enough energy to squeeze into a wetsuit (not a model shoot - more like 100 imitation Orcas), got into the murky water for snorkeling and called it quits after five minutes. I was down for the count for the rest of the excursion. For what it’s worth, Bora Bora was much better and, actually, Oman was better.
  16. Did I say i was going to Brazil? I simply asked a question.
  17. Curious if the cost of the visa could be disputed with your credit card company. After all, you paid for a service you didn’t receive.
  18. @zak477 I think you have some valid points but ones expectations of anything tend to be personal and based on your life experience. I imagine if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, Regent would be a definite step down. Most of us, however, have worked hard for the funds to pay for a Regent cruise so that luxury is defined a bit differently. For us, not being nickel and dime at every turn is luxury. Spacious cabins with lovely decks are luxury . Beautiful common spaces and engaging fellow travelers add to the ambiance. We have taken two Regent cruises since Jason was replaced by Andrea. The first, in February of this year on voyager was wonderful, the second in October on Splendour, was our least favorite cruise ever as it felt like the management was dialing it in…nothing special, no hallway meet and greet, no deck BBQ, mediocre entertainment and lectures. Food is subjective and has been good. So, it remains to be seen if we can pin this on management in Miami. We have two cruises booked for 2024 so time will tell.
  19. We live in ATL and ny husband was a French professor at GSU. I wonder if he taught your wife?….Dr. Georges Perla, Modern and Classical Languages.
  20. Ha! That was me! It was one of the most memorable trips we ever took. Remember how exhausted we were? It was non stop and each thing we did was better than the last. But, the warriors were amazing and the highlight of the tour!
  21. This is an interesting thread. We had a cruise through SE Asia in 2019 that included a post-cruise tour to Xian, China. Since group tours could get a group visa through the tour agency we did not alert on the necessity to get a visa, nor did Regent inform us we needed a visa. So, long story short, we had to secure a visa in early January for a mid-February cruise. This involved an exacting application that would be rejected with one mistake, sending passports to the nearest Chinese embassy, and praying all would be resolved and passport returned by the date we would fly out. We managed, but we talked to other guests who cancelled this once in a lifetime trip because someone in Miami dropped the ball.
  22. Agree! I lost interest after the NCLH president’s remarks. I thought all the personal remarks were out of place for this event as a launching of a new ship is not a testimonial to your career and its impact on your family. I almost wanted to post a “Take a Shot” game every time someone said “unrivaled”!
  23. When friends ask us why we travel so much, I often reply that we are one fall and one diagnosis away from being unable to travel at all. Surrounding you with light, prayers, hope, or whatever you need to get you through this difficult time.
  24. Ask for more information….no emojis necessary.
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