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  1. The procedure for embarking was the same for us (7/23). I hope you have a great time, we did. I'm not sure if you heard, but we had 3 cases of covid on board. The Captain kept us updated.
  2. I signed up. We'll be on our cruise so we'll have to see how that works
  3. I sent it off 9 weeks ago
  4. I'm hoping that since we booked our airfare through Oceania, that will give us some protection. Now it my passport would just get here . . .
  5. The last email from Oceania with a final payment date was in March and that showed July 18. Oh well, it's paid now.
  6. We're on the Oct. 16 Venice to Barcelona cruise and our final payment date was July 18. It was pushed out a few months ago but nothing recently.
  7. That's what he tells me.
  8. That's what my husband said. According to our reservation, we're in the same cabin.
  9. According to "Informed Delivery", I have a third set of luggage tags coming today. They must be happy to see us.
  10. Yes. I spoke with the administrative office at Celebrity and they told me we wouldn't have a problem. We sail this Friday and if we have a problem, I'll be sure to post.
  11. Did the people who got the points for the wellness post actually get the email about it? I didn't get my points but I used the link from this thread. Any others?
  12. "Complimentary access to Persian Garden on one port day of your choice will still be available on Solstice and Millennium Series Ships for Elite members and above. Do it all at this luxurious sanctuary—clear your mind, fine-tune your body, and reinvigorate your spirit. Enjoy an array of first-at-sea beauty, fitness, and wellness services that make finding complete bliss on vacation easier than ever. The Spa has a lineup of the most advanced offerings ever—from the SEA Thermal Suite’s eight distinctive therapeutic experiences to a collection of specialty treatment beds featuring groundbreaking
  13. Whose cost? The cruise line probably pays pennies for soda.
  14. The wifi doesn't cost them anything. Alcohol is one of the most marked-up items on board. They're probably breaking even on the drink package. And they've raised the price of the cruises.
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