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  1. Yes I agree with others saying keep going with another of your trip reports!! This one has been fascinating and has kept me checking on CC and not feeling so very miserable at all the cancelled cruises like mine! Have thoroughly enjoyed all the beautiful pictures and reports , now have added the whole itinerary, Singapore included, to the bucket list!! Now for the journey home with you all on our "cruise"
  2. Great pictures as always, we have done Disney Florida at Halloween, now I have to do a Halloween cruise!!
  3. Relaxing on my virtual balcony too! What a cruise this has been! My husband said if only they all cost this much i.e. nada🤣
  4. Still here ellie! Had a busy weekend too but still loving this cruise!! Think we have all met Mrs (or sometimes a Mr) Walker!😉
  5. Thank you ellie for the lovely ship pictures! I think looking at pictures that Princess may be most similar to Celebrity cruises which we love! Cannot wait to return to cruising!!!!! We also did a holiday near home this year and it was was really nice but still had a lot of work to do, shopping, cooking etc whereas on a ship its luxury as they look after us all so well!!!!
  6. AF-1 We also had a sky princess cruise booked for a big birthday this Easter with my daughters , hoping sooooo much we can go another time! We have not been on a Princess ship which is why I am enjoying this "tour" very much as I get to hear about Princess cruises as well as visiting islands we haven't yet seen. Not sure I've noticed any major differences between Princess lines and the other major cruise lines we have already done but its been interesting to compare! Hope we get to go back on Sky princess one day !Glad your back ellie looking forward to rest of cruise!!!
  7. Do princess have a pub lunch day? will need to look out for that! Its one of the cruise lines we haven't tried yet. I would have the fish and chips too!
  8. ellie, we also like to take ship tours and then sometimes do our own thing its just a shame it was such a rip off! Our last ship tour was in the Caribbean in Antigua, we had to wait in the port area for one passenger who was late getting off the ship. While we waited we could see the rain clouds coming, we asked the cruise guide if we could possibly get in the minibuses but she said we would have to wait. Well I'm sure you can guess what happened next, the heavens opened and everyone was absolutely soaked to the skin! We had to walk past some small shops near to the minibuses, some locals even came out for a look at us all, at least it gave them some amusement! Sometimes ships tours could do with better customer skills too!
  9. Might it be a female thing? that we think can expand time and sort out one more thing in the time we have left! that's my excuse! Oh how horrible to be left behind for that poor family, but at least they could catch a ferry! We saw a young couple being left at Corfu no idea what happened but I don't think it made for a romantic cruise story! One of the cruise staff said it happens a lot in the Caribbean due to time changes on different islands but mainly because of the two for one offers on rum cocktails! When we later cruised in the Caribbean we remembered his warning!
  10. I am late for everything, luckily husband is always on time, we plan carefully when we do our "own thing trips" rather than cruise line ones, we are always back with time to spare as we once saw a couple left behind on port and could not imagine anything worse!
  11. Beautiful pictures once again. Glad I caught up, was back in wilds of Scotland again not to look for a missing knitting bag(!) again but to see family. Tardis was full so I did a Harry Potter portkey thingy and have made it safely back on board for swim dinner and sailaway! Yay! So glad you got to have your swim in the sea, I am missing my swimming very much, as beautiful as the beaches are in Scotland the sea is a wee bit chilly compared to your lovely beach pictures!
  12. Yes glad to hear all went well for husband and for you driving in central London! My husband is a great driver too and (ahem) not such a good passenger so I know how you feel ...
  13. ROWSE just noticed you are from Spokane Washington, my husband visited Boeing in Seattle many times through his work, and I was lucky enough to go with him several times Many happy memories of Seattle and beautiful Washington state. Would love to return some day.
  14. Hehehe yes! but I posted first so claim the pocket purse vacuum! As consolation I'll let you borrow it for your cabin when you need it 😉
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