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  1. Never canned here either. I love black eyed peas too while they make my entire family gag. You would think I'm trying to poison them as they swallow one pea on New Years Day.
  2. Ask if the facility can provide a child life specialist. They are trained to help and advocate for kids and their families as they navigate medical procedures. Mallory might have some stress and fear lessened by a child life specialists skilled techniques as they will acknowledge fear, explain procedures and help with coping mechanisms.
  3. It's not good when your are on the receiving end and there are no equivalent suites. To be booted from the RLS that was booked over 2 years ago for social distancing is wrong and they should be moving the passengers in the neighboring CLS. There are no comparable suites for Star Class.
  4. We did not get an offer to Royal up for our next cruise while others on the same cruise did. I called and was told I didn't qualify, the rep could give me no reason. I called back a few minutes later and a different rep sent me a Royal up offer while I was still on the phone.
  5. You just described me, almost. I'm not an only child but my parents always said that's the reason I'm the youngest. I kept them awake all night as a baby and when I got older I would just wander around because I couldn't sleep. Still don't sleep well.
  6. Did anyone have lawn darts? We would all stand at one end of the yard while the person throwing the dart would see how close their dart would fall without hitting someone.
  7. I have not. They have only sailed from the UK and the first US sailing in on Oct 6. I do know quite a few that have cruised on Scarlett and have all said the food is amazing.
  8. All of their restaurants are included in the cruise fare and they taste as good as they look!
  9. I was surprised to find out that the average age for passengers is 48. It's very different from any other cruise line but that's was Bransons goal. They have put an emphasis on the food making it a perfect cruise for foodies.
  10. Congratulations, you did get a good deal! I don't understand how they come up with the numbers to royal up. Our minimum bid was $1900 pp to go from one Star class suite to another Star class suite. We have already paid for all of the perks so the bid would just be for more space. RC math doesn't make sense. I passed on bidding and booked another cruise.
  11. I read about others getting the offer and also heard crickets. I called and it was sent to me while I was still on the phone with them.
  12. I got the offer to royal up in early September for our December cruise.
  13. We base our tip on how many times the genie uses the magic key for the elevator!
  14. I checked in for our December Harmony cruise and it said that it was complete and now it is giving me a new check in date in October. I do have an email confirmation that says congratulations.
  15. I love the video idea but I'm sure we would never find a dog sitter again. Even our kids would abandon us!
  16. We had a concierge on Freedom in 2008, Francois. We loved him but his frustration showed with constant interruptions of knocking on the door to the lounge. JR suite passengers had been told access to the lounge was a perk. He spent a lot of time explaining and turning people away.
  17. My only other recommendation would be pet sitters international. Its so hard to find a good pet sitter. My family makes fun of me because I tape notes all over the house before we leave, do a few test runs, check in every day that we are gone, check the cameras quite often and still worry and hate leaving them! Luckily our daughter will take PTO so we can go on our cruise this fall.
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