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  1. It would be worse for the person wearing a mask but I don't want to see someones clear shield covered in droplets of snot.
  2. I must be the only one that is envisioning how gross the clear shield will be when someone sneezes while wearing it.
  3. Even within the same class it works well. I went from Oasis to Harmony and Oasis to Symphony and the current price is almost double of what my price protection is.
  4. I L&S yesterday. I went from Oasis to Symphony and Eastern to Western Caribbean. Same category cabin and within the 8 week time frame allowed.
  5. I had one FCC and applied it to an already booked cruise. I also asked if that cruise was cancelled if I would be able to use both FCC towards the next booked cruise and was told yes.
  6. We moved our FCC from one cruise to another. I had to get approval from a resolutions manager.
  7. Average age of those booked is 48.
  8. Since you are so knowledgeable you do know that Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Voyages are separate entities? There is no reason for you to be "deeply concerned". It's time for you to move on. Please do some research before you post.
  9. I haven't had to wait long for most of my calls but I'm so happy they are bringing back employees to the office. While I'm happy that people have been able to work from home it's not ideal in some situations. I had one wait time that was about 30-40 minutes and as the woman was talking I had to constantly ask her to repeat herself because all I could hear was the baby crying, the dog barking and a voice telling them all to be quiet. Didn't want to hang up for fear of being on hold again.
  10. We take our employees temps every morning. If they test above 100.4 we have them rest and retake their temp 10 minutes later. Every time they have tested normal the second time. The Florida heat is brutal.
  11. We love Brilliance and have cruised on her many times.
  12. Why are you even posting on the Virgin pages? There are a lot of people that are excited about Virgin and you are nothing but doom and gloom. Unless you have actual facts then there is no reason to take away other cruisers joy.
  13. The $10 pineapple when you order a special drink.
  14. It took me 4 days but I L&S today. Our FCC was applied to our November 2020 Oasis cruise. The time frame for the L&S didn't work because of a cruise booked for December 2021. I rebooked the December 2021 cruise to January 2021 and then had to get approval to have the FCC moved to the new booking. After all of that I was able to L&S from Oasis, November 2020 to Harmony December 2021. Same Cabin for every cruise! I don't even know where we are going and I don't really care.
  15. Our FCC was applied to our next booked cruise. I want to L&S that cruise but not waste the FCC so I want to take it from that cruise, so it's not wasted, and apply it to the next cruise that we have booked. I have called 4 times and get a different answer each time.
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