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  1. That's my favorite way to plan a cruise.
  2. We got ours for our Oct 16th sailing a few days ago. The printing date is Sept. 3. It's a nice little keepsake but since we upgraded our cabin, it's not accurate.
  3. We order the night before and use room service as our alarm clock.
  4. I book my Celebrity cruises and then transfer them to my membership, big box store's travel dept. They give me a gift card for about 10% of the cruise price. They don't book Oceania or Windstar cruises though.
  5. We booked our upcoming cruise directly with Oceania and most of our emails have come from our "Elite Vacation Consultant". When I contact Oceania by phone my call is usually returned by him. He's a very nice man and tries to be helpful but I can't understand what he's saying. I'm not blaming him, my hearing isn't what it used to be, he has a strong accent and talking on a cell phone doesn't help. If we book a new cruise, will we be dealing with the same person or will we get a representitive?
  6. We sailing on the Marina in 18 days. We were scheduled to leave Venice but that's been changed to Trieste. We were told that Oceania would provide transport from the Venice airport to Trieste but that's all we've heard. Several people from our roll call have called Oceania and we've all received different answers. Some were told there would be an Oceania rep at baggage claim on embarkation day to direct people to the transport; some were told that they would be able to schedule the transport closer to our embarkation day and I was told they can't tell us the plan because they don't have a plan yet. Does anyone know more about this? What about the people schedule to debark in Venice on the cruise before us? Have they heard anything?
  7. When were on the Millennium (July 23) the level was very low, the bubble were turned off and the temperature was too low. When we asked, we were told they weren't allowed to turn it on because of covid.
  8. And don't forget the debarkation lounge. We enjoy the benefits that we receive and don't agree that sharing them with others negates their value.
  9. I use Small Cellphone Crossbody Purse Wallet Mini Lightweight PU Leather Cross Body Cell Phone Bag with Strap Coffee
  10. I think you're thinking of the Salisbury steak tv dinners. They were a hamburger steak in gravy.
  11. That's okay. We've seen the Hubbard and we're going to Antarctica in 2023. I'm sure we'll see some there.
  12. No, we were told the conditions (ice) wouldn't allow the ship to get to Juneau on time if the captain went any closer. The part that confused us was when we realized that we were heading away from the glacier, we went to customer relations and were told we must have slept through it. She insisted we had gone up to the glacier. Since we got up at 5:30, we knew we hadn't slept though it.
  13. Or you might be like us on our July 23rd cruise and not see it at all.
  14. We're scheduled for Oct. 16. We're really looking forward to it.
  15. Not always. We have 3 upcoming cruises; one Oceania, one Windstar and one Celebrity and we plan to sail on all of them. The Celebrity Always Included and our Elite Plus status keep us customers.
  16. It's never too early. I'm on a roll call for a Celebrity cruise for Jan 2023
  17. One of the advantages of Oceania over Celebrity is the ability to bring your own wine on board. We're long time Celebrity cruisers but are taking out first Oceania cruise this fall. Since the ports we're visiting are all good wine countries (Italy, France and Spain) I plan on bringing wine on at every port.
  18. Thank you for the link. Our hotel still hasn't answered our message but I found a clinic that does rapid antigen test for 45 euro and it's only 30 minute walk from our hotel.
  19. I sent them a message but it's night there. Hopefully, I'll hear from them tomorrow.
  20. I thought I might ask them when we get there but maybe I should contact them now.
  21. That will be too early to help us. I'll have to keep looking.
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