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  1. Good morning everyone.Another dreary day here. My grandson started making grilled cheese sandwiches when he was 10 , and he’s just about perfected it. I used to make it for my kids when then were young. Yesterday we opened a bill for some ear tests DH had at a hospital in Philly. $1900. Suddenly, this hospital is out of network even though we’ve used it for several years. No notice, so today’s job is to find out what gives with this. One hospital that has joined with Penn Health is in network so we don’t understand why we didn’t get some notification. Stay safe everyone
  2. Good morning everyone. It’s a dreary day here and I think we’re getting rain. Those tulip pictures yesterday were gorgeous. I meant to comment on them yesterday but got distracted. Lisa, nice to see you posting here. Not much happening today.Stay safe everyone. Carol
  3. Good morning everyone. I wish we had a dog to hug, but we lost Livie back in 2015. She was the sweetest of all the dogs we’ve had over the years and we still miss her. we always encourage a young writer because it’s our grandson who is working remotely for a California company. Global work from home day seems like every day this year and last year. My Mohs surgery has been moved up to the third week in April which means I’ll be able to get vaccinated as soon as it heals. I’ve been advised to only get J and J since it’s one shot and half the chance of getting Bells Pals
  4. Good morning everyone. Strange group of days. All POWs are heros in my book. I like the quote and Roy’s alternate meal suggestion. My cleaning help is coming today after a month’s absence. Her daughter had covid and we wouldn’t let her in the house. We plan on leaving and taking a ride while she’s here and then opening all the windows when we get back. Rest in peace, Prince Phillip. Wonder if Harry will go home for the funeral. Stay safe everyone and wear your mask. People are getting covid after being vaccinated. My grandson got his first shot at University
  5. Thank you for posting those beautiful pictures.
  6. Good morning everyone. While I can’t draw, my husband is getting very good at it and at painting. He has been taking on line classes from Rutgers and Scarsdale Adult school during the pandemic and it keeps him busy and out of trouble. When I was young, my father took my brother and me to the Bronx Zoo every Saturday morning while my mother did whatever. After, we would have lunch at the Howard Johnson nearby. Happy Birthday saint Louis cruiser and to your twin. Hope you both have a great day. Stay safe everyone. We’re enjoying the spring like weather here.
  7. Back from the dermatologist and all is fine. Thanks all for the good wishes. Trying to move my Mohs surgery ahead.
  8. Good morning everyone. Up early again today. This time for the dermatologist to check on something. I love Carmel popcorn, but haven’t had any in years. The weather here has been beautiful so I’m looking forward to another day outside. The variants of this virus are all over New Jersey, so without the vaccine yet, I’m staying pretty much locked down except for a few doctor’s visits. Stay safe, everyone. Carol
  9. Good morning everyone. I don’t like beer, but I do recall my mother rinsing my hair with it and wonder what that’s all about. Capote certainly had a way with words. His quote is very true. I’m up early again for my second round of deep perio scaling by the hygienist . I survived yesterday so today should go well. Its supposed to be another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Yesterday, DH pulled out the patio furniture and we cleaned it off. It’s finally spring. We’ve been to Aruba several times on cruise ships but have no pictures. I recall spending a great
  10. Good morning everyone. I’ll pass on the deep dish pizza.Am I the only one who doesn’t like pizza? Only one place in Delray ,Florida makes a pizza I like. I haven’t seen any dandelions around since I moved to our condo. I guess the gardeners must do something , but not sure what. I’m off later this morning to have the upper and lower left side of my mouth deep scaled and not looking forward to it. That’s what I get for avoiding the dentist since last July. Stay safe everyone. Carol
  11. Praying for a successful surgery and an easy and complete recovery, Trisha. Missing you on Hal threads.
  12. Good morning everyone and Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Id love to be walking around one of those blue hull beauties, but my last time was September, 2019 for our 60th anniversary. We’ve been to Italy on a land trip way back in 1984, but not to today’s port. Stay safe everyone, Carol
  13. Good morning everyone. I love today’s quote and lemon garlic sounds great as a meal suggestion. Since I like lemon, garlic and chicken , combining them would be easy. When I taught LD children in the Bronx, NY , I didn’t find it fun. I was working in an inner middle school and had children who couldn’t read who had been advanced through the system to 7th grade. After ten years, I left to open a private practice and there I know I made a difference in children’s lives. I’m still in touch with some of my students. I haven’t been to Grenada and am looking forward to seeing
  14. Good morning everyone. Happy Good Friday to all who celebrate this holiday. I’m another who loves peanut butter and Jelly and could live on it if stranded or if we lost power. I never had it as a child and it wasn’t until I had my own children that I first bought it. My non attendance at the hygienist during the covid pandemic since July has resulted in my developing pockets in my gums so next Monday and Tuesday I will have four quadrants of deep scaling to the tune of $500 for each plus $100 on two days for nitrous. That amounts to $2200. Yikes is all I can say but it’
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