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  1. lhsail

    On the Caribbean Princes......

    Someone else on your cruise posted the entire wine list so I have my answer, it is the new list. Enjoy your cruise!
  2. Thanks so much for posting. This is the new wine list. Just hope the wine packages are available.
  3. lhsail

    On the Caribbean Princes......

    This is very kind of you. It might be easiest to check pricing on one I'm sure of. The Hartford Court Chardonnay was around $42 a few weeks ago. The new wine list has it priced at $51 a bottle, no longer in the $45 limit for the gold wine package. Thak you so much.
  4. lhsail

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    36 days to CB 141 days to Regal 505 days to Ruby Australia/NZ Home less than a month from Regal TA Retirement makes cruising more addictive than ever.
  5. lhsail

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    Have to count us among the lucky ones, we rarely have a long wait and usually ask for a table for two. We've cruised with Celebrity twice in the last year plus and didn't feel it worked any better. HOWEVER, we tend to eat 8:00 or later. We originally started dong AT so we could eat before 8:15, now it seems we eat later and the new late traditional would not work.
  6. lhsail

    On the Caribbean Princes......

    Do you happen to know if the new wine list has been implemented in the dining room? If not, no biggie. Don't like hearing about soft beds. We are also on the 11/25 sailing and DH will not be happy.
  7. Did the Royal have the new wine list?
  8. We usually bring our own, but recently did the Regal 14-day TA out of Copenhagen so that really wasn't a feasible option. We took advantage of the wine packages and were very pleased. In fact, we decided we would do the same for our 14-day sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale the end of November. Then, I read the posts about the changes and the packages not being available. DH called Princess, the rep seemed to be knowledgeable as regards the packages and the lack availability as noted on CC. She commented that the situation noted on CC involved an atypical sailing and on a round trip Ft. Lauderdale sailing there would be plenty of inventory and the wine packages would be available. Hope she's right. I suggested DH request an email noting the same, but he insisted the gal knew what she was talking about.
  9. lhsail

    New Wine List Rolling out on the Golden

    Appreciate any additional information.
  10. lhsail

    Regal Mistake

    We were on the same cruise and I'm sorry to hear you were so disappointed. We also had some service glitches in Alfredo's. Service seemed unusually slow and my husband ended up grabbing our bottle of wine out of the bucket as we couldn't get anyone to refill our glasses. Also found the dance classes, etc. distracting while trying to enjoy a nice lunch. It's a shame as there is so much to like about Alfredo's. Due to the weather we didn't spend much time outside. However, the promenade is not a make or break for us. Personally, I like the layout and options of the Horizon Court, but can see how others might find it disjointed. One thing I would have liked to see on this cruise were additional enrichment programs/talks. There were a lot of sea days and the daytime entertainment options felt very much like what is offered on sea days for your basic Caribbean cruise. We find there are many things to like about the Regal and Royal. That said, our next cruise will be our 7th time on the Caribbean. Fortunately, Princess has many options.
  11. lhsail

    Royal princess mini suite question

    We have had mini-suites on both the Royal and Regal and loved them. Unlike previous ships, they do not have the curvatures in the middle of the cabin for the desk and TVs which makes them feel much bigger. As others have said, be cognizant of the Seaview. The balconies are small, but nothing we can't live with.
  12. lhsail

    New Wine List Rolling out on the Golden

    Any way to know when this is being rolled out to other ships? We recently sailed on the Regal and really enjoyed the Gold package. Sailing on the Caribbean the end of November for 14 days and we were counting on using the Gold package again rather than bringing our own onboard. There are some nice selections on the new list and can certainly make it work, but it would be a long 14 days if they were in transition, the packages weren't available and we hadn't stopped at Total Wine.
  13. lhsail

    Brooklyn terminal in NY

    Don't know what your travel plans are, but we sailed on the QM2 in August and due to their selection and very high wine prices we wanted to take a case of wine onboard. Through some reasearch found BQE Wine and Liquors in Brooklyn, just a quick hop off the highway between Laguardia and our hotel. We used their website to make our selections in advance, gave them a call the night before we flew in and they put our order together. We requested our Uber noting our intended extra stop and our driver was great about it. They couldn't ring up our order until we got there, but they did it promptly. It might sound convoluted, but in reality was much easier than trying to do last minute shopping. Might depend on how much you plan to spend.
  14. lhsail


    Recently on the Regal for 13 days. Very inconsistent as to how watery the scrambled eggs were and I tend not to have the patience to have them cook me eggs or an omelette. They did have an egg casserole every day and that was usually my choice if I wanted eggs.
  15. lhsail

    T Mobile One Experience on QM2

    Appreciate the tips. I have a Word app on my iPad. If I’m going to send a lengthy note I create it in the app then just copy and paste when I log on. Really saves time.