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  1. Hi Susie, The offer to rebook on a different cruise was on Friday the 26th. I called with in a few minutes and left a message that we couldn't cancel this cruise, but i was open to helping by giving up our cabin for a different one, depending on what they offered. The call came from "corporate" and so I didn't here anything over the week end. On Monday the 29th I got the offer for a full refund and an interior cabin on the same cruise. That would be 4 days till we sail. We sail on May 3rd, Transatlantic on the Emerald Princess.
  2. Thank You, that is such a good idea!
  3. Thanks, I packed the battery powered tea lights.
  4. Definitely going to be tough! But our next two cruises, while we are in Spain, are in 2 bedroom suites. We are looking at this as a "fun" adventure? We decided we would rather do the TA cruise in place of flying to Barcelona. So at least the cabin is larger than a airline seat... not by much though hahaha.
  5. We are on the TA cruise on the emerald May 3rd. We got an offer to "move over" to a different cruise for free and a 100% refund. We couldn't take that offer as we have to many plans that this cruise is part of. Time in Barcelona and 2 B2B cruises out of Barcelona. But I said I would think about helping them with our balcony category if they needed me to. They offered us 100% refund, on this cruise if we would move down into an interior. We took that offer! Not sure how we are going to do in an interior! Me, my Husband, and a granddaughter. But we will manage. If someone "gave" us a free 15 day cruise for 3 in an interior we would be super excited. FREE!! So that is the attitude we will have. We were in an extra large interior on Holland America. It was a long time ago. This is a standard interior. Deck 12. Any tips for us? To make the space work better? Thank You Princess...so far everything has been flawless! Booking the cruise, excursions, and paying the cruise off online. All worked perfectly. I'm sure our cruise will be perfect also!
  6. If your husband doesn't know about needing a metal lock box that cables to the seat base, he should leave the gun home. And check the gun reciprocity laws in each state, if no agreement then you will need to have the gun unloaded and locked up and the bullets in a different area of the car...not with the gun, and neither the gun nor the ammo should be with in reach of the driver. Two metal lock boxes cabled to the front seat bases and resting on the back floor area would work. Also with 3 other people in the car, if it was my gun it would be on me 100% of the time. Belly bands are somewhat comfortable.
  7. Are you sure? I am on the Emerald May 15th and it should be in Spain.
  8. If you're flying in a day early, you can check with your hotel, and ship the air mattress to the hotel. They will tell you how to address it and how early you can send it. The usps flat rate box might be the best option. They are a bit heavy and will take up a bit of room. The post office will tell you what weight and cost you can use, and the boxes are free to take. So I would get a box of each size, make a notation on it of the cost, and plan on removing the "bed" from its original box, but dont unfold it. If you unfold it it wont fold back as tight. I use the flat rate boxes a lot. Remember to fill in any extra space with something, as it's space you have prepaid to utilize.
  9. I was able to make the remaining due payment on one cruise and a payment on a second cruise. Not the way I have for the other several partial payments though. I had to click on already booked and then on payments at the top of the screen. I was on the home page as if I were looking for a cruise. I tried several times during the day, just clicking on my upcoming cruises and that didn't work anymore. This was Thursday the 10th that I made my online payment. I also called, but I wanted to try some more times online. That way I have a second pathway into making payments online, as that is my preferred way. If this thread is still active next week, when I make another payment online I will take notes so I can post exact instructions to still access the payment system.
  10. "......In the probable cause affidavit filed by FBI Special Agent Michael L. Watson, security and medical personnel responded to reports of a conflict in cabin D726 at 9:03 p.m. July 25....."
  11. This is how I feel about all this. I do feel "dependent" on my little 4 1/2 lb poodle. For some reason, maybe because I can't carry him., I don't feel so dependent on my bulldog. But I sometimes get a lot of comfort from my little guy. But he is not a support dog. I had cancer and have had a double mastectomy, I still have pain, and feel like people stare as I have had no reconstruction. It's been over a year but seems like it all just happened. I think I will be okay. But to think about my kids, my husband, my grandkids, my future? I want to cry. My dog helps me with that. But he is not a support dog. I wish so much I could bring him every where with me. EVERY. WHERE! But he is not a support dog. My dog stays at my vet while I'm on most vacations, and always stays at the vet's office when I cruise. How is it fair to me when someone cheats and brings their dog? My dog is not a support dog so I do with out him. He is right against my leg as I type this though, giving me support where he belongs. I have spent most of his life training him, he stops barking on command, he never leaves an area unless I okay him to. He sits and stays and down and stays. He will potty on command. Is totally housebroke. But his place is not on a ship. Or any where dogs are not allowed, or off leash in public. My dog can not go, neither should any one else take a fake support dog any where that pet dogs are not allowed. People who have real support and service dogs have earned the right to have those dogs with them. They have real needs for those animals. I do not have that need or right. So my dog can not go.
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