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  1. My husband and I agreed, mostly due to age once cruising restarts, that we will be lucky to cruise in the future. The current mostly all inclusive three perk price (no OBC) is probably close to what most folks chose to sail with in the past. A lot of my OBC was from a next cruise booking paying tips. The after COVID-19 pricing is the price shock. Unfortunately, the cruise lines will need a huge influx of employees, mostly needing training. The food industry will need to plant vegetables in order to meet demand and costs will be higher. Many farmers lost crops and took a
  2. To be honest, the website offers different perks depending on the link. Elite + shows differences if the photos post As I’ve now cancelled or had cruises cancelled, I’m at the wait and see. That probably puts me into booking the last minute deals, something I was quite good at doing for about three years. Saved enough to book a couple extra cruises. May have lost promotions - saving me between $1,000 - $2,500 on some ten day cruises. Happy hour, breakfast and cafe plus my 240 internet minutes were appreciated when I didn’t pay the over the top pricing when last minute
  3. Cafe el Bacio was removed as an E+ benefit. While we usually had the classic as an option, the times we didn’t, the Cafe benefit was well enjoyed.
  4. Responded to each question. Unfortunately the software is rejecting my answers. Would like the points.
  5. John - regarding moving. we built a custom home on the Intracoastal. After several floods we were lucky enough to receive an offer we couldn’t refuse. For the first time ever in forty years of marriage we no longer lived paycheck to paycheck we moved to a Del Webb community, over 55, with a golf course, which my husband enjoyed. Many others golfed elsewhere due to the high cost per game. many clubs were formed with many inside cliques forming. Newcomers found it difficult to get involved. I missed my water views, and facing huge HOA costs if the bui
  6. The item you left behind will be turned into Guest Services this morning. Once home I will post to prior roll calls if I can find them. We always use a chair to stand on when we need to check out high shelves to ensure we have all our belongings.
  7. I leave the prepaid/automatic tips in place. I do, however, feel that anyone cleaning a toilet for a living deserves a few extra dollars. If I have a dining team for most of the cruise, the assistant waiter gets the same tip as the head waiter. Why- the assistant does most of the running, iced tea service, salad, dish clearing. i have noticed that some cruise line servers expect that extra tip - others don’t stand around long enough to collect a tip.
  8. I was fully paid for a guaranteed deluxe ocean balcony cruise departing on a Sunday. Friday, my on board account put me in an inside cabin with a note that I now owed money to RCI. In discussion with Resolutions, no I didn’t owe more but it would cost the company too much money to provide me with a similar cabin on a future cruise (by the way, the next week’s sale pitch was equal dollar cost for the cruise I requested). I now cruise mostly with Celebrity, Princess and HAL. My next birthday cruise on Princess is less than half the cost of RCI or Celebrity for a balcony.
  9. Think about it. I booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean and the cruise line refused to honor the booking, thus, you may - or may not - look elsewhere. I did. That’s why my next birthday cruise is with Princess and not Royal Caribbean.
  10. I really liked the Princess answer. My experience (RCI refused to honor my deluxe balcony booking stating it would cost too much money to move but I could have an inside cabin if I paid more) -my next birthday cruise is with Princess!
  11. Paraphrasing - the Harmony of the Seas - photo shown - is operated by this company.
  12. None of the contestants knew the answer. Now lots of viewers have heard of the Harmony of the Seas.
  13. My preference for posting papers (and envelopes with shore excursion papers) is to tape to the mirror. Always plenty of room left over. Using the same tape dispenser from about ten years ago. Magnets are heavier, and as mentioned may cause damage, the tape is easy to pull off the mirror. A small paper cup actually holds small scissors, tape, pens, AA battery for the clock, and other miscellaneous stuff. Gets wrapped in a plastic baggy and popped into the suitcase for next cruise. Makes packing super easy as half my stuff never leaves the carryon between cruises. Le
  14. I wonder how much noise was drifting up towards the window. Noise could have caught his attention and be why he was leaning out the open window. Our last cruise balcony was over the pier area. The area was very noisy due to the dockyard mini-trucks moving the various food and beverage supplies and luggage onto the ship. Interesting to watch but happy to close the infinite balcony to shut out the noise.
  15. Out of curiosity - where do you stick a sign that says *** This window is open *** As everyone could see, there was a very dark window next to the opening due to the double glass window tinting. Fresh air and maybe even a breeze usually comes through the opening. If the GF lives any type of a normal life, he has opened car and house windows over the years and knows the difference when open or closed. A responsible person does not dangle a child outside a window or even place them on a ledge. I still believe this was an accident, but that alone doe
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