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  1. Thank you. That sounds like a lot of fun but maybe not so much in Alaska.
  2. What is a wet landing? We're booked on the Alaska/Asia cruise next August, will we have one?
  3. You might want to use a password manager rather than saving the passwords in your browser. You'll only have to remember one password (for the manager) and a "helpful" IT person won't wipe them out.
  4. We'd love to see Cuba. The next time it goes on sale, we're booking. The Bay Area is too expensive and crowded. We've bought a house in Chehalis and will be moving next month.
  5. We'd try them if they had a tempting itinerary. We'd love to see Cuba since we've seen so much of the rest of the Caribbean.Maybe if will be possible if the political winds shift. If they had substituted Jamaica instead of Key West, we wouldn't have cancelled, we still haven't been there. We had planned to spend a week in the Keys before or after the cruise to make it worth the long flight so Key West was a non-starter. We'll be moving to the PNW in a month and the refund will help with some of the moving expenses.
  6. My refund just showed up on my credit card. At least they got that right.
  7. I was told on the chat that I had 30 days to decide, so 7/10. Interesting that we got completey different emails. Mine was a duplicate of my original booking confirmation (include the Havana After Dark name, the map with Cuba, etc) except the ports listed who Key West.
  8. Second chat verified that I'd get a full refund. She said the email is an automatic one and I'd get one that shows the $400 when they issue the refund (7 to 10 business days.) I took a screen shot of both chats
  9. I "chatted" with Virgin and she told me full refund. The email said $0 and she said she'd look into it. The chat window timed out, so I'm trying again.
  10. There were no options in the email I received. It was titled "Your Havana After Dark booking is confirmed." and looked exactly like the email when I first booked only the ports were changed. The email address on their website doesn't work either.
  11. I just got an email from Virgin that looks like a confirmation for the Havana After Dark. Scrolling down it shows Key West instead of Havana so we'll be cancelling. What a shame!
  12. https://sswisher.dreamvacationsgroups.com/#/groups/9315876
  13. We're waiting to see what they offer as an alternative. Cuba was the main draw and I don't know what they could offer that would be comparable, but we'll see.
  14. Just got the email: Hello there, Today the U.S. Government implemented new travel restrictions that effectively eliminate the ability for cruise ships to travel to Cuba. That means we are no longer able to sail our Scarlet Lady there. Given our feelings for Havana, and the friendliness and warmth of the Cuban people, it goes without saying that we are as disappointed as you by the Administration’s decision to restrict travel there. However, our priority now is to continue to deliver to you an irresistible holiday at sea, when you sail with us next year. Our Crew is currently working on another exciting port to replace this one. We plan to share an update with you by early next week. And remember, your sailing still includes a visit to our exclusive Beach Club at Bimini with its gorgeous crystal-clear waters and stunning white sandy beaches, all wrapped up by a unique Virgin Voyages experience. If you have any questions before we get in touch next week, call our Sailor Services team at 954-488-2955 (US/Canada) or +44 (20) 30034919 (UK) or speak to the First Mate (Travel Advisor) who arranged your booking. Thank you for choosing to sail with Virgin Voyages. We are grateful for your belief in the change we will bring to sea travel, and we can’t wait to see you on board. Sincerely, Tom McAlpin CEO & President
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