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  1. We requested a two day deviation and arrive in Barcelona two days before we sail.
  2. Update, I called NCL yesterday nervous about the slightly less than one hour connection in Newark, nothing could be done. This morning I called United. Took about 30 minutes between call wait time and being put on hold, but we now leave Austin at 11:30 am, giving us just over 3 hours for the connection. No charge for the change. I honestly didn’t think they’d accommodate us, but I’m so glad I called.
  3. We only have about an hour in Newark which is a little nerve racking. We have 2 hours on the way back.
  4. Home Departure City - Austin, TX Arrival/Destination City - Barcelona Airline(s) used - United Number of Connections - 1 Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 2:00 pm, 9:00 am Return Flight departure/arrival time - 5:15 pm, 10:56 pm Did You Pay for a Deviation (before or after cruise)? Yes, 2 days before and after # of Days Prior to Departure Flights Were Ticketed? 40 Return flights are from San Juan, Transatlantic
  5. I’ll try to provide my insight. We are in our early and mid 60s. We are Elite with Princess and our preferred lines are Princess and Celebrity. That said, we have our 5th NCL cruise in recent years coming up in November, a 16-night Transatlantic. We have not sailed the Joy. We sailed the Jewel and Jade, both older ships, when they sailed out of Houston, a 3 hour drive. We sailed the Med for a fantastic price on the Epic and said we’d never go on that ship again unless it was a very special itinerary at a great price. Our upcoming cruise is on the Epic. NCL is much more casual, no formal nights. We’re glad not to be taking formal attire for our upcoming TA, but my DH and I still tend to dress up a bit, no shorts, for dinner. I throw in a dress or two if packing allows. IMO, the cabins are nicer on Princess and the public rooms are more attractive. Food is generally better on Princess. Entertainment on NCL is by far better than Princess, fantastic shows. I hate to give advice, but if you can do this cruise relatively inexpensively and it has aspects that appeal to you, give NCL a try. We go into every cruise informed and with an open mind. We’re not crazy about the Epic in the least, but we’re going to see some beautiful places in Spain, spend some days in the beautiful Caribbean and not have jet lag after this TA.
  6. Looking at possibly moving to a Penthouse suite on the Epic for a Transatlantic. My husband says he’s fine with a forward suite. I’m concerned about the balcony being unusable as we move forward. I’d lean to the aft PH, he’s concerned about vibration at the aft. Please help if you have any experience!
  7. Called this morning and got nowhere. Nothing to tell us until tickets are issued. I do use Kayak and their top selections are British Airways Austin to London to Barcelona and United Austin to Newark to Barcelona. The gal I talked to said pricing had nothing to do with it, it all depends on availability of the airlines they have contracts with. Don’t recall anyone saying they were booked on BA, but plenty on United. And availability from here to Newark to BCN is not an issue on our date. Also, I reviewed the video regarding their air program and it says if flying internationally they will “do their best” to only have one connection. Guess I’m just going to have to have faith that it will all work out.
  8. These are disappointing comments. We are on the Epic in a few weeks and have at least 7 specialty dinners out of 16 nights. When we were on the Epic 4 years ago Cagney’s was our favorite. The food at Le Bistro was good, but I hate all the noise from the atrium. Will never understand why they didn’t put doors on Le Bistro. Guess we’ll stay away from the filet.
  9. Tell me more. Our placeholder flights show us flying from Austin to Chicago to New York to Barcelona. The stop in Chicago is ridiculous. Several people have reported flying United from Newark to Barcelona and we have direct flights from Austin to Newark on United. When I did a search a few days ago the direct flights were much cheaper. I anticipate we’ll be ticked any day as we are 50 days out. I was under the impression we had no say in what we get. Also, did you book direct with NCL or through an agent?
  10. Yes, this is the title used in the hospitality industry. DS is in the golf business and at a large club the individual at the top responsible for all aspects of the club is the GM.
  11. Is there a current list of wines by the glass. We’ll have the basic package on our upcoming TA. Also, didn’t realize corkage was available. What is the charge? We haven’t sailed NCL for about 4 years, no doubt there have been changes.
  12. Also in Ft. Lauderdale when leaving the Equinox a few weeks ago.
  13. Last time we flew out of SJU they had an agricultural check of luggage that added to the time to get through the airport. I wouldn’t do 9:00 out of Ft. Lauderdale and that’s about as easy as it gets.
  14. JetBlue is great. We are two months out and are not ticked yet. I don’t like the flight plan they have laid out. You give me hope that it might change.
  15. Thank you. I’ll check it out.
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