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  1. That's the thing! What if the p trap is dried due to lack of use for some time? That's how SARS was spread in that housing complex in Hong Kong back in 2013. I'm just worried!☹️
  2. I have limited knowledge on how drains work on cruise ships. If anyone knows more please chime in. Does anyone know if the floor drains in stateroom bathrooms could be a potential danger? I've seen posts complaining about odours in stateroom bathrooms and others suggested pouring a glass of water into the floor drain and the odour stopped. I just found on Wikipedia about how SARS was spread in a Hong Kong housing complex Amoy Gardens. Many people there contracted SARS without having contacts with anyone who was sick. They later found out the culprit to be the bathroom floor drains for spreadi
  3. Any idea how often do they offer pickleball play time each day?
  4. Thanks chipmaster! My concern is not the tour gets cancelled due to bad weather. It's the not so bad weather but cloudy enough that all you can see is clouds up there. In that case, I'd rather do something else instead. I see your point of limited helicopters capacity. Maybe I'll just book it and hope for the best!
  5. Hi! Due to the uncertain weather in Alaska in September, I wonder if I should wait till the day of before booking a helicopter tour in Skagway. Does anyone know if there are helicopter tours offered at the port? If so, do they charge the same as the Cruise Line or more? Also, we're going to be there all day. Should we book a morning tour or afternoon tour? Thanks.
  6. Sounds good! Thank you Ryten! I've never played pickleball before but I do play other racquet balls. Hope it can me pick up this sport easier.
  7. I've read that all HAL ships now offer pickleball playing. Can anyone tell me if they are dedicated pickleball courts and open almost all the time or the courts are used for other sports at different times? If they are shared, how often do they offer pickleball playing? Especially on Westerdam. Also, are paddles and pickleballs supplied? Thanks!
  8. Northern lights?! 😮 When was it? Where was the ship at the time? Did you see them accidentally or was there announcement about it?
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