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  1. I agree with all of those and I've found stuff at local health food stores, especially during hurricane season. My daughter is in Chicago, without a car, so she walks everywhere. She is also a nurse so I told her to pee before she left work and then hold it until her next shift or else just drip dry. Right now she is quarantined with covid and I'm too scared to ask if she has TP.
  2. My daughter plans like yours! When this began in the spring and she couldn't find toilet paper or paper towels I did what any nice, caring mom would do. I shipped it to her. $65 for 6 rolls of tp and 2 rolls of paper towels! I told her never again.
  3. Our daughter just called to tell us she tested positive for covid. Not too concerned because we knew it was inevitable, she is a nurse and works with covid patients. It just changes Thanksgiving. She was going to fly down for a few days but that won't be happening.
  4. How would this affect Star class cruisers since all of this is already included in their price?
  5. When we cruised in Star Class we brought 2 family members that were not Star Class into CK. The Genie mentioned it during emails before the cruise.
  6. Our last cruise was November 2019 and our next cruise was cancelled a few days before departure in March 2020.
  7. I got an amazing deal on a 4 night on Mariner in Feb so of course they will cancel and make everyone rebook at a higher price. We would take a refund or FCC.
  8. Her bubble is all of the nurses that she works with, no one outside of work. They are tested every week and always eat out on the patios.
  9. USF and the Bucs use Raymond James stadium in Tampa. They both are allowing 16,000-20,000 fans and haven't heard of a problem.
  10. Thanks to your mom and sister too. My daughter is young (26) so her and her friends volunteered to work covid. They were put back to their regular floors when the numbers went down and while the numbers are rising they aren't considering it a surge. She says she has seen much more death where she normally works, Oncology, than with Covid. I would love to say that we can do things outside but the feel like temp yesterday was 97.
  11. Good luck with your surgery.I have been through it a few times and 2 years ago decided to have deep laser surgery to get rid of any precancerous lesions on my face. Now I only have to worry about the rest of my body!
  12. We go out to eat every weekend. Every restaurant has been filled to their limit for the past few months with some have long wait times. A mask is only needed when walking through the restaurant. Our daughter is a nurse, in Chicago, working with Covid patients and has been told to stay in a bubble. Her and her co workers have taken every advantage to dine out since things have reopened but now have started scrambling to get reservations before the city closes down on Friday.
  13. Losing them is so hard. We fostered a litter of 9 lab puppies 13 years ago, became foster failures and kept 2. Max passed away in August from Laryngeal paralysis and Mia lost her battle with cancer 2 weeks ago. We have 2 Newfoundlands and the house is so quiet. We have had so many pets of our own and fostered even more so I'm like you with never being without pets in my life. The 2 we have now will be our last. I love them dearly but I need to travel for longer than a week and not have to worry about them.
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