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  1. Just wish that someone can give a live report on this cruise. πŸ˜€ I'm mainly interested in the sea conditions of the 5 seas days while crossing the Pacific. How calm was the water? Was the weather cold? I would obviously love to know other details about your cruise. Anyone? Please? πŸ˜€
  2. Thanks! I'll ask for it then. :)
  3. Does anyone know if lactose free milk is available on Celebrity Cruises?
  4. Since the ships seem to have a don't bring food onboard policy, can we bring foods that are sealed and packaged onboard the ship? We plan to buy Hawaiian local foods such as those macadamia nut products, fish jerky, dried seafood, and other edibles to bring back home. They will be in unopened manufacture sealed packages. Our only opportunity to buy is before embarking. So we'll have to bring them onboard.
  5. I plan to attend the Silent Disco (10pm) at least once. Will time be tight if I have dinner at 8:30pm that night? Do I need to get to the Silent Disco before 10pm to be sure to get a headset?
  6. Thanks Dreamcruise27! They are very useful! 😊 (I posted a reply last night but somehow it disappeared!)
  7. I was hoping someone would have previous years' on similar route. I found some other routes' Celebrity Today. Looks like the main shows are 7pm and 9pm. Our dinners on cruise were usually 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes long. Is it safe to assume regular dinners onboard Celebrity cruises main dining room take about the same time?
  8. I can't seem to find the Eclipse's Celebrity Todays for the 10-day Hawaii cruise. We usually have dinner around 8pm. Does anyone know if reserving 8pm dining is safe to avoid missing or rushing to the Shows and other activities? We plan to go back onboard before 6pm on all ports. Does anyone have copies of this itinerary's Celebrity Todays? Thanks for your help!
  9. I bought those crappy plastic "waterproof" boxes on the cruise. They lasted one to two uses. When you started trusting them, that's when they failed you! I then looked for better quality ones similar to Dry Pak in luggage and travel stores. Again, fooled you a few times and you learned your lesson after that! That was years ago and I've never bothered to search for "waterproof" bags ever since. Thanks for the info. I'll try to see if I can find the aquapac. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know. :)
  10. Actually for all water sports. We always only try to bring only the basics when going ashore (ID, 1 credit card, phone - not waterproof, some cash). We tried the so-called waterproof bags and boxes. They are never 100% reliable. So we tend to take turns going into the water and one of us will be watching our belongings at the beach. It's just not much fun if someone is always left behind when the rest of the group is having fun! Just want to see how everyone else does it.
  11. I have seen pictures of fruits provided in CC cabins. Are apples, oranges, and pears all the choices you can request? Can you ask for other kinds like papaya, mango, melons and berries? As for the canapes, if you can ask them to change to specific types (I know you don't have a menu to choose from), can anyone suggest some that are light and not as filling as cheeses and other fatty items? Hope I'm not being too demanding! πŸ˜•Thanks! 😊
  12. The problem is the cabins of interest right now are on port side. We are booking 2 side-by-side cabins
  13. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. I find the new system really hard to search! I need to find out quickly because I'm about to book a cabin on Deck 9 or 10 mid/aft port side. Can anyone tell me if those balconies will be affected by the smoke from Deck 5's smoking areas? My husband and I are both allergic to cigarette smoke. Thanks so much!
  14. Thanks all! It won't be a big deal if my daughter is not allowed to drink onboard. She's only a light drinker. It's our family ritual to drink during dinner and talk about our day. Just something nice to have. Looks like I shouldn't pre-purchase the wine package because the number of bottles I order depends on whether she'll be drinking or not!
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