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  1. lhsail

    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    Thank you for the information on the hair dryer. Usually bring my own, but I don’t need anything fancy so may skip it this time. I also have a lighted travel makeup mirror and I’d rather have room for that.
  2. lhsail

    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    Liked your comments about the BBQ. Living in the Austin area DH declares he’s not paying money to eat BBQ on a ship. We’ve decided were just going to stick with our Elite internet package. We have T-Mobile so unlimited data in every port. Plus, if we need additional for those last two days at sea we’ll just pay the $9.99. Have they upgraded the hair dryers in the cabins or are they still the ones where you have to hold down the button the whole time and they barely work? Thanks!
  3. lhsail

    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    Appreciate the info. So no more just adding additional minutes. Think I’ll be good with the 250 but might have DH get the unlimited. He’s a news junkie and likes to keep up on his sports. Yes, I know it’s vacation, disconnect, etc. and when we were working that was true. Now that we’re retired it’s not as big of a deal. I mostly just want to stay in touch with family. Plus lots of port stops where I know we can find WiFi. Thanks!
  4. lhsail

    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    Had an older iPad and could not install. Finally upgraded to a new iPad last weekend and it showed up immediately.
  5. lhsail

    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    Great information so far. I had some issues on the Regal going back and forth between my iPhone and iPad. I had to go through a sign out process twice on the device I was moving from sometimes to make it work. There’s no reason they shouldn’t show you what to do so you don’t have to go to them each time. If possible, can you give me a little more specific information about the internet offerings? We are Elite, so 250 free minutes. We’ve gotten the offer of unlimited for $99 if you purchase before bording. Did you sign up for unlimited prior to boarding? Was the only other offer $9.99 a day? Trying to decide if we should sign up for unlimited in advance or wait and see how we do with the 250, but afraid the price at that point will be high. We were really spoiled with the unlimited on the Regal, but that was a TA so lots of sea days. Again, thank you so much for all the information.
  6. lhsail

    Do you buy wine package on board?

    We are on the next sailing of the CB. My husband called Princess a few weeks ago when there were postings of the package not being available on certain sailings and he was assured they would be available for us. The gold package is what we would want. Not sure what leverage we have if we find out differently once we get onboard. I think we should board early and if the packages are not available get back off and head to Total Wine.
  7. lhsail

    Shore excursion price match

    Guess I haven't had enough coffee, $11.
  8. lhsail

    Shore excursion price match

    If they approve the match you get 110% of the difference in OBC, so $1.10 in your example. My difference was $40 pp, so well worth it.
  9. Booked a Princess shore excursion then submitted a price match form for a very similar independent excursion. Several days past the two business day turnaround Princess promises I called as I hadn't heard anything. The rep indicated the match had been approved and I had been sent an email, which I never received. She said she would have it sent again, but still nothing. It's been probably two weeks. Have checked my travel summary and nothing is showing there either. I will call Princess again, but if anyone can share their experience with this process I would appreciate it. Just don't want to get on the ship and find we've been charged full price, didn't get the 110% price difference OBC, etc.
  10. lhsail

    Wine Question

    We had the wine package on our recent TA and thought it was great. However, we first went to the dining room as soon as we got on board to purchase and were told we needed to go to a bar. We didn't think that sounded right, the bar only had the beverage package. We went back to the restaurant and asked to speak to a manager and he knew what we wanted and it was handled. As we understood it, the wine generally had to be obtained from the dining room, but it can be consumed anywhere on the ship since you've purchased it from Princess. We tried going to the dining room one day at lunch to just get a bottle to sip on in the cabin. We got one, but found that to be a hassle. We learned to just get an extra bottle before we left dinner in the evening if we wanted some to consume elsewhere. We did not try to use the package in Alfredo's, but would take a bottle with us. We had no problem using it in the Crown Grill. We felt the value of the wines in the Gold package to be very good and much easier than hauling our own wine on for a longer cruise. We intend to take the same approach in about a month.
  11. lhsail

    On the Caribbean Princes......

    Someone else on your cruise posted the entire wine list so I have my answer, it is the new list. Enjoy your cruise!
  12. Thanks so much for posting. This is the new wine list. Just hope the wine packages are available.
  13. lhsail

    On the Caribbean Princes......

    This is very kind of you. It might be easiest to check pricing on one I'm sure of. The Hartford Court Chardonnay was around $42 a few weeks ago. The new wine list has it priced at $51 a bottle, no longer in the $45 limit for the gold wine package. Thak you so much.
  14. lhsail

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    36 days to CB 141 days to Regal 505 days to Ruby Australia/NZ Home less than a month from Regal TA Retirement makes cruising more addictive than ever.
  15. lhsail

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    Have to count us among the lucky ones, we rarely have a long wait and usually ask for a table for two. We've cruised with Celebrity twice in the last year plus and didn't feel it worked any better. HOWEVER, we tend to eat 8:00 or later. We originally started dong AT so we could eat before 8:15, now it seems we eat later and the new late traditional would not work.