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  1. Normal offerings as we are flying in that day, but Ill settle for any recommendation that will be open for dinner.
  2. Does anyone know what restaurants will be open on christmas day for dinner near the Renaissance Hotel on 17th St?
  3. Does anyone know if I trade my elite mini bar for 2 coffee packages can I have one loaded to my medallion and the other one transferred to my adult daughter's medallion who is traveling with us in another cabin?
  4. I have a question regarding how I pay for my ez air flights. I booked the cruise through my travel agent but I added the flights to the booking myself through my personalizer. I am not sure how to pay for my flights because there is no option on the personalizer to pay. I am thinking of paying for air prior to final payment because the fares have doubled and I don't want to risk anything strange happening. Do I call princess or my TA (he probably doesn't even know I booked flights this way)or is there something I am missing and I can do myself in the cruise personalizer? Im hoping that someone has the answer for me, I tried researching and I didn't come across the answer to my question although I might have missed it. Thank you in advance.
  5. Thank you! Enjoy your cruise!!!
  6. Thank you for your response. I am familiar with club class dining from prior sailings in a club class mini suite, but i was questioning how it would appear on my travel summary and personalizer now that I am in a full suite. Should it still say club class dining or anytime dining?
  7. I was booked in a club class mini suite on an upcoming Royal Princess sailing and my dining preference was Club class in my booking and in my cruise personalizer. I was offered an upsell to a full suite and took advantage of it, however now my booking now says Anytime dining. I went to the dining options in my personalizer and there was no choice to change it other than to traditional. Is this the way it should show for full suites?
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