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  1. Your thoughts/suggestions: Looking for opinions as we’re about to book our first TA cruise…. Barcelona to Miami on Explorer ( Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, Azores, Miami) This Atlantic route vs more northern route in November? Good ports? Enjoyable sea days? ( not boring…plenty to do?) Convenient accommodations in Barcelona pre-cruise?
  2. Does any HAL ship (Volendam) have a self serve laundry area?
  3. Doubt I’d take the “steamer” anyway… I have begun to pack carryons only, due to fear of lost luggage by airlines. As soon as I board, I send out anything in desperate need of pressing for PRESS ONLY. (10 items is actually a lot but do fit in the laundry bag provided) Back in time for dinner on night 2! Less $$ than airline checked baggage fee and have been very pleased with results!
  4. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to learn if anyone gets it on board!
  5. With the SeaPass cards now available at your cabin, it is very possible to pick one up, not check for your name, walk in and unpack! So be SURE you’re in the correct stateroom by finding your name on the SeaPass card before settling in! 😲😴
  6. What could have been done?? For me, an easy answer would be for staff to address the issue directly to the parents! It’s posted in the “rules”, so no argument should ensue! such a nice cruise overall, and looking forward to the remainder of it….then on to the next voyage! 😎
  7. On the Vision now… nice old ship, not glamorous but giving me a decent cruise for R&R. Smooth sailing so far, tho winds caused difficulty docking / delay at Bimini this AM.. 👏captain! Our dining room staff has been excellent...knowledgeable, courteous and friendly! stateroom attendant is doing a fine job! Overall, staff is wonderful!! 2 minor complaints: Windjammer design is very poor…no easy flow results in bumps, congestion and zig~zag to food and seating. Few young children on board, and despite posted rules, a few still “show off” on the dance floor during trivia games, karaoke, , music sets etc. Parents/grandparents seem to think them cute. Yes, they are adorable, But not an appropriate venue for them to show off as it discourages adult participation/safety!
  8. Wondering if it’s ever possible to get a stateroom upgrade on day of departure… maybe once on board? Probably slim to no chance, but I could try by asking the right question to the right person perhaps? 😉🤔
  9. Can I safely assume it’s an easy walk through the terminal to the street to get picked up by a Florida friend? Then obviously back on board later?
  10. And if you’re a baseball fan and the schedule works, take in a Baltimore Orioles game !
  11. Taxi/Uber to the port is pretty easy and quick. I think at least a day’s visit at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is quite worthwhile. The area is walkable with benches for relaxing and snacking. Restaurants and accommodations are plentiful. Taxi or water taxi to Ft McHenry for a great American history lesson at an excellent, beautiful, well maintained national park. Cost is minimal. The aquarium at the inner harbor is also a good take . The LightRail is an inexpensive and easy way to get from BWI to the InnerHarbor and Camden Yards area!
  12. So if something is prohibited, why do some folks think they are above the law and try to get away with doing it? If not caught, is it a proud moment?!
  13. If you have a hotel booked, ask there if they might provide transportation for you. We did and found it both convenient and comparable $$ to most sites. Research of the train didn’t appeal to us considering luggage and possible transfer to Rome’s public transportation system which we were not familiar with. Time in Rome post cruise was wonderful!! (tip: purchase “skip the line” tickets for the Collusium, Vatican, etc asap. )
  14. Looking for opinions….with no standard balcony available, we have the option for an accessible stateroom with a window or a stateroom with a sliding door opening to the promenade. We don’t need an accessible room, but a little extra space might be nice, tho not a priority. Might the outside access mean no privacy/be noisy/busy with the sliding door open?
  15. You might want to double check the excursion itinerary. I have done the scenic railway round trip from N. Conway to Crawford Notch. My choice of ticket included a box lunch ON THE TRAIN. So that might very well be your excursion… not a bus ride from Crawford Notch which seems somewhat unlikely… just saying..
  16. Considering a beach day during a Freeport stop, so wondering if it’s worth it to purchase an excursion to Resorts World during the port day on Bimini…with or without lunch… in order to do both the beach and pool? Better to spend a couple of hours at a beach near the port? A good day to enjoy a “quiet” pool day on board?
  17. Ooops… jumping from one cruise line to another….Viking Crown Lounge on Royal, but you get the idea. 😉🤣
  18. We love to get something to eat and drink from the windjammer… hopefully without fighting a crowd… and taking it to a quiet lounge… preferably the Viking Crown Lounge for the view . It is so relaxing after the boarding process. If our stateroom is open, then it is also nice to hang out there til the chaos outside subsides.
  19. Do consider the Kenai Fjords!
  20. Southbound to Vancouver! If your budget allows, do some sort of land tour first…. either thru the cruiseline or on your own. We did a cruisetour several years ago that included Denali before a cruise with Princess … wonderful and well organized ! We also rented a car first and explored Anchorage to Seward to Anchorage. Recently we cruised to Vancouver on the Radiance after self driving for a few days Anchorage to Homer to Seward. Both trips were great...although the recent one was hampered by bad weather ( the luck of the draw on any trip). It can be an expensive trip, so budget carefully and get the most you can…cruise/land or cruise only… if a trip to Alaska is a once in a lifetime adventure.
  21. ….and with a youngster, you can probably get away without spending extra for specialty dining. Maybe not even extra for a drink package since milk,juice,and water are “free” and plentiful. Economize where you can if you’d rather budget for shore excursions.
  22. A good doable plan suggested by EileenG. assuming a quick/easy car pick-up and drop-off at the Whittier port. Sightseeing usually takes longer than we think, so don’t rush. Enjoy a leisurely, interesting day! Ditto…. the tunnel timing!
  23. Princess✔️ May-August (May might be less $$ )✔️ Vancouver one way✔️ If time and a budget allows, do a “one way” and try to include some time before or after your cruise to see more of Alaska since you’re “in the area”. If not, then take advantage of as much time as possible at each port . You can do the ship’s excursions or book your own without much difficulty. The ports are generally easy to explore on your own as they are small, interesting towns. Your little guy might get the most out of any stop in Alaska if he learns a little about them ahead of time!
  24. I booked directly and bought the VIP “package” which included a snack of crab legs with butter and a water. (VIP isn’t offered on a ship excursion.) It wasn’t a lot to eat , but I don’t know the price outside of the vip pkg. The crab was cold/ previously frozen. It may not be worth it to go VIP just to have a snack of crab. The excursion was interesting/entertaining tho perhaps a bit scripted since I am sure they do this repeatedly. The crew is experienced and knowledgeable . They will keep you entertained for sure with their life stories. They know where the bald eagles are, so you will surely see them and watch them soar and catch fish! Surprisingly, we saw a whale doing a “bubble” feeding! Pretty exciting! Photo ops✔️, souvenirs✔️, snacks✔️, restrooms ✔️
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