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  1. Yes, onward and upward. Time for new adventures. I'll apply my Enchantment refund toward learning to sail. ☠
  2. Grandeur or " Lady G." was our last cruise too, sadly two and a half years ago. It was our fifth vacation on this ship and we were fortunate to book a corner aft cabin with walk in closet, perfect for 12 days. Wonderful crew and hotel staff. Friendly to Meet and Mingle gatherings. One of the oldest ships in the fleet still has very sexy lines and has proven she can take a beating.
  3. A great project! Thanks for sharing it with us. Will long remember the rivalry between Sovereign and Norway.
  4. Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories. Yes indeed, mom knows best. We cruised Nordic Prince/MS Carousel in 1999 on a Sun Tours southern Carribbean trip out of Aruba. Passengers were mostly British and we were amused at some of the showtime comic barbs aimed at Americans. My wife says she's never had a better scone. We played "find the old RCCL logo" game. Remember the ship's daily "newspaper" that included sports and a Wall Street summary? Cruising in the 90s was something else. A true get away.
  5. What a treat it must have been! Not many interior pics around, sadly.
  6. Love those candy tins that can be a sub-collection addiction. I found, in East Tennessee, a framed print of the SS United States: a ship I can see from my condo. Back on topic, it could be said the Song of America Viking Crown design was inspired by older sisters including Nordic Prince. We cruised NP in her incarceration as MS Carousel but to my disappointment the funnel lounge had been removed.
  7. I suspect quite a few cruise scrapbooks have been "raided."
  8. I know about the Carter connection to Sovereign of the Seas but did not know about the former president's ties to Song. I guess they were Royal fans. Don't you love it when a flea market adventure nets a piece of cruise memorabilia? Sounds like a great poster found a proper home.
  9. Thanks Heidi13 for the update. So glad to hear she lives.
  10. With so much attention among ship buffs about the scrapping of RCI's Sovereign of the Seas, it made me wonder about the fate of the ship that inspired the wrap around Viking Crown design, Song of America. I know SOA was cruising for another line, maybe in Europe. Anyone know what happened to her?
  11. Loved Nordic Empress and sailed her a handful of times as Empress of the Seas. We cruised the Caribbean and Bermuda, many times from Philadelphia. Sadly, an Empress "death watch" continues as the ship could be headed to the breakers.
  12. Went through the same heartbreak with SS Norway years ago. Clock is ticking for so many other wonderful ships. Our best cruise to date was on Monarch.
  13. Not exactly POSH, but helping to crew the tall ship Gazela out of Philly.
  14. Try the photo archives of the SS United States Conservancy. The group had an event in the Cafeteria to mark the lighting of the funnels some time ago. Great view. www.ssunitedstatesconservancy.org
  15. By dumb luck, a work conflict prompted us to postpone in January our April 12 day to a November 11 day. We still hope to get it in as Grandeur is leaving the fleet soon. We are thinking positive.
  16. So glad you landed on "Love and Marriage!" Sorry your vacation was bittersweet. May your next cruise be everything this one was supposed to be and more.
  17. Thanks for the review and pics. Will miss Lady-G when she leaves the fleet. We will say farewell come April 4th after a half dozen cruises.
  18. One of the best views of the ship is from the restaurant on Ikea' s second floor.
  19. Too many lazy comics who use foul language and sex as crutches to prop up weak writing.
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