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  1. Pretty sure it's just a smoothie bar where you can buy smoothies. That's the way my daughter described it. And it wasn't open very much either, so it wasn't a big draw.
  2. Are there any all-inclusive beach clubs in Progreso similar to Nachi Cocom in Cozumel or Maya Chan in Costa Maya? Those are the type of activities we really enjoy.
  3. For YTD, assuming you stay for dessert, I would say between an hour to an hour and a half, but that probably varies depending on when you go and how busy the servers are. Set dining times tend to be more efficient at getting you in and out though, in my experience.
  4. My last two cruises were on the Fantasy (in June) and the Ecstasy (in October) and I actually preferred the Ecstasy. I thought the setup for the comedy lounge was MUCH better and allowed for more seating with better sight lines. And I appreciated that it had an Alchemy bar. Most other things I thought were really similar. Just curious about why you like the Fantasy better?
  5. I will look forward to this on my next cruise. While I liked the previous version of escargot just fine, I think having a bit of bread served with the dish could make it even better.
  6. In addition to the beach and island, I would also say that the level of service is similar at both Nachi and Sancho's. And I would say that the facilities (pool/restrooms/bars/dining area) are pretty comparable. Different, sure, but I don't know that one is better than the other.
  7. I've been on these boards (and others like r/cruise on Reddit) for years and I can't ever remember seeing someone who has been to both Nachi and Sancho's claim that Sancho's food and drinks were better than Nachi. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but in my experience of reading lots of reviews - the people that have been to both think Nachi has better food and drinks. And that's been my personal experience as well. Many, many people enjoy the food and drinks at Sancho's - and so did I when I went there. I just found them to be better at Nachi. If this YouTube couple enjoyed the "
  8. Been a few years since we did it, but they will rent snorkel equipment to use from shore. It was pretty cheap, I'm thinking $5 - but don't hold me to that. It may have gone up in the past 5-6 years.
  9. We've taken our two kids to Nachi Cocom 6 or 7 times now over the past 10 years or so. They've always had a blast there. It is laid back, but between the ocean and the pool and ordering all the strawberry smoothies they can drink - my two daughters have always loved it. The snorkeling isn't great, but there is one area of rocks in the water where some fish hang out. And you can snorkle around the pier and always see plenty of fish there - though they're not always the vibrant colored fish you can find around reefs. We've also seen a stingray there a couple times. And they do have a
  10. Nachi Cocom. It's very similar to Sancho's, but with better food, drinks, less crowds and a more chill, relaxed atmosphere.
  11. Snorkeling off the beach is an option, but don't expect it to be breathtaking. I've done it there a few times. It's not great, but there is one small rocky area off the beach where you can usually see some fish. You can also swim around and under the pier there, and there has always been lots of fish to see there too. A couple times, we've even seen stingrays. It's nothing spectacular, but it's a good way to spend an hour or so of your day there - if you want.
  12. You can order it any night for a fee. On 7-day and more cruises, however, it is free on the first formal night.
  13. At breakfast (in the MDR) my favorite things are the bruleed grapefruit with ginger sugar and the berry yogurt parfait. My favorite thing for lunch depends on what ship I'm on, but you can never go wrong with a burrito or tacos from the Blue Iguana. At dinner, I love so many of the appetizers. Folks have mentioned the cold soups, which are great. The spring rolls are excellent too. (They usually have them on the buffet too, so I will usually snag a couple off there for a late-night snack just before they shut it down. My favorite entree is probably the lamb shank, altho
  14. They still have both avocado toast and the broken egg sandwich on the port day breakfast menu.
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