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  1. I noticed a bag of candy on the nearby table. Bar server ignored it during the first two drink rounds. Serving the third drink, the customer pushed the candy towards the waiter. Yes, this time he took it. i noticed the guest did not push bagged candy for the rest of the cruise. This was just before Halloween. Many ask about gifts during the holidays. Read where someone purchased small stuff-able items - holiday stockings - and placed the tip inside. My female room attendant gave a large smile and said she now had a decoration for her room mirror.
  2. I needed to wash the love bugs off my car (usually get them in Florida but this time they loved in South Carolina). I had the hose pretty well out of danger until the landscape company arrived. To prevent the hose being shredded I moved it. Two steps later I stumbled over that one inch high piece of rubber. Your injuries immediately flashed through my mind. I then made sure the hose was moved and never once did I attemptto walk over it. By the way, you mentioned not drinking water. I’m not a fan of water - but know it’s needed by the body. I found if I put a glass on the table near where I settle, the water level in the glass drops. The more days that go by, the more water I end up drinking. Best wishes for your recovery and will be interested in the tattoo you come up with to cover the scars. Just looking at the variety of scar tattoos should keep you busy for a month or two. Think fish, dolphins, whales, starfish or even an octopus. get well soon.
  3. At a minimum, if you do go on this excursion, do go to shore excursion desk and request a 25% refund. If you paid for four hours and only get three, that’s an hourly overcharge. We have a similar tour booked for next weeks cruise so will be checking out what we receive vs booked. I’ve copied and pasted our excursions into a schedule - I’m always wondering how long an excursion should last and what time we should return.
  4. We’ve experienced this new key card system three times. All have worked as it should; however, I’ve had similar concerns. For someone new, first off, your outside key card is well secured in a heavy paper wrap. I have weak wrists and have to wrestle with the packaging to open it. If you show up at your door and the package is mangled, you will know someone accessed that card. If the card is mangled or missing - yes, someone was probably at the wrong cabin. This is where I agree that guest services failed in providing the OP security both in safety use of their cabin and keeping their belongings safe from theft. I thank you for the post as I realize I probably should document my electronics, phones, cameras etc and their replacement costs. This way - should my key card be missing - I can provide Guest Services with an itemized list of my electronics and current replacement value should stuff disappear due to their failure to inactivate the original key cards. By providing such a list and requiring a staff member to acknowledge replacement, I feel confident old cards would be invalidated immediately. As I told my husband, one of us would be in the cabin just in case - as happened to OP - they returned. FYI, I did have my card given to someone else at the cafe. I only found out when I couldn't open the cabin door and realized the name on the same colored card was not mine. I took the other persons card to GS but had a less than competent staff member attempt to rekey me a card. Something like ten tries before I could unlock the cabin door. One of the reasons my card now has a unique, to me, design inked onto the face of the card. A quick look, I know the card is mine.
  5. I meant to include the deleting of cookies. Didn’t work on the Celebrity site but sure mucked up several others. Be sure you remember passcodes, website links and any other stuff deleting cookies will affect.
  6. My account was locked for about three days last week. Tried going is as the other person on the account and could get in. That seemed to be the key to unlock my account. It was locked for both iPad and computer so it was definitely a Celebrity lockdown not my end. You might try calling and see if someone can get the IT department involved.
  7. A new tattoo, or two, is In your future. Have seen a bunch that really look amazing around a scar. love your posts.
  8. I just used one of my ancient future cruise deposits. My Celebrity TA had to resubmit the old FCD back to the ship that issued it as the new computer program can’t handle the old certificate. Same thing happened last couple times I used an old certificate so knew what to expect. My booking, an exciting deal rate, was on hold - and even dropped a bit in price - while waiting close to 36 hours for the new certificate to be issued. Watched cabins drop off the website so was happy there was a cabin hold. Once the new certificate was issued with a new number, the deposit and OBC from the old onboard booking were applied to my cruise booking. i believe it is great that one can now see that certificate information. I had more certificates than I realized.
  9. Tragic accident. I honestly believe the grandfather was unable to fit the child’s legs between the railing and the double pane of glass and moved over to where he could sit the child on the railing - after all, children get heavy. The child probably leaned forward, possibly causing the grandfather’s balance to shift and the child fell. Poor judgment? Yes. Cruise line at fault? Not in my opinion.
  10. Next three cruises cancelled with full refund - per local evening news.
  11. I purchased a Canon using OBC. I’d wanted that camera - due to cost purchased the less expensive model. Using OBC, I ended up with the camera with the higher zoom for about the same price as a camera outlet. No savings but not out of pocket either. If if you have the OBC, use it rather than lose it. Any electronic can fail, one watch stopped working within one hour, it was returned and no substitute was wanted. I’m looking at some Apple products next week.
  12. I commented on the follow up that the new terminal experience is a horrible start to the cruise. Stampede ah ad is a good way to express the atmosphere when all aboard is first called. I don’t understand why they refuse to mark areas by embarkation. Someone did comment that arriving after noon meant there was no crowd. Princess has a very organized embarkation plan in place.
  13. So why was the delivery fee removed from Edge and still in place on the other ships in the line? Guess we get the RCI - as parent company - inconsistency between ships and lines. Once again, I see no current disclaimer that suites or continental breakfast are exempt on the current app. I’ll probably wave at my butler at the Cafe in the morning.
  14. While we’ve not used the service, I was confused. Everyone who has posted discusses times, orders (yes, extra charge items are marked) but no disclaimer for times, cabin categories etc. are mentioned by Celibriity in my photos. Celebrity used to be no delivery charge until Edge announced a fee - which was quickly removed. I’d hate to be billed $4.95 for coffee delivered by my Butler. Usually see him at Cafe Del Bacio since it works to our schedule to hit the cafe before heading off to breakfast. Was looking forward to coffee delivery in the cabin - thus the fee was new to me.
  15. Just noticed the app for my upcoming cruise states $4.95 fee (originally to be charged on Edge and dropped). The website has no mention of a fee. Definitely no mention of complimentary coffee at breakfast.
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