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  1. I am having a similar problem. I was thinking of booking, but wanted to go to my account before I book. It does not let me access my account and it has been like that for a week. I emailed them yesterday and waiting for response why cant I log in into my account.
  2. Is there a place walking distance from the cruise port in Nassau where they have free Wi-Fi, or maybe a discounted Wi-Fi? Please reply only if you know for sure, not a guess. Thanks.
  3. Ok, so basically I have to check in first and look for the vending machine. That is pre security screening I assume? I wonder why it was not confiscated. I mean how did they know you did not bring it from home and brought it from vending machine. It seems from vending machine its allowed. Might do it that way or bring from home. Not loosing more then a buck fifty so really not a big deal.
  4. Anyone actually brought soda on board during check in day? Was it confiscated? I am only asking those who have brought the soda, may it be in a can or bottle. And no, I am not planning to hide it. It will be in my bookbag and the security can see it clearly. The reason why I ask is that they don't always go by their own rules. I have brought wine from NY port, many many times. I had never ever been told to pay corkage fee. No I do not hide it. It is was always in my bookbag, the security always could see it.
  5. NCL, there are plenty of solo cruisers that age and they also have plenty of younger and older.
  6. Just wanted to clarify about NCL, even the ships that don't have solo lounge and studios, they will still have a hosted meet for solos just like they do on big NCL ships. The only thing is, they do the meetings in a different location. But the meetup is still ever single day. Its really wonderful how they bring people together.
  7. Not sure how you are not seeing the no supplement sailings, like I said if you go on cruise plum website, you will see about 17 sailings with NCL that have zero single supplement. But you wanted examples of my sailings, here you go. January 2nd 2017 $749 guarantee balcony for a 13 day cruise on Breakaway A year before that Breakaway 7 days $599 guarantee balcony NCL Pearl two years ago in March Panama 10 day cruise inside guarantee $499 Check the cruiseplum website, otherwise you may not know which sailings have promos for no supplement. Like I said you don't book on that site, you book with your own travel agent, or however you like. But at least you will be in the know.
  8. NCL often has no single supplement rates. That is the reason when I go solo only with NCL. Even better if you can do last minute cruises, you can cruise for very cheap and no single supplement. Check on cruiseplum website often, they update it daily every morning in case there is a sailing with no supplement. It is not a site where you purchase cruise, strictly for info, you can book it any way you like.
  9. I really like food on NCL, as a mater a fact I only do buffet, I don't even bother with dinning rooms.
  10. You are correct its 16 dollars per person. I always do a NCL transfer, its cheaper then Taxi since I am solo.
  11. I have gone with guarantee Balcony a few times, and always got a great room. One time they gave me a family mini suite with balcony. I was cruising solo :)
  12. I don't like Carnival at all, its way too noisy for me. I would recommend either RC or NCL.
  13. I would love love love that. Any MSC ship will do, I just want to try MSC.
  14. If you are sailing on NCL, big ship or small you will always find other solo cruisers. NCL is the best when it comes to bringing solos together. They have hosted meets every single day at around 6. I have done many solo cruises on Carnival and NCL, Carnival is terrible when it comes to solo cruises. Their solo meets are not hosted, so you will not find anyone during the solo meet.
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