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  1. That involves staying at hotels and eating in restaurants which I'm not ready to do now.
  2. I was on a short cruise on New Amsterdam and loved the ship. No cons.
  3. when we have a vaccine, if I can take . I’ve had adverse reactions to two flu shots spaced several years apart, so not sure my neurologists will even allow me to take it. I have a feeling it will be a long toile before I can get on a cruise ship again.
  4. We’ve both been retired since 2009 so no work to worry about. We’ve been bringing our plants inside and outside as the night time temperature dropped to freezing last night. I’ve been attacking paper work and tossing things that should have been tossed years ago.Ready to start on closets soon. We’ve also been reading and binge watching some TV shows. Thankfully, we can zoom with family and friends but in all honesty I’m getting bored.
  5. Thanks ,Rich for the daily updates.Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. Have a great and safe day.
  6. My city in New Jersey has over 500,cases of CoVid 19. Of 65 deaths in the city, 49 are from long term facilities. We continue to have new cases everyday. We’ve been in lockdown since March 13 and have been doing lots of zoom parties and holidays. We have two high school senior grandsons who will probably be having a graduation in August ( one in NY and one in NJ) but although both have been accepted at college, neither knows if they’ll take a gap year or actually set foot on campus.
  7. Over the years, I have noticed that Copper John is rarely wrong and when he is he admits it immediately.
  8. While I don’t know, I’m still quite sure the corporation has insurance. However, insurance companies take into account the age of the person who died or got sick, the income they potentially lost, and how old they are and their expected life span.
  9. I read today that some passengers have started law suits against Carnival Cruise lines for not being more responsive quickly enough to stop cruises as soon as word of the virus was released. Not debating if that is true or not, but wondering how you can sue a company after signing their contract and the company isn’t registered in the US.
  10. I don’t see us cruising for a while. I would not have wanted to be so far from medical help,as the passengers on some of the ships were. Things would have to be back to some kind of normal ( whatever that would look like) before I would cruise again. Hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later.
  11. In the past several years, I have flown out of Newark many times, ditto for West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale and last September out of Montreal. I've never had a problem with my scooter. I'm always directed to the front of the line. Since I set off the alarms with my artifical hip, I have to get patted down but I take it all in stride. They've always been very nice. They also wipe down my scooter looking for explosives I think. No problem for me. I also get wanded down on the ships and so does my scooter.
  12. I just purchased a smart scoot after years of using a Travel Scoot. This one has a reverse which my first one didn’t. Wondering how people put the Smart scoot in the trunk of a sedan. Do you take off the seat or just fold down the handle. It seems like it will be easier to assemble at an airport but have less room for luggage in the car. Any ideas appreciated.
  13. Thank you , Deb, for the great news.You must be so relieved. Let’s hope they return home soon.
  14. Deb, please give us an update on how your parents are doing when you have a chance. We’re all praying for their recovery.
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