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  1. Thank you for this. I am 16 days out no cabin yet.. therefore I’m guessing that’s why I can’t print docs.
  2. Waiting to hear from her as well, I’m sure she will check in Saturday.
  3. So happy Jeannie is blogging! I love following along with her and her DH.
  4. Can anybody explain this big increase in port fees, I was looking at a Septmeber cruise 7 day Meraviglia and the port fees have been at $98 PP. This morning I went to book the cruise and they have increased to $150. I realize fees can increase but that amount seems like big jump. Anyone have an answer? Thank you!
  5. Thank you for posting! Love the Seaside. Is your cabin a HC? If so, what cabin if you don’t mind. Thank you, enjoy your cruise.
  6. Hello I was wondering if MSC runs reduced deposit offer... I want to book b2b and don’t want to deposit $800 for cruises so far out. Thank you. Maybe Black Friday sale?
  7. I agree 100% .. 35 Princess Cruises sailed The Seaside once.. really enjoyed it but a different experience!
  8. I recently booked and sailed an inside Bella. I was pleased to be upgraded to a Fantastica Balcony but still Bella level. I got my cabin assignment 3-4 weeks before sailing. Good luck.
  9. I am looking to book a b2b cruise and familiar with Princess but not with MSC. If you book two 7 day cruise as one 14 day do you get perks for each 7 day cruise? If you book b2b separately as two 7 cruises would you get perks each 7 day segment? On Princess you get loyalty perks both cruises regardless of how you book them. Thank you 😊
  10. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one checking her blog several times a day! Also so your right, keep telling Jeannie to not over do things on her healing foot!
  11. Bon Voyage! Hope your enjoying a fabulous 36th Anniversary dinner tonight. I’ll be reading every word.
  12. I know I’ve read every blog Jeannie’s written. I cannot wait to join along in their travels! It’s so enjoyable. Best wishes for a safe, healthy and wonderful winter
  13. After 33 Princess Cruises (plus Celebrity, RCI and Carnival Cruises) sailed the Seaside (not YC) a few weeks ago. Loved it, as stated above things are a bit different on each cruise line. Definitely will sail MSC again. Looked into the YC but a bit $$$.
  14. This is probably a silly question, but once you have achieved Black Status/Loyalty what value are additional points? Do you get any additional perks since Black is the highest level? Thank you very much.
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