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  1. This is how DH and I feel. We have done 50+ cruises (my signature does not allow me to add more). So we are very appreciate that you are bringing us along on your cruise. We had too many cruises canceled. Hope to be cruising soon.
  2. Got our new global cards in the mail. Only took 8 days. Now were are all set with new passports and global cards. Glad we didn't have to go to an interview at the airport to renew the global cards.
  3. Thanks for the info. One less thing to have to worry about.
  4. Stan: Did the renewal on line. We were approved with no face-to-face interview. We are good now for 5 more years. I tried to put in for new cards but was unable. Site said "application in progress." Did you get your new cards automatically? Or would I have to wait a few days to try again online. Any info would be most helpful.
  5. We had to renew our passports. My DH only took 4 weeks to get back. Mine took 12 weeks. Renewed them at the same time at the county clerk office. Our GE cards expire at the end of this year. So yesterday I went online to renew both GE cards with the new passport #s. It took me 1/2 hour each to do both of them. Now to wait and see when we get new GE cards and whether or not we have to go to the airport for an interview (hope not).
  6. Did you mean when my wife renewed her "global entry card" and not "passport."
  7. We were on the Summit after she was "revolutionized" on a cruise to Bermuda. She was amazing. Wouldn't hesitate to sail her again. Not sure what X will do to the Infinity, if anything.
  8. My X Vacation Planner told me not to cancel this cruise as he believes it will be canceled. He told me not to make the final payment (that was due May 11) and my booking will still be OK. I only had a deposit of $25 PP so no big deal if I loose it. I also had OBC and free grats. I did not want to loose these perks, so per his advice I just kept this booking. Hoping to move this cruise to another one in late 2022. So far, my booking still stands at X.
  9. We are on the Aug. 9, 2021 sailing from Venice and returning to Barcelona. Have not heard anything yet. I had to book this Infinity cruise after two on the Connie were canceled. As of today, we don't relish the idea of getting on a cruise ship. Also we have not booked our flights because I really think that X will cancel this cruise shortly.
  10. Called my X Vacation Planner on 5/11 and he advised that we do NOT pay for our cruise on the Infinity 8/9/21 (final payment date was 5/11/21). Our booking will NOT be deleted for non-payment. It is likely that the cruise will be suspended. Then at that time we could decide what we want to do. Most likely we will get an email from X. I have a call again to our VP to see what is up with this cruise in August.
  11. We are scheduled on the Infinity for Aug. 9, 2021 from VCE to Barcelona. FP was due May 11 and my X cruise planned advised us NOT to pay the FP. Our booking is still intact. So we are waiting for this cruise to be canceled by X per our cruise planner.
  12. Wondering if the Infinity cruise will be canceled for Aug. 9, 2021. Final payment was due May 11 but my X cruise planner advised me NOT to pay the final balance. He seems to think that this cruise will be canceled. And maybe something else will be offered. So far, I have NOT heard from X. This Infinity cruise replaced with L&S two Connie 2020 & 2021 cruises.
  13. Finally got my passport today. Some 6 weeks after my DH got his. They both were renewed Feb. 24, 2021 at the local county clerks office. His took 6 weeks and mine took 12 weeks!
  14. Yes, we are on the same cruise. Please let me know what your TA has to say. Thanks, Carol
  15. I have Infinity booked for Aug. 2021 and final payment is due this Tues. 5/11/21. This was booked after two Connie cruises were canceled by X. I was hoping this Infinity cruise would be canceled by X but so far no word from X. Infinity is an 11-night from Venice to Barcelona. What should I do?
  16. Did my and DH renewal at the county clerk office Feb. 24, 2021. Both were sent in separately at the same time. Checks were cashed. My DH got his new passport April 7. I still have not received mine. I did go online and got the same response - The U.S. Department of State has received your application for your passport book on 04/7/21. We're now reviewing your application and supporting documents. You requested routine service when you applied, which we are currently processing in 10-12 weeks. It's amazing why should my passport take so much longer. Old passports would expire Aug. 2021. Glad I did renew them some 6 months in advance.
  17. Would cruises from Venice & return to Barcelona happen, I have an 11-day cruise early August 2021 with final payment due May 11, 2021. Also, there are no non-stop flights available. Any chance this cruise will be canceled before final payment.
  18. What cruise was this? We are on the Infinity Aug. 9, 2021 from Venice to Barcelona. I had to lift and shift to this cruise from the Connie in Oct. 2021 that was canceled. Hope this Aug. 9 cruise is canceled and that I would be able to L&S again to the Connie in Oct. 2022. I had a lot of promos when I L&S to the Infinity. Maybe they will let me do it again to Oct. 2022. Also I only have a $25 per person deposit.
  19. We are also on an X cruise - Aug. on Infinity from Venice to Barcelona. We were to be on the Connie Oct. 2020 (canceled) and did a L/S to this Aug. 2021. And YES, X should cancel this cruise too being that final payment is due May 11.
  20. We were scheduled to be on the Connie 10/12/20 but lifted & switched the cruise to 10/4/21 (same cruise itinerary Greece). So if they sell Connie, what will they possibly do with our 10/4/21 cruise?
  21. My refund for the cruise fare and taxes was credited to my cc today. Transaction date was 4/20 and credit posted on 5/22. Don't know why it was almost a month for the credit to show up on my cc. I guess Carnival was holding off releasing the credit. I did not purchase anything from Carnival like drink package, pre-paid grats, or anything else.
  22. We also used Allianz for two cruises that were canceled. Sent them proof from the cruise lines that the cruises were canceled. They put the credit back on our cc. We always insure with Alliancz. Will continue to do so in the futute.
  23. Yes, our $50 deposit was carried over. I am still waiting for a new invoice to be mailed to me. But when I go on X and pull up the cruise, it shows the new date in 2021. My personal cruise person at X said it would take a few days for the new invoice to be emailed to me. Could not resist to book this same cruise with the low deposit with free grats and OBC.
  24. We also moved our October 2020 cruise to October 2021 - Connie out of Venice. We only had a $50 deposit with free grats and OBC, so it was a no-brainer to switch. Also our air was not showing any more - either with X or with the airline. We, like you, don't know what will happen on the ships. So waiting until 2021 makes us feel more comfortable.
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