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  1. Thought we got charged on the Celebrity Equinox March 2018, but I could be wrong. Such a small amount. Princess charges as well.
  2. Those are good flights. We’ll see. We’re also exploring taking the QM2 over and spending a few extra nights in London and Barcelona. A lot more $$$, but a completely different experience. But, it also means needing formal clothes on the QM2. Not going to do it unless we do the full experience.
  3. Thank you so much for this detailed information. This is most helpful.
  4. We currently have the air add on into Barcelona for the Fall TA on the Epic. The information I found on the NCL site says “...we can accommodate requests to change flight dates by up to 2 days before or after your cruise. For example, instead of flying in on the day of your cruise, you can arrive two days earlier.” My concern is that they will only actually let us leave the US two days early, which would result in only one night in Barcelona pre-cruise. We really want two nights to get reset before the cruise. Can someone with experience using NCL share their experience? Thank you.
  5. Looking at the TA on the Epic this fall. The add on airfare if we fly in and out of Dallas is a steal. Our son lives in Dallas so we sometimes fly out of there anyway. However, being seven months out, who knows what we’ll decide about going to Europe early, staying in San Juan, etc. Are there any repercussions if we decide later to make our own air arrangements? I realize we’re probably paying for the reduced air in our cruise rate, but frankly the pricing is very favorable as it is. Appreciate any insight.
  6. Our son traveled with us during this in between stage. She will be allowed in the bars and nightclubs. Since this is spring break time, there should be several young people on the ship. If she is somewhat outgoing she should be able to meet others around her age. Our son never had a problem, but he’s never hesitated to strike up a conversation with someone.
  7. I like to carry a small bag with me in the evening for a few items such as my cruise card, lipstick, Kleenex, etc. I have a nice one that’s probably more of a coin purse, about 4x4x1/2 inch, a nice black fabric with gold trim. It’s showing wear plus I’d like to have one in a nude/beige tone.The one I have I bought at some department store too many years ago to remember. Hope the attached will give you an idea of what it looks like. I’ve been searching the internet most of the morning and not coming up with anything. Any ideas of where I might find something like this?
  8. Another reason to take advantage of the wine package if that is pretty much all you drink. With the roll out last fall of the new wine list and new drink menus, the prices of wines by the glass were increased. They supposedly also increased the pour by one ounce. We found that to be inconsistently applied on the CB in December. That was the first time since the introduction of Vines that we had one drink there the entire cruise, and it was 14 days.
  9. You have a good understanding of how the wine package works. Yes, it is only available on cruises of 10 days and longer. For our last two longer cruises we went to the MDR right after boarding and both times had to work through two or three people before they understood what we wanted. The wine packages were not being sold all over the ship like the beverage package. Also, they must not have charged our account for the package until after sailing as we did not get charged sales tax. And we immediately used it for lunch. You get your wine in the MDR, you can also get a bottle from the package in the specialty restaurants. And, you can certainly ask your waiter to bring you extra bottles to take to your cabin or to drink anywhere else on the ship since you have purchased it from Princess. We have even gone down during the lunch hour and simply picked up a bottle for consumption elsewhere. We have been fortunate in that we’ve never really had a problem with availability. That might have been more so when they were turning over the wine list. Wish it was available for our upcoming 7 day cruise. We’ll be bringing our wine onboard and paying corkage. If they offered the package we would take it for the convenience even if slightly more expensive than paying corkage. The new wine list has som very nice offerings.
  10. The Cunard Princess out of San Juan was also my first cruise. We were recently on the QM2 and they had a picture of her christening. I don’t exactly remember my first reaction when seeing the ship, but I was hooked. My first memory of seeing a ship and saying “Wow” was the SS Norway. She seemed huge and what a beauty.
  11. I misplaced my Medallion on our CB cruise in January. Guest services determined it was in our cabin. Once I knew that I didn’t really worry about it much, I was using my cruise card more than the Medallion anyway. Found it a day or so later in the safe. I was surprised the signal could be picked up from inside the safe.
  12. Thank you for the information. I gave up on Ocean Ready for this trip. Worked for our December CB cruise but not this time, despite assistance from the 800 number. It had to do with the email associated with the reservation and I was told there was nothing they could do about it. Will discuss with the Ocean support folks onboard the Regal.
  13. Do you have to be tracking a person in order to chat with them? We are traveling with another couple and I have no interest in tracking their whereabouts on the ship, but I might like to be able to use the chat function if we’re headed for a drink and would like invite them to join us, etc.
  14. I know that Princess has one or two ships that use the new locks. We were just looking at some last minute options last night and saw good pricing on the Zuiderdam sailing later this month. Thanks again for everyone's assistance.
  15. Thanks for the information. We’ve done the old locks for one full and two partials. Think we’ll hold out for an opportunity to do the new locks.
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