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  1. Dave, Is this across the river from the Hyatt? Did you walk to across the bridge with luggage to the Hyatt dock area? Thannks, Debbie
  2. Yes. If you don't find one, just ask. I have found them at the top of a closet or in the bathroom, etc.
  3. In my past experience, ACL gives you a menu for lunch and dinner at the breakfast service. You fill out a form for lunch and dinner with your requests. If you don't see anything you like, in my experience, you can write in pb&j or grilled cheese, potato chips for example. Not lobster! If I thought I wanted 2 portions, this is where I would request it, on the form. They can only say no if you ask. If you wait to ask until at the meal you are eating, they may not have the food available or the time to prepare it.
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