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  1. It was Bermuda and the email subject was "Re: Your Bermuda vacation, Eric! Please review your recent search." (I get my husbands email even though we have the correct tmails on our accounts)
  2. I just got a targeted email from Celebrity about one of the cruises I picked for PUP. So, we know the purpose.
  3. There's been at least one Presidential election where the winner was announced before the west coast polls closed. I didn't bother voting that year.
  4. We were booked on the Star Breeze, Transpacific 8/2020 which was canceled in Feb. We quickly got a full refund and a FCC of $1000, which we thought was very generous. Fast forward to this week. After waiting months to book it, our dream cruise (Alaska to Japan) disappeared from the schedule. We decided to book a Papeete to San Diego cruise while it was available and transfer the booking if the other become available. I called on Tuesday to make the booking. After explaining what I wanted, I told her about the FCC. She told me we didn't get both a refund and a FCC; we would have received
  5. See my first post at the top. The agent I spoke with said some cruises aren't on the web site while the review the CDC requirements.
  6. and CS told me that some sailings aren't on the website due to the CDC regulations.
  7. That's probably the problem. Does that surprise anyone?
  8. I could be wrong. I tweeted both. When I search for Celebrity Cruises on twitter, I find
  9. "I have been participating in PUP since inception and the #Dreaming Social Media post was the first not to be credited to our accounts. I called Captain’s Club this morning and had to email the engagement centre with a screen shot of our participation." The tag Celebrity gave was incorrect. The email said to tag @celebritycruises. It should be @celebritycruise.
  10. I did some checking and it looks like this cruise might be missing because it's out of the US and more than 7 days. It's far enough out that that might not be the reason but a search for "Ocean Crossings" doesn't show any leaving the US except one from San Juan.
  11. Yeah, I noticed you can't search by ship anymore either
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