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  1. NCL often offers no single suppliment but mostly for lat minute cruises, not only that but thier last minute cruises can get very very cheap. If you are able to do that, then go for it. I agree about MSC, they sometimes do have great rates for solos, that is the reason I am trying them for the first time. I am doing a 7 day cruise in 8 days, and got it for very cheap. Will see if I like it or not.
  2. Not really interested in regular meet and greet but might ask if anyone wants to do a meet and greet just for solos. I would go to that one. I will ask the say on the Facebook roll call for September 25.
  3. Yes exactly pretty incredible prices now. I actually want to book for January which will cost $551 for a 7 days cruise for a balcony but not sure if I should do it now or onboard. Someone mentioned you get onboard credit if you book onboard. Since you are going sooner please let know if they have a solo meet and greet on a daily. Someone mentioned that they didn't see it on their August 2nd cruise.
  4. I am booked on MSC Meraviglia out of Miami for a 7 days cruise for September 25 2021. I had never been on MSC but $500 for 7 days and a balcony stateroom. I had to do it.
  5. I can tell from my own personal experience that is not true. This is what I did. A few years back I did a status match and was gold but didn't get a chance to sail. I was back to zero as you said. As a matter a fact I could not even sign in my account. It was like it disappeared. So I did it all over again. First I created a new account with a different email. Then I filled out a form for status match and of course send prof. It was approved. Do yourself a favor you got nothing to loose. Send in your status match once again. Do it online, fill out a form and send it in. See what happens.
  6. I didn't ask to predict. I mean what had people gotten in the past.
  7. I was curious what free gift do they give? I was able to do a status match and now I am gold. Never sailing on MSC, so excited as I have my first cruise coming up in September.
  8. I have experienced that guarantee balcony is way cheaper then studios. So I always take guarantee balcony. You can always join the meetups in the studio daily. So for me there is absolutely no point paying more for a tiny cabin. Sure I wont be able to take advantage of free latte and cookies but I am more then ok with that.
  9. Hi everyone. I booked MSC Meraviglia, the price is amazing. For a 7 day cruise its 500 dollars for a balcony out of Miami. It not technically a singles cruise, but non the less its a great price for a solo. I am newly single and ready to mingle and make new friends. Join me on this fun cruise. I have never been on MSC but heard its a gorgeous ship.
  10. I have seen YouTube videos to get a better understanding since I am going there in September. It looks like there are lounge chairs. So put your stuff there.
  11. Has anyone actually walked to Mahahual beach from the cruise port? How hard or easy it is to find?
  12. Anyone know if they do solo meet and great? I never sailed with them. I found an amazing deal for September 25th and booked it. Hoping to meet some nice people on this 7 day sailing from Miami.
  13. Today I booked a solo cabin on MSC Meraviglia for September 25. Total was $500 for a 7 night cruise guarantee balcony. Cruise is sailing from Miami. Never been on MSC, does anyone know if they have solo meet and greet?
  14. I didn't realize we had to wear masks, those that are fully vaccinated. I just booked for August 6th prior to reading this. Anyone know if I can cancel the cruise and get my money back in full? I booked just about 2 hours ago.
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