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  1. MSC tests in the terminal and it went just fine....waited in the terminal maybe 30 minutes for test results. It can be done
  2. Give it time....they all get tired of our antics and eventually wear down to the point you could get away with it 🙂
  3. Good thing that isn't where their bread is buttered. They want adults 21 and older purchasing copious amounts of ridiculously marked up alcohol.
  4. Are you able to sit down at the bars? If so, are any seats unavailable due to social distancing?
  5. Yeah don't pander to those with kids but pander to those who are freaking out unnecessarily over wearing a mask
  6. My boarding paperwork shows check-in opens at 11am and check-in closes 1 hour later. Assume I can show up anytime in this window?
  7. You should be good. Antigen test will give you peace of mind before leaving home.
  8. I received clarification. My daughter is 12 so she will be required to have a PCR test within 72 hours of sailing. My son is 7 so technically he would be considered vaccinated since both myself and wife are vaccinated. But....to be as sure as possible we have scheduled a PCR test for all 4 of us on the Wednesday before our Friday sailing....luckily, insurance covers the cost. We drive down to Miami from Tampa so I'd rather not receive a surprise after making the drive. Still a chance our terminal rapid test pops but we feel this is the best we can do. Fingers crossed.
  9. Want to ensure I have all my ducks in a row for our 8/6 sailing. Our 2 children are not yet vaccinated....am I to understand we need to have them tested at home 48 hours prior to embarkation and then all of us will be tested again at the terminal? I'm just confused on the non-vaccinated guest protocol. Thanks in advance
  10. Last time I received fun play the cashier simply handed me my amount in cash. Theoretically, you can spend it wherever you like.
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