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  1. Cases of Covid are rising in New Jersey. We cancelled our plans to winter in Florida and will stay in lockdown except for necessary doctor visits. Our community has its first new case from a woman who lunched with lots of others at the same table several times but can’t figure out how she got it. Her husband has many i health issues but so far he hasn’t gotten it and it’s been over a week. I think some people are immune.
  2. Great news, not. Another October surprise.Wonder what you do if they have your passport number?
  3. Be careful. You don't need anymore broken bones.
  4. Jacqui, I have been so awed by your beautiful garden. it shows just lovingly you care for it.
  5. This is sad, but not surprising. The cruise industry has been hit hard and it’s going to take a while before it gets up and profitable again.
  6. Good evening from a cool New jersey, although it turned out to be a beautiful day. Last year, this date, we were onboard the Zuiderdam out of Quebec celebrating our 60th anniversary. The world is very different today than it was a year ago, but we're celebrating tomorrow night at a very special land restaurant on the Grounds For Sculpture , a really romantic and beautiful place with a Monet garden. Wish we were on a ship though.
  7. We did it out of Juneau and it's a while ago so I don't recall if it was a ship or independent tour. There are several companies that do this tour.
  8. Thanks everyone. I found it. Sometimes I like to check a date for a particular cruise.
  9. We took the helicopter ride through the glaciers and after landing went dog sledding. Of all the excursions I’ve been on, that was my favorite. It was expensive but well worth it. i haven’t been on the Konigsdam, but have cruised New Amsterdam and enjoyed her. I don’t think you can go wrong.
  10. On 9/11, we were living in New York. My husband was at an MD appointment in the city. Somehow he took a cab from the city and I picked him up in Riverdale.My daughter and her husband lived in Brooklyn. She was late to work right near the Towers because it was primary day and she went to vote. Her husband worked on Wall Street and walked from there to his grandmother’s apartment in the west 70 s. Then he had to walk up 13 flights because the building had no power.My niece who also lived in Brooklyn took a subway to lower Manhattan. When she got out, the exit door was locked.The police didn’t want people walking out into the fire. She turned around and took the first train that came even though she didn’t know where it was going. The station was filled with smoke and she was sure she was going to die. My son was out west somewhere, helping a friend drive his car out there. He came home to NY by bus and described the riders as drunk and disorderly. We were some of the lucky ones who made it home. New Yorkers were different after that day. They were friendlier and way more polite. It’s a day I know none of us will ever forget.
  11. where can I find my signature with my list of cruises? Thank you in advance.
  12. We enjoyed sailing on both those ships and will miss them. Our first Hal ship,was Veendam.
  13. Realistically, due to the fact of my age and not seeing the possibility of cruising again for a few years, I’m afraid my cruising days are over. I’m allergic to the filler in the flu shot and can’t take it, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to take the vaccine for Covid either. If that’s the case, I’m pretty much staying at home.
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