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  1. The biggest problem is no one wants to be helpful at NCL when it comes to issues with your Air travel. I got my email saying Heres your flights... when i looked up the flights on the airlines website it was totally different. So I called per the directions in my email.. I got the "ok we will open a case for you" then its crickets... So i call back a week later.. we have until 30 days before your sailing! ..... Then i get another email... but this time I only have a ticket for me... nothing for my husband... I call back again. We are working on it.... Then another email.... still we are working on it. I asked them if they ever heard the phrase work smarter not harder? it should take them 5 min max to put my husband on my flight. but instead they want to drag it out. I am still trying to figure out if this stress is worth the $1200 I am saving?
  2. Thanks! that is very helpful!
  3. I have contacted Georges and then mention that the driver is not a tour guide but for an additional fee we could hire one. Does anyone have any information on this? I do not mind hiring one but not sure if its necessary!
  4. Has anyone done an NCL Tour for Athens? did you enjoy? Which one did you do?
  5. I have not been there so my opinions are just that... We are planning on just walking around on our own.. But waiting until everyone has left and then coming back early. It may or may not work... but since we have no expectation I would also be ok with a pool day on the ship if it looks like the lines are crazy!
  6. Didn't your PCC email you the new invoice? I just called for my cruise yesterday and before I was off the phone she had sent my new invoice. Which details where the $ are.
  7. I admit to being a coffee snob. We grind our own beans every morning. I dislike what starbucks serves. So if I am not going to like the coffee I will go with the free every day! I am interested in having a machine in our room-- what kind of coffee would I need for this?
  8. For me I look at the itinerary. If the cruise is port heavy- Then I really don't need the ship to entertain me. I know we will be exhausted and want dinner, a drink and bed! I did Alaska 20 years ago (wow that hurts saying it out loud lol) and it was a trip of a lifetime. For alaska you must have a balcony! We sat on ours each night and watched the shore, the sealife and waves each night! Many times not realizing it was past midnight (daylight all the time!) with 8am tours. The cruise provided blankets for sitting outside! You have to realize that you will not be in the pool! We booked all our own excursions. Went on a whale sightseeing trip with only 4 people. Again a trip of a lifetime! So to answer your question.. look at the stops and book based on that!
  9. First I agree wholeheartedly that people who feel they had a bad experience are more likely to post a negative review than someone who had a great time. This is the world we live in. Second: "First, people have different expectation. Some book a mid-stream cruise line and expect a luxury cruise or private yacht experience like they see on TV. Then complain when there are 4300 other people on their private cruise." So many people have decided that cruising is their thing but they don't want to wear pants for dinner or partake in cruise ritual.. then they complain that the cruise isn't like the upscale photos they have seen... Taking a vacation should be something special IMO, and we should treat it that way! Enjoying every moment.
  10. Question about your hotel- Did you like it? Did you choose it for location? Trying to decide if I want a hotel closer to city center? or Vatican or airport or...... And as a planner- I can appreciate your google sheets!
  11. Our ship does not arrive until 1pm.. I am at a loss for what to do- I do not want to spend my day waiting for cable cars. I was hoping there were alternatives.
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