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  1. There are some (not many) listed as 5+ capacity on their deck plans for certain ships. I had specifically book one of those cabins, then call to have the 5th added. Seems like it would have been easier to display only rooms with a capacity of 5 when making an online reservation for 5.
  2. There were 5 of us last year sharing the same cabin on Odyssey and it wasn't bad at all. I imagine lots of families with two adults and three kids would want to share a room. Five adults, maybe not so much, and may want two connecting rooms. When I book with NCL or Carnival I get to enter 5 guests when searching for sailings and the results displayed are prices/cabins able to hold 5. I can see total pricing before booking and I'm wondering why RCCL doesn't do it the same way.
  3. We've sailed on RCCL, NCL, Carnival and have an upcoming cruise with MSC. On all the lines we've sailed with we can make reservations for 5 in a cabin, except with RCCL. The travel agent had to book 4 under one reservation, then a single person under another, then link the two reservations. Makes no sense and I'm wondering if anyone knows why RCCL does it this way. On a related note, is it possible to determine total pricing for 5 in a cabin before booking?
  4. Anyone know why port taxes and fees would vary so much for essentially the same sailing? For example, 7 day Bermuda sailing from Brooklyn: on the October 13 sailing they are $140 but on the September 29 sailing they are $372. The October sailing actually spends 4 days docked vs 3 days docked on the September sailing. Just doesn't make sense to me...
  5. When are excursions able to booked, or at the very least viewed? We are 60 days out but still seeing a message that they'll be available soon. Not sure if this is actually the case or if it's just MSCs IT department doing their thing again.
  6. We (party of 4) will be sailing with two others so 6 total. We all have Bella experiences. We'd like to eat together at the same time. Is this possible? Are there tables for 6? Can arrangements be made before we sail or is it something that can only be taken care of once onboard?
  7. Our latest cruise was on RCCL and we were able to prebook excursions and shows through the app prior to sailing. Is this a thing with MSC? We are about 70 days away from our first time sailing with them and keep getting an error message when trying to view what excursions are available. At what point do they become available? Or is booking in advance through the app a lost cause? On RCCL onboard shows were sold out unless you booked reservations in advance. I don't see this option in the MSC app. Is it offered/necessary?
  8. Has anyone added a third and fourth passenger to your "free" NCL cruise? What was the cost, if any, aside from port fees and taxes? Were you charged the $20pp admin fee for 3&4?
  9. Tickets from Newark Penn to NY Penn would be free for kids 11 and under on weekends, yes? You seem to be very detailed and knowledgeable about NYC transportation. It is appreciated!
  10. Reservation was made directly with MSC for 3 people however one can't go now. We paid only the deposit for all 3 passengers and the sailing is in April 2024 so final payment is still months away from being due. This particular sailing was supposed to be a 7 day however due to Ocean Cay being renovated the entire sailing duration and itinerary were changed. To rebook now would be between double and triple what we booked it at. For this reason I want to make sure the reservation isn't touched at all. I've heard horror stories about even the smallest changes resulting in a repricing from MSC agents. Does anyone have any experience removing a passenger prior to final payment? Do they refund the the deposit amount for the passenger not sailing or just apply it against the balance due?
  11. Do you have an idea of what an Uber from the port to PATH station would cost?
  12. What's the cheapest way back to NY Penn Station on a Sunday post cruise? Looks like it'll be having a taxi or Uber take us from Cape Liberty to the Grove St PATH, exiting at 33rd Street in Manhattan, then walking to Amtrak at NY Penn. Is there a cheaper solution? There will be 5 of us and 2 are 11. NJT says they travel free with a paying adult on weekends so there may be a cheaper option out there since we are disembarking on Sunday. Have the Uber driver drop us off at a station that will take us directly back to NY Penn perhaps?
  13. My wife is gluten sensitive. I know there are some GF options and alternatives in the MDR but how about at the buffet? Would they be able to prepare some gluten free pasta there? Also, anyone know if gluten free pizza is an offering onboard?
  14. I figured as much. We don't drink but to have the option for non-alcoholic drinks would have been nice. Thanks for clearing things up!
  15. We'll be taking Amtrak into the city the day before our sailing out of Brooklyn and have been looking at Wall St area hotels as well. Planning on taking the ferry over to Red Hook the morning of our sailing. Not sure if that'd beat finding a hotel in Brooklyn and taking the bus. I've more experience riding the subway in the city than the bus but not sure what would be easier with luggage. Also much fewer subway stops in Brooklyn that in Manhattan and (as far as I can tell) none within walking distance of the port.
  16. Are you sailing on her now? Would love to hear about the activities for the younger teens.
  17. There isn't any mention of it on our cruise details on the website or the app. Only a single line on the cruise docs. When we booked they were still doing "All In Plus" however we didn't book that rate. We did get half off the second passenger and two free kids though. But since they emailed the updated docs it says Drinks/WiFi/OBC but no mention of us having it anywhere else.
  18. There doesn't seem to be anything listed like that.
  19. This is what we were emailed a few days ago, after they changed/upgraded our sailing from 7 to 10 days due to Ocean Cay being closed. I never saw drinks bring mentioned anywhere until here. I presume we somehow got it added to our booking if it is indeed now included as the payment schedule has not changed (our final payment amount is still the same.)
  20. Syracuse. Planning on taking Amtrak or a flight down the day before. We did this on our last cruise with NCL but we left from Manhattan. Haven't left from Brooklyn before.
  21. Where in NYC did you leave from to get to the terminal? Bus, ferry or drive there yourself? We're in upstate NY, planning on taking Amtrak the day before, and finding a hotel for the night somewhere. Right now it seems hotel prices are crazy expensive but we're still 250+ days away from our sailing so I expect them to drop. So either a hotel somewhere in Manhattan and take the ferry to Brooklyn or a hotel in Brooklyn and take the bus to the terminal. Any recommendations or suggestions?
  22. A related question - are tables assigned? We have two cabins, each with their own reservation but both with early dining. One with 4 people, the other with 3. If we all want to sit at the same table do the 7 of us all arrive at the same time and ask to be seated together?
  23. Does anyone have any recent information on the kids club activities on the Meraviglia? We are still 200+ days out but are curious to hear of your experiences and what they offer. We'll have 12 and 13 year olds with us so they should be in the same age group. Is the kids area still LEGO branded or just for the smaller children? If anyone has any recent kids schedules (or kids club comments/observations/experiences at this age level) they could share that'd be great!
  24. We booked our cruise in February of this year for April of 2024. We did not book any drink package. Our sailing is one of those effected by Ocean Cay being closed for reservations and is now a 10 day cruise from April 18 to the 28th. MSC emailed us a copy of the modified reservation and it now shows 'drinks, wifi and obc' on the itinerary. Did they upgrade us while modifying the cruise from 7 to 10 days? I can't find any mention of this package being linked to our reservation on the MSC app or under cruise details on the MSC site or under purchases items. Should it be? Or should we just wait and see what happens once we get onboard? How do you know if you have the drink package or not?
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