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  1. I would like to know before I book either of these ships. Anthem has the 270 and also We Will Rock You. Have been on the Anthem 3 times and saw We Will Rock You then.
  2. I would like to know before I book either of these ships.
  3. Looking to go on the Liberty OTS, Symphony OTS, and Odyssey OTS. Do you know what broadway shows will be on Oct. Nov. and Dec. of 2024.
  4. See everyone on board tomorrow. Safe travels.
  5. Looking into doing the day pass for the British Colonial in Nassau. Has anyone been there since it re-opened. How was it? How much was a day pass? Did you book directly with the hotel? Any info would be appreciated.
  6. Anything new on facebook about this cruise? Would appreciate any info.
  7. See you then. Hopefully others will be there too!
  8. As I don't do facebook, it there anything on facebook that would be relevant on CC that I should know about. Like a meet and greet. Thanks
  9. 340lwpD688: Sounds great for a M&G. Second day during lunch or any other time or meeting place would be OK. You can put me on the list - Carol/Roy ... Flemington, NJ ... Carol & Roy
  10. Did anyone set up a meet & greet. I don't do facebook. So if it is on facebook, I would appreciate seeing it here on CC. Thanks
  11. We also have bottles from a plane. They are ideal and glad that there would be no problem bringing empty ones when we board. Thanks
  12. Thanks for your reply. We will bring small bottles and fill them in the cabin. We like to have some water next to the bed side.
  13. I know that you can bring on water bottles like a thermos bottle. I am asking about an empty water bottles that you would purchase in a convenience store.
  14. I know you cannot bring water bottles (like Poland Springs, etc) on the ship. But could you bring empty bottles of Poland Springs, etc. when you embark.
  15. Thanks for the info. We have been to Baha Mar casino when we were on the last cruise. I didn't think they had resort passes for the beach or pool.
  16. What was the cost for the resort pass at Baha Mar? Only been to the casino there via jitney last year.
  17. Going on the Venezia in April. We have Your Time Dining. How would I reserve a time, etc.
  18. Yes. See you on Carnival Venezia out of NYC April 5. We will be taking TransBridge bus out of Allentown/Clinton, NJ to the port. See you on board.
  19. Still no chair rentals? Are there still picnic tables?
  20. Been to Governor's Beach a few times some years ago. It was very secluded. There were clean rest rooms and foot showers. There were no chair rentals. But need chairs now. I think there were colorful picnic tables then. We walked there from the beach and onto the road by Jack's Shack then onto Governor's Beach. This time we would like to taxi there. Should we look into a golf cart rental? Any info would be most appreciated. Will be going to GT this April.
  21. Thanks for the info. I thought it was in February. Maybe that's why I couldn't find it for February,.
  22. Looking at cruises out of Fort Lauderdale in February 2025. I know the hotels get crazy pricey for then (even if available). Looked all over the internet and could not find the dates for 2025. Looking to avoid that time in February.
  23. I have an iPhone. On RC and X we used it for the menus and activities. When we were on the RC Anthem in December we had our adult kids with us and we used the RC app to message between us (at no cost).
  24. Has anyone used the Carnival app? I have used the app on RC and Celebrity. How easy is it to upload the app and use the app on Carnival.
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