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  1. With everything that happened last week Sharon said she is thankful we didn't notice it Wednesday. For me a Jan Anthem sounds good. We need to talk about all this with our cruise buddies. Regina's first reaction was.... Alaska?
  2. This has actually helped a couple of times. I have had times when CC would not post. I would refresh or change pages. I would then click what looks like an empty box, and the message I lost would reappear.
  3. I need to correct. They did send an email. We got one Wednesday. We were getting other emails about Symphony we missed this one. It starts off talking about Australia so we ignored because we didn’t book Australia. Didn’t think about that being the itinerary before us.
  4. My youngest daughter always liked singing my song collection with me. The Gwyneth and Huey version was a favorite for us to sing together.
  5. Well I just saw this and thought I would go check out my RC account. I opened it up and noticed our points from last week cruise were already posted to the account. I held my iPad out to show Sharon the points and said, notice anything, she said, yes, our cruise is canceled…..WHAT…. Yes the Hawaiian cruise is showing canceled. I didn’t notice it, I just noticed the points were already added and was showing her the points. I can’t believe it. They have not sent an email yet.
  6. May you and Nate have a safe travel home. So happy to see how much the two of you enjoyed the trip. It’s also nice to see that places our opening up for all to enjoy. It goes quick but you made great memories. Thank you for bringing us along. I know that taking the time to share your trip can be a challenge sometimes but it is great joy sharing. These pics will make a great travel book. You did a great job 👏 Thanks! Thankful that your mom is improving.
  7. I was singing, Baby let’s Cruise, when my daughter said, after the airport experience, I thought you would be singing, Back to Life, Back to Reality. 😂
  8. Invision Community. CC has a link to it below. It’s the same software used by RC blog.
  9. They stopped selling dinner plans for our last week cruise on Symphony about a month before sailing. Many thought it was because they were sold out. Once on board they were offering the plans. On the live review for Symphony this week it is pointed out they are pushing dining plans.
  10. If you have speed problems it may be phone settings. The wifi help desk on the ship can help. On Symphony last week they had two at the deck. One was more experienced with android phones the other iPhones.
  11. While away I mostly used my phone. The phone gives me more problems than the iPad. Also when I was going from phone to iPad back to phone problems were more often. Refreshing usually works on the iPad. I think because when I set it up on the iPad it saved my sign in so when I come to the sight on the iPad, sign in is automatic. I found, especially when doing the review, it was less frustrating when I wrote a longer message in notes then copy and paste it. If I write an unexpected long response, like the one 😆, I copy it before I hit submit so if it goes sideways, I can paste it back in. ( 😝 it won’t let me copy this time 😆)
  12. Sorry to hear about your sister. Praying all goes well. Keep us updated.
  13. She really enjoys it. Last night we were talking to a friend that is cruising out of Galveston on their first RC cruise. He had questions and she pulled out the RC app, started showing where to find stuff. A great wife who loves to help people.
  14. She is retired. She enjoys planning our trips and taking control by working direct with RC and airlines. She takes care of our traveling buddies too. So on this trip, with all the hard work she has done, I have referred to her as are TA.
  15. I had accumulated about 2 1/2 months of leave so at the end I took it all off. While I took it off I earned another week off and added to the time for my pension. 😂 I feel so blessed with the retirement. Some of the pension will transfer to Sharon…. I am assuming I am going first. If not, I will lose the best TA one could have!
  16. On Symphony last week on the slots, I transferred $500 (max per transfer) twice and cashed out with no charge. Not sure if they charge at table games but if they do I would withdraw cash through the slots then use that cash at the tables.
  17. So I take it you used all your vacation time. 🤔. You are going to love retirement.
  18. The reason I have put it off this long is for Sharon. Depending on your date of birth, the Social Security benefits for a surviving spouse max out between 66 and 67. Mine is 66 yrs 4 months. After that I can wait and draw more but is would not increase what Sharon would get when I die. The longer one waits to start drawing, the longer it takes to break even on what you were not drawing while living.
  19. Another option would be to provide some tv streaming this year and let the future tenants know the change for 2023. You are saving $150 bucks without providing. If you feel like you need to provide tv service, you can find stream tv for less and still safe. (Retired CPA not being able to hold back advice 😂)
  20. I did not know about the increase until reading this. I have been putting off drawing SS but considering to start drawing at the beginning of the year. This is making it more tempting.
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