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  1. mamaofami

    Just for fun. Do you have any cruise traditions?

    First we drop off our carry ons and then have lunch in the main dining room. We have room service breakfast almost every day and eat out on the veranda, weather permitting. One new tradition I have is finding the ship's bell on the bow and taking a picture of it. I realize now that I forgot to do that on my very short NA cruise last year.
  2. mamaofami

    Majesty of the Seas

    Thank you for that information.
  3. mamaofami

    Reservations for shows

    Thank you all. our answers helped a lot. What kind of restaurant is Chops and how much extra is it?
  4. I’ve never sailed Royal before and have read you need to. Make reservations for the shows. Where and how do you do that? Thank you.
  5. I’m taking my first Royal cruise on Magest6 and would like any info you can give me on restaurants, making dinner reservations, show if they require reservations. We are sailing with three other couples on NYE out of Ft. Lauderdale and going to Key West and Cuba. I’ve made reservations for a tour in Cuba. Thanks for your help.
  6. mamaofami

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    The article on the law site states the information is from someone who wishes to be anonymous . I think we need to wait for better corroboration.
  7. mamaofami

    Power Strips on Board - Vaandam

    Thank you.
  8. mamaofami

    Power Strips on Board - Vaandam

    John, do you recommend bringing the actual prescription for pain medicine or is it good enough if the medication is in it's original bottle with your name on it? I've never run into any issue before.
  9. mamaofami

    Power Strips on Board - Vaandam

    What is wrong with having a power strip that has a surge protector?
  10. Don't forget all the yummy lobster in the Canada and New England ports and mussels in PEI.
  11. Chuck, check the roll call section for this cruise. People usually sign up there and find a place to meet. if there isn't one, I'll start it.
  12. We will be on the same cruise. We've done it before starting in NY and going to Quebec. Plan to arrive a few days early to see Quebec. it's a great city. Where did it say to bring gloves. I didn't see that.
  13. mamaofami

    New CC format horrible!

    Just wondering why they thought there was anything wrong with the old format? Any ideas? I thought it was fine just the way it was.
  14. When I book early, it's because I want a particular itinerary on a particular ship and in a specific cabin. If I wait till the last minute, I might not be able to get what I want. JMHO.