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  1. Hi, While I don't have Rosacea, I used to do a lot of photography and have taken a couple classes. If it helps you, one of the things I was taught was that if a person has skin discoloration or face redness for any reason, that black and white photos are much more flattering. I have to add that I decided to change my profile picture from one that was many years old. I took a picture with my phone, spur of the moment. No make up and hair isn't styled. And with age my face has a ruddy complexion. I used my phone photo editor to change my quick shot to grey tones and while no.....I su
  2. You could purchase some small tiles, maybe 1" by 1" and add a border design. You could also purchase a couple blue plates and break them up and use them as filler too. The building supply stores will sell the supplies you need. If you use broken plates, I have found that after securing the tiles with mastic, but prior to grout, add a layer of thin wood to raise the broken pottery to the correct height. Balsa wood can be cut with a razor knife. I have also used craft popsicle sticks raise pottery. I glued them with wood glue and just added pottery with the tile mastic on top of them. It is on a
  3. Tad2005, Do you think that if people are denied boarding, due to a cold or fever, that they get the money back for the cruise? I have wondered that many times. Or are they just out of the money they spent and have to figure out a way home? I hope they get a refund....but think that they probably do not?
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